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Macerating grinder toilets

Macerating grinder toilets (more)

Made in America - a wide range of plumbing supplies

Magnesium Anode rods

Magnetic silver guard disposers

Magnifying mirrors, 10x magnification

Maintain your drains

Maintaining your sump pump

Maintenance checklist for your home's plumbing

Maintenance tips for prepping your home for the holidays

Maintenance information for toilets

Maintenance information for water heaters

Main water supply shut-off system, wireless, remote controlled

Makeup mirrors buying guide


Mansfield flush valve parts

Mansfield replacement toilet tank lids

Mansfield toilet seats

Manufacturer's directory (to

Many kitchen accessories

Mapp MPS gas soldering torch

Marble farmer sinks

Marine grade stainless clamps

Marine quality stainless steel, no lead faucets, 4" centerset (4"cc) by Fisher

Marine quality stainless steel, no lead faucets, 8" centerset (8"cc) by Fisher

Marine quality stainless steel, no lead faucets, single hole mount by Fisher

Marine sized toilet seat

Marine stainless steel sinks

Marine tankless electric water heaters

Massaging bath tubs, clawfoot style

Massaging handheld filtered showers

Maxi-Filtra air vent filter

Maxline thermostatic mixing valves

Maxwell Series toilet parts by Gerber

Maytag garbage disposer flanges and stoppers

Maytag refrigerator filters

McPherson upflush toilet replacement

Measure your toilet or old toilet seat to buy a new one

Mechanical test plugs

Medical - ADA transfer chairs and benches

Medical & Healthcare products - index

Medical - surgeon scrub sinks

Medicine cabinets with adjustable shelves

Medium size drain cleaning tools

Mega-flow SUPER Water-Flex - from Falcon Stainless, Inc.

Mega PVC tubing cutters

Men restroom sign

Men's restroom urinal

Membranes, reverse osmosis

Membranes, r. o. replacement parts

Menders, plastic for garden hose

Mercer toilet repair parts by Toto

Metal shower enclosure replacement valves

Meter, gas

Metering faucets (Chicago)

Metering faucets (Symmons)

Metering showers

Meter, water

Metric aerators

Metric conversion chart

Metric, decimal chart

Metric faucet aerators

Microphor toilet tank lids

MicroTech Moen faucet water filter cartridge replacements

Mighty-Mate submersible pumps

"Mighty Mover" pumps for dewatering

Milano 2 legged porcelain lavatory

Mil tape for buried gas lines

Mild climate hot and cold outdoor faucets

Mini hand operated water transfer pump

Mini hand snake (drain cleaning)

Mini-tank undercounter water heaters

Mirage Series toilet parts by Gerber

Mirror defoggers

Mirrors, affordable

Mirrors, bath

Mirrors, lighted vanity

Mirrors, magnified 10x

Mirrors, medicine cabinets

Mirrors, more

Mirrors, non-lighted vanity

Mirrors, non-lighted wall

Miscellaneous kitchen accessories

Miscellaneous Series - Designer shower drain covers

Mistakes commonly made by beginning DIY'ers

Misters for cooling

Misters for cooling, pedestal

Misting showerheads

Mixet brand faucet parts

Mixet brand tub spouts

Mixing valves, anti-scald

Mixing valves, thermostatic

Mobile home freezeless water supply valve

Mobile home, gas flex

Mobile home, polybutylene repair

Mobile restaurant carts

Mobile restaurant work tables

Mobility products, bathroom

Mobility products, bedroom

Mobility products, Healthcraft

Mobility products, SuperPole

Modern style heated towel warmers

Moen parts

Moen trim kits - brushed nickel

Moen trim kits - chrome

Mold and mildew resistant teak accessories

Molded wood toilet seats

Mold removal tips for the bathroom

Money saving ideas

Monitor well locking plug

Monsoon giant shower heads -enjoy the best money can buy!

Mop sinks

Mop sink faucets

Most common odor problems in water

Motel plumbing products index listing

Mountain brand shutoff valves

Mounting sleeve kit for Woodford outdoor wall faucets

MPP toilet tank lids

Mt. Vernon Series toilet parts by Gerber

Mueller toilet tank lids

Multifit toilet tank lid

Multiple exterior wall faucet mounting sleeve for Woodford wall faucets

Multi purpose cleaning brushes

Multi purpose Floodstop system

Multipurpose repair tape

Multi-unit linkable tankless water heaters

Mueller toilet tank lids

Murray toilet tank lids

Myson classic electric towel warmers

Myson contemporary electric towel warmers

Myson contemporary hydronic towel warmers

Myson tankless water heater parts

Myson traditional electric towel warmers

Myson traditional hydronic towel warmers

Our catalog has over 2,900 pages of plumbing related supplies and products.

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