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Plumbing Related Tools

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When looking for that hard to find bibb seat tool, sleeve puller, handle puller, wrench, or torch, be sure to check right here. Stock your tool box with plumbing-related tools from®, your source for plumbing tools, hard-to-find plumbing products and much, much more.

"Only in a fool's world, would jewels be worth more than tools." - Grasshopper

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Turbo torch
Turbo Torch
handle puller
Handle Pullers
Compact compression sleeve puller
Compression Sleeve Puller
tube bender
Tube Benders
pipe saw
quick nutcracker
Quick Nutcracker
sleeve puller
Sleeve Puller
telescoping wrench
Telescoping Basin Wrench
Unique Wrenches
bibb seat tool
Bibb Seat Tool
hand grabbing tool
Hand Grabbing Tool
pex crimp tool
Polybutylene Crimp Tool
tee extractor kit
Tee Extractor Kit

TurboTorch  EXTREME Self-Igniting Torch

TurboTorch TX503
TX503 shown
  • Extreme swirl technology creates higher heat levels in a short time
  • Generates more heat for faster brazing and less gas consumption
  • Burns both propane and MAPP® gas (without tip conversion)
  • Preferred by Professional Plumbers
  • Adjustable flame for easy control of heat output for fine tuning different applications
  • Self lighting convenience (push the trigger and it's on)
  • Piezo trigger igniter (no matches or flint striker required)
  • Handy lock-on feature for continuous flame when needed
  • TX-503 and TX-504 tips are interchangeable
  • Quick disconnect coupling between handle and tip
  • Stainless steel torch barrel
  • Comparison chart for TX-503 and TX-504
Description Price & Quantity
TX-503 Extreme Self-igniting Torch - adjustable flame $92.19
TX-504 Extreme Self-igniting Torch - adjustable flame $99.98

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Turbo Torch Extreme Comparison Chart

Comparison Details TX-503 TX-504
with Propane with MAPP Gas with Propane with MAPP Gas
Soft Solder Pipe Sizes 1/8" - 2" 1/8" - 3" 3/4" - 3" 3/4" - 4"
Silver Brazes Pipe Sizes 1/16" - 3/4" 1/16" - 1" 1/4" - 1" 1/4" - 1-1/4"

TurboSkill Self-Igniting Torch

  • Ideal for soft soldering or brazing copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum
  • Burns both propane and MAPP® gas (without changing the orifice)
  • Built in piezo igniter for instant flame (no matches or flint striker required)
  • Swirl combustion design creates higher heat levels to help reduce brazing times
  • Non-adjustable flame provides the same even heat every time
  • 180° swivel tip for easy maneuvering
  • Easy operation. Push the trigger and it's on
  • Trigger locks for safety
  • UL listed
TurboSkill SK-7000 Torch
view large image

TurboSkill Self Igniting Torch = $79.84

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Polybutylene Copper Crimp Ring Tool

These Polybutylene Copper Crimp Ring Tools are factory set to provide proper crimp connections on older polybutylene copper insert fittings.

Over time and normal use these tools will need to be re-calibrated and each Copper Crimp Ring Tool includes an adjustment wrench and gauge. The gauge is to be used occasionally on completed crimps so the user will know when the tool needs to be re-calibrated. As long as the completed crimp properly lines up with the gauge then there is no need to adjust the tool.
pex copper crimp ring tool
3/8" Polybutylene Copper Crimp Ring Tool
  • Calibrated to apply recommended force needed for a leak free crimp connection
  • Use with annealed copper crimp rings
  • Compatible with older polybutylene copper insert fittings
  • Includes instructions, gauge and adjustment wrench

3/8" Polybutylene Copper Crimp Ring Tool = $79.95

   1" Polybutylene Copper Crimp Ring Tool = $89.95

Limited to stock, while supplies last!

