Close Coupled Faucet Repair Parts

For Woodford Brand Faucets

We at® feel that Woodford brand outdoor faucets are some of the finest, most value-priced lawn/garden and utility faucets, available today. We offer their freezeless outdoor faucets and parts, their yard, utility and sanitary utility hydrants. We also offer a wide variety of replacement parts for Woodford hydrants.

Replacement Parts for Models 21, 24, B24, 26, B26, Y24 & Y26

Woodford replacement parts
Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 Woodford nickel screw 30121 Handle Screw $4.31
2 Woodford clear plastic handle 30120 Wheel Handle - Clear Plastic $5.28
3 Woodford packing nut 30109 Packing Nut $16.47
4 Woodford EPDM packing 30247 EPDM Packing $5.36
5 Woodford packing washer 30105 Packing support washer $4.80
6 -- 30104 Operating Screw $16.32
7 Woodford valve seat rubber 30008 Valve seat rubber $3.41
8 Woodford retainer screw 30009 Retainer screw $2.52
  -- RK-24 Complete Repair Kit (includes items 1-8) $28.14

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What are close coupled wall faucets?"
A. Close coupled wall faucets have a short inlet and are designed for non-freeze areas.

Q. "What is EPDM?"
A. EPDM is Ethylene Propylene Diene M-class rubber. It is used in a variety of plumbing applications due to it's compatibility with hot and cold water. It has good resistance to inorganic acids, water, salt, bleach and physical tearing. EDPM washers can withstand temperatures ranging from approximately -58°F to 300°F. and are non toxic. EDPM is the most universal and economical material used for seat washers and o-rings.

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