Woodford Outdoor Faucets & Hydrants

If you're looking for the perfect Woodford freezeless lawn/garden faucets, freezeless wall, yard and utility hydrants as well as freezeless sanitary yard hydrants, check out our great selection. We at PlumbingSupply.com® believe that Woodford brand outdoor faucets are some of the finest, most value-priced faucets available today.

Woodford Hydrant Feature / Option Comparison

SD (Self Draining) - Faucets with this feature automatically drain water from the valve once it's turned off to help prevent freezing.

PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) - This faucet includes a pressure relief valve stem to help prevent freezing.

VB (Internal Anti Siphon Vacuum Breaker) - Faucets with this feature have an integral anti-siphon vacuum breaker.

SCVB (Single Check Vacuum Breaker) - Faucets with this feature come with a removable external single check vacuum breaker.

DCVB (Double Check Vacuum Breaker) - Faucets with this feature come with a removable external double check vacuum breaker that is suitable for installations in areas prone to freezing.

VR (Vandal Resistant - Tee Key Available) - Faucets with this optional feature are often selected for areas where the installer prefers to have more control over who accesses the faucet.

H/C (Hot/Cold) - Faucets with this option have handles marked hot and cold and two incoming supply lines (hot and cold).

Model Flow Rate
(GPM @ 50/60 PSI)
Faucet Features / Options
Model 14 11.4 / 12.9
Model 16 11.4 / 12.9
Model 17 11.4 / 12.9
Model 19 11.4 / 12.9
Model 22 16 / 18
Model 25 16 / 18
Model 27 16 / 18
Model 30 16 / 18
Model 122 16 / 18

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