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Moen faucet stem and cartridge puller

click for larger image
  • Removes Moen stems and cartridges from faucets and shower valves
  • Click here to see how this wrench works

Stem & Cartridge Puller = $19.70

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to "Ram Bits" (fittings saver) - to metal nipple boxes

please note that we do not take back (even slightly) used tools as we do not sell used tools

"BIG YANK" Faucet Handle Puller

  • One piece forged drive bracket
  • Long, adjustable grip fingers
  • 4" bracket width
  • 5" gripper fingers
Big Yank
Description Price & Quantity
Faucet Handle Puller $13.49
Faucet Handle Puller with compression sleeve puller $17.99

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"BIG YANK SR." Faucet Handle Puller

  • The only handle puller that grips faucet handles with 3 fingers
  • One piece forged drive bracket
  • Notches in bracket keeps fingers from sliding apart
  • Engineered for the professional
  • 5" gripper fingers
Big Yank Sr.
Description Price & Quantity
Faucet Handle Puller $21.63
Faucet Handle Puller with compression sleeve puller $25.99

to faucet handles

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Zinc Plated Compression Sleeve Puller

  • Removes 1/2" copper water tube compression sleeves
  • For use with handle pullers shown above
Sleeve Puller

Compression Sleeve Puller = $5.79

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Ultra Compact Compression Sleeve Puller - Hardened Standard Steel

If you're looking for a compression sleeve puller that will work in a small space and leave your walls untouched, we have the perfect solution! This ultra compact sleeve puller's innovative design grabs the compression nut from the front - not the back - so you don't have to worry about damage to the wall or the escutcheon finish. The ease and speed of use make these pullers ideal for anyone including plumbers, maintenance crews, property management, landlords and DIYers.
Sleeve Puller
click to enlarge
  • Removes 1/2" N (5/8" O.D.) copper water tube compression sleeves
  • Works with both fine and coarse thread compression nuts
  • Simple, one handed operation for use in tight spaces
  • Quick and easy - leaves supply lines intact, with no damage
  • Ultra compact design fits virtually anywhere
  • Unique design won't damage walls or escutcheons since no clearance is required behind the compression nut
  • When you consider the high prices of designer escutcheons, this sleeve puller can pay for itself after just a few uses
  • Hardened steel constructed for unmatched strength and durability
  • Cadmium plated for corrosion resistance and protection
  • Must-have tool for plumbers, maintenance crews, property management, landlords and DIYers
  • Works in just 3 easy steps:
    1) Remove valve.
    2) Thread puller into your compression nut.
    3) Turn the 1/2" screw with a socket and ratchet or any 1/2" open-end, boxed-end, or adjustable wrench, and the compression sleeve is easily removed.
The threads of the puller will lock into the nut being removed, the nut will not turn on the pipe, and the nut and the compression sleeve will pull straight off the pipe as the 1/2" screw is turned.

Compression Sleeve Puller = $26.47

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Compression Sleeve Puller (ferrule)

  • Removes 1/2" N (5/8" O.D.) copper pipe compression sleeves
  • Fully machined body and screw
  • Great for home repairs
Sleeve Puller

Deluxe Compression Sleeve Puller = $30.95

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Quick Nutcracker

  • Heat treated cutter blades
  • Ball thrust bearings
  • Durable black oxide finish
  • For use on 1/2" locknuts from faucet shanks:
Quick Nutcracker

Quick Nutcracker = $35.52

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Adjustable Internal Spud Wrench

Adjustable Internal Spud Wrench
click for larger image
  • Great for removing or installing urinal and closet spuds
  • Works with all toilet spuds listed here

Adjustable Internal Spud Wrench For 1 1/4" - 2" Spuds = $12.95

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Basin Buddy Universal Basin Nut Wrench

Basin Buddy universal nut wrench
  • "Cutaway" fits around supply line and 1/2" faucet shank - view sample
  • Precision machining allows even-pressure around nut to avoid stripping
  • Unique slots in top of wrench fit 2, 3, & 4-wing PVC locknuts
  • Includes 3/8" ratchet adapter
  • It even fits brass ballcock nuts (see below)
  • Click here to see how it works
Basin Buddy fits metal locknuts, coupling nuts, pvc locknuts, and metal ballcock nuts

Basin Buddy Universal Basin Nut Wrench = $28.95

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Telescoping Basin Wrench - Large Jaw

Telescoping basin wrench Features:
  • Extends from 9" to 16"
  • Swivel jaw with spring
  • Large jaw fits up to 2" locknuts

Telescoping Basin Wrench with Large Jaw = $21.45

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Telescoping Basin Wrench

Telescoping basin wrench Features:
  • Spring loaded reversible jaws
  • Adjustable length from 9" to 15"
  • Fits basin and toilet nuts

Telescoping Basin Wrench = $13.87

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Garbage Disposer Wrench

Garbage Disposer Wrench
  • For releasing jammed garbage disposers
  • 1/2" solid steel will prevent breaking from those really tough jams
  • 10" length keeps your hands far from the blades of the disposer

