Positive Shut-Off Tub Spouts

PlumbingSupply.com® is your source for Mixet brand tub spouts and tub/shower repair parts. These Mixet tub spouts feature Positive Shut-Off, so there is no wasted water dripping from the spout while taking a shower.

QuikSpout® Slip-On Tub Spout - 5/8" OD (1/2" nominal)

Mixet tub spouts Quick "slip-on" spout - fits unthreaded copper pipe
These Mixet tub spouts feature:
  • Positive Shut-Off saves water by ensuring no water drips from the spout while using the shower
  • 5-1/8" total spout length
  • Slip-On for unthreaded copper pipe - 5/8" OD (1/2" Nominal)
  • Available in Chrome, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, and Satin Nickel
  • Copper stub out length from the finished wall: 1-1/2" minimum, 2-1/2" maximum
Part Number Model & Description Finish Price & Quantity
SWD0411 #71 quick spout slip-on Chrome $29.95
SWD0429 #71PB quick spout slip-on Polished Brass $26.87
SWD0428 #71AB quick spout slip-on Antique Brass $27.83
SWD0451 #71SN quick spout slip-on Satin Nickel $36.79
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Brass "Twin Ells"

twin ell click image for inlet and outlet information
  • Prevents the showerhead from dripping while the tub spout is filling the tub
  • Limits back pressure
  • Maintains pressure on the tub spout diverter gate to keep it in the closed position
Brass "Twin Ells" = $13.22
1/2" in from shower valve above
out to 3/4" front style diverter tub spout
and up to 1/2" pipe leading to shower head or body sprays
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "The diverter spout that I have now leaks. Do your diverter spouts leak or do they seal perfectly?"
A. These easy-to-install tub spouts feature a positive action shut off that completely shuts off water through the spout when the diverter is pulled. If your spout leaks when the diverter is pulled, then you are wasting water and energy. You're basically pouring money down the drain, and you should really consider purchasing a new tub spout.

Q. "There are a number of different abbreviations on your page that I do not recognize, where can I find their definitions?"
A. You will find the definitions to many plumbing terms and abbreviations by clicking here.

Q. "I have a diverter tub spout and whenever I fill my tub with water from the tub spout only, I also get some dripping out of my shower head. What can I do to stop that?"
A. There could be many reasons why this is happening. One possible solution is to install a twin ell which is designed to help prevent the showerhead from dripping while the tub spout (diverter style) is filling the tub.

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