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Wall Hydrants have a square built-in flange known as a head casting that is designed to be mounted flush against an exterior wall, or can be mounted into a round or square box to recess the hydrant into the wall. Unlike normal freezeless wall faucets, wall hydrants do not come with handles attached to the valve as they are designed to be used with a loose key, included with each hydrant, to help protect against any unauthorized use of your water system. These are normally used for commercial applications but could be used for residential structures where water use protection is wanted or may be needed. There are many styles of freeze protected Wall Hydrants available to meet your outdoor watering needs.

Yard Hydrants were originally manufactured to provide water to outdoor areas where extremely low temperatures would prevent ordinary water faucets from working because they, and the water piping to them, would freeze. By keeping the water piping and the water inlet to the faucet below ground and below the freezing depth or frost line, Yard Hydrants are able to provide immediate water flow even in sub zero temperatures. After the hydrant is closed, any remaining water left in the riser pipe between the inlet and the spout outlet drains into the gravel bed below the frost line that was created during the initial installation. Although typically used for irrigation purposes they are also used for cleaning equipment and tools, lawn and garden care, filling sprayer equipment, and watering livestock. These Yard Hydrants are made with durability in mind and any repair needed can be made from the top of unit without removing the hydrant from the ground.

Utility Hydrants are manufactured for irrigation purposes where year-round water availability and rugged dependability are needed. Because of there sturdy construction, vandalism or accidental damage can be minimized. Utility Hydrants can be purchased with a choice of manual close or automatic close lever handles. You can find Utility Hydrants in chemical plants, oil refineries, factories, and near wading pools, outdoor ice rinks, and livestock tanks. Many schools and office buildings use these hydrants to wash off outdoor sidewalks, driveways and other paved areas.

Sanitary Hydrants were invented to keep freeze protected hydrants from any possible contamination entering into the riser pipe from surrounding underground water. In creating this hydrant Woodford also made it to be water saving. No wasted water is drained out into the ground. These are for use anywhere potable (drinking) water is required. Conventional hydrants drain water left in the hydrant riser pipe into the ground, but Sanitary Hydrants have a reservoir below the frost line to contain that water that would normally be drained into a gravel bed. Surface and ground water is prevented from entering the reservoir or service line because the hydrant is completely sealed. A specially designed valve with a unique venturi action creates a vacuum to remove the stored water as water is being used. The S4H is ADA compliant and can be found in campgrounds and parks across the country.

Roof Hydrants were designed for use on commercial roofs to provide water for window washing, condenser coil and cooling tower cleaning, and other types of roof top equipment that needs a water source. There are four models of Roof Hydrants to choose from to make sure water will be available, when you need it, during any weather condition. Some models require a separate drain and some models are self contained sanitary models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "If I install one of these hydrants can I still get water from the faucet (hydrant) when it is freezing outside?"
A. The way these hydrants work is that once you turn off the water to these the water in the standpipe drains out leaving the upper pipe empty. In an extremely hard freeze (with a near 32 degree water source as well) the standpipe might be very cold and you won't be able to get any water. It also might then damage the standpipe. In most conditions this won't be a problem, but we do want to warn you as we cannot predict or guarantee that in all cases that these hydrants will function as they are designed to do in extreme conditions. Some freezing conditions are so harsh that burials as deep as 8' are needed. Due to shipping costs, we only sell up to 5' foot burial depths.

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