Garbage Disposer Wrench = $6.96

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No - Hub Torque Wrench - 60 Inch Pounds

torque wrench
Click for larger image
  • Measures torque when turned in a clockwise direction & ratchets when turned counterclockwise
  • When the band screw is tightened to the correct torque, the wrench ratchets so the handle will continue to turn but the drive socket will not
  • Retractable reversing lever
  • Chrome vanadium socket
  • Size: 5/16"

No-Hub Torque Wrench - $25.87

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Maxclaw - Rubber Strap Wrench

GripZit Strap Wrench
  • Industrial strength, nylon reinforced, self-locking strap
  • Won't scratch or mar delicate surfaces
  • Adapts to any shape
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • Perfect for tub spouts, shower arms, water filters, oil filters, etc
  • Purchase both wrenches in a kit for greater savings

Description Price & Quantity
3 3/4" diameter capacity strap wrench $10.91
5 1/2" diameter capacity strap wrench $12.96
KIT - 1 each (3 3/4" and 5 1/2") strap wrenches $21.98

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5 Piece Socket Wrench Set

This 5 piece socket wrench set is most commonly used to remove recessed shower stems on two and three handle shower valves. It can also be used on other various faucet stems. The set has 10 different sizes to fit many of the different brands of shower stems.
Socket Wrench Set Features:
  • Great for installing or removing recessed valve stems
  • Thin walled to fit into small openings
  • Outside hex shape for using an adjustable wrench when the stem extends through the socket or extra leverage is needed
  • Includes 1 turning bar, 1 retaining pin, & 5 sockets
  • Socket sizes:
    •21/32" x 27/32"
    •29/32" x 31/32"
    •1 1/32" x 1 3/32"
    •1 5/32" x 1 9/32"
    •1 11/32" x 1 7/16"
5 Piece Socket Wrench Set = $16.38

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an image of the socket wrench fitting
click here to view larger image

Sockets available separately
Size Price & Quantity
21/32" x 27/32" $3.74
29/32" x 31/32" $3.72
1-1/32" x 1-3/32" $4.90
1-5/32" x 1-9/32" $2.66
1-11/32" x 1-7/16" $3.06
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Heavy Duty Water Heater Element Removal Wrench

Element Wrench
  • Removes those stubborn water heater elements
  • Heavy duty construction
  • For 1-1/2" elements

Water heater element wrench = $8.95

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to water heater elements

Eureka Cleanout Plug Wrench

  • Strong, malleable iron
  • Fits slotted or square

Eureka Cleanout Plug Wrench = $14.88

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Radiator Spud Wrench

Radiator Spud Wrench
click here for larger image
  • Universal fit to use with many differ brands of radiators
  • Great tool to keep handy for when needed.

Radiator Spud Wrench = $11.94

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Four in One Key - aka: Universal Stop Key

  • 4-IN-1 great for hosebibbs and so much more
  • Fits square stems: 1/4"; 9/32"; 5/16"; and 11/32"

Four In One Key = $5.67

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Professional Plastic Pipe Shears by Rothenberger ROCUT®

Plastic pipe shears
  • Double- sided blade and ratchet support
  • Rubber handle; secure grip
  • Meshed cutting curve; minimum effort during cutting
  • Rugged precise cutting of PVC, PP, PE, PEX, PB, and PVDF
  • Automatic, button controlled opening of the blade
  • Stainless steel blade with V-edge; precise right-angled cut
  • Wide pipe support; pin-point precision without deformation
  • Shear arms lockable in transport position

Max. Sch. 40 PVC 1-1/4", Max. O.D. 1-5/8" $73.62
Max. Sch. 40 PVC 1-1/2", Max. O.D. 2" $76.14
Max. Sch. 40 PVC 2-1/2", Max. O.D. 3" $176.22

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Compact Pipe and Tubing Cutters

example of the auto pipe tubing cutter
  • Compact design easily fits in tight spaces
  • Automatically tightens and cuts as you turn it
  • Cuts copper and PVC
  • Your choice of 1/2" or 3/4" diameter cutter
Description Price & Quantity
1/2" Compact Cutter $13.18
3/4" Compact Cutter $13.92

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Replacement Blades for Pasco #4676 Ratchet Cutter

example of the replacement cutter blade
  • Cuts up to 1" copper and PVC
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Designed specifically to fit the 4676 ratchet cutter

Stainless Steel Blade ONLY for #4676 Ratchet Cutter = $14.61

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Super Cut Deluxe Threading Kit by Rothenberger

