Model 27 Outdoor Freezeless Wall Faucets
by Woodford

The Model 27 Freezeless Residential faucet has a convenient horizontal mount handle and spout. The double check backflow preventer keeps water from freezing in the faucet and automatically drains the moment you turn it off. Also able to handle hot water flow, this versatile faucet can be used for many applications.

Model 27 Anti-Siphon Automatic Draining Freezeless Faucets

Woodford freezeless wall faucet model 27
  • This faucet is designed for residential outside water service
  • Automatic draining design helps prevent freeze damage even if hose is left on
  • Removeable double check back flow preventer with 3 /4" male hose thread
  • Max pressure: 125psi
  • Max temperature: 120°
  • Valve is molded nitrile which is suitable for hot water
  • Choose correct faucet determined by wall thickness
Please note: Wall thickness and overall length of the faucet are NOT the same. Please review the diagram below to determine the length you need prior to ordering.

Models 27 Inlet Descriptions

Woodford Wall Faucet model 27 Dimensions
Model # Description Standard Handle
27C (1/2" female sweat - 3/4" type 'M' male sweat) Enter a quantity and
27CP (1/2" male pipe thread - 1/2" female sweat) Enter a quantity and
27P (1/2" female pipe thread - 3/4" male pipe) Enter a quantity and

Replacement Parts for Model 27

Wordford outdoor faucet parts model 27
Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 Woodford handle screw 30234 Handle Screw $1.58 Enter a quantity and
2 30439 Identification Ring Discontinued
3 Woodford round metal handle 30239 Metal Wheel Handle $6.63 Enter a quantity and
4 Woodford brass head nut 30241 Brass Head Nut $14.52 Enter a quantity and
5 Woodford drain guard 30236 Drain Guard $0.93 Enter a quantity and
6 Woodford head nut gasket 30245 Head Nut Gasket $2.16 Enter a quantity and
7 Woodford stem screw 30238 Stem Screw $5.22 Enter a quantity and
8 Woodford drain valve assembly 35280 Drain Valve Assembly $9.99 Enter a quantity and
9 Woodford operating rod 30304 Operating Rod Enter a quantity and
10 Woodford plunger assembly 30230 Plunger Assembly $4.68 Enter a quantity and
11 Woodford brass vacuum breaker 50HA-BR Brass Backflow Preventer
1-1/8" special thread inlet connection
$33.52 Enter a quantity and
50HA-CH Chrome Backflow Preventer
1-1/8" special thread inlet connection
$39.65 Enter a quantity and
Woodford repair kit RK-25 RK-25 Repair Kit
Includes items #1, #3-8 & #10
$28.04 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are these outdoor faucets quarter turn?"
A. No, these quality outdoor faucets are compression style faucets, making them easy to repair.

Q. "How do I choose the correct faucet length?"
A. Determine the thickness of your wall. The faucet must pass through the exterior wall all the way through to the interior of the wall to keep the inlet from freezing. This wall thickness measurement must be from the outside exterior wall to the inside interior of the wall. Next, choose the style of inlet you will need to attach to the type of piping you are using. The inlet length will be determined by the inlet type you choose. The inlet length is the length the faucet shaft is exposed on the interior wall to allow your piping to be connected to the faucet. Order the faucet determined by the actual wall thickness of your wall, not the overall length which includes the inlet length.

If your wall thickness is 4" then select the 4" wall thickness. If your wall is 4-1/2" thick then select the next size up to make sure the inlet of the faucet goes through your wall so the inlet is protected from freezing conditions.

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