Deluxe threading kit
click here for larger image
  • Super cut ratchet handle for 14" - 1-1/4" die heads
  • Quick change die heads NPT - 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • Super steel pipe cutter for up to 1-1/4" pipe
  • Water pump pliers - 10"
  • Heavy duty pipe wrench - 14"
  • Teflon tape
  • Plastic case

Deluxe Threading Kit = $373.43

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Economy Plastic Pipe Shears by Rothenberger

Plastic pipe shears
  • Standard action cutters
  • Fast, clean cut on most plastic pipes
  • Max. Sch. 40 PVC 2"
  • Max O.D. 2"

Economy Plastic Pipe Shears $93.74

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Deluxe Tube Benders

tubing benders
click for larger image
  • Ideal for bending soft metal tubes of copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • 90° ergonomic round offset handles allow bends up to 180°
  • Calibrated angle markings appear every 15° with separate gauge marks for right (R), left (L) and normal (O)
  • All metal parts are chrome plated for corrosion resistance
  • TB3456 Quad Bender is ideal for plumbing and HVAC applications because there are four sizes in one tool

Part # Tube Capacity Bend Radius Price & Quantity
in O.D.* mm
TB04 1/4" -- 9/16" $64.93
TB06 3/8" -- 15/16" $69.91
TB08 1/2" -- 1/2" $115.66
TB3456** 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" 3.2, 6.5, 7.9, 9.5 15/16" $36.99
*1/4" = 1/8" nominal   3/8" = 1/4" nominal   1/2" = 3/8" nominal
** For annealed tubing

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Professional-Grade Water Pump Pliers® by Rothenberger ROLOCK

Professional-Grade Water Pump Pliers by Rothenburger image
  • Durable, double hardened, chrome vanadium steel with black oxide finish resists corrosion
  • Patented enclosed, adjusting lock system provides fast selection of the opening size with the touch of a button
  • Multi-purpose jaws grip round, flat, square or hex-shaped items
  • 14 groove opening capacity of 2-1/3"
  • secure anti-slip rubber handle grips
Professional-Grade Water Pump Pliers - 10" Length $24.19
Professional-Grade Water Pump Pliers - 12" Length $44.87

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Professional Plumbers Pliers

Plumbers Pliers
  • Corrosion resistant double hardened, chrome vanadium steel with black oxide finish
  • Easily adjustable between 7 different sizes
  • Secure anti-slip rubber handle grips
Length Max O.D. Price & Quantity
7" 1" $22.49
10" 1-1/4" $24.57
12" 1-1/2" $32.61

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"The Best" Bibb Seat Tool #4566

Bibb Seat Tool #4566
click for larger image
  • Left hand threads - sure grip
  • Fits most seat sizes
  • Works like a spiral easy-out
  • Even works on stripped seats
  • Made in the U.S.A.

"The Best" Bibb Seat Tool = $11.91

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Seat Extractor Set #4568

Seat Extractor Set #4568
click for larger image
Bibb Seat Tool Kit Includes:
  • 1 - 3/8" x 7/16" ratcheting box wrench
  • 1 - Small hex/large hex tapered bibb seat tool
  • 1 - Small square/large square tapered bibb seat tool
  • 1 - Small square/large square no taper bibb seat tool

Seat Extractor Set = $15.49

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Bit Accessories

Description Price & Quantity
3" to 4-5/8" bit repair kit
Includes: 3 lead screws, 1 set screw & 1 hex key
1" to 2-9/16" bit repair kit
Includes: 3 lead screws, 1 set screw & 1 hex key
3 lead screws for 3" to 4-5/8" bits $24.97
3 lead screws for 1" to 2-9/16" bits $22.99
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Handy Hand Grabbing Tool

Grab tool
  • 24" overall length
  • Extremely flexible - fits in hard-to-reach spots
  • 4 durable prongs - picks up small, medium, even large objects with ease
Handy Grabbing Tool = $6.49

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Durable Pipe Saws

Hacksaw Features:
  • Cuts PVC, ABS, wood and drywall
  • Durable plastic handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Flame hardened blade
  • Lightweight

Description Price & Quantity
13" Mighty Mite Saw $12.29
18" Journeyman Saw $12.88

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Great Hacksaws

Hacksaw Features:
  • Cuts steel and brass
  • Vinyl grip handle
  • Durable 6" blade & handle made in the U.S.A.
Description Price & Quantity
Tiny Tim hacksaw $4.89
Replacement blade (1 EA) for Tiny Tim hacksaw $3.79
Replacement blades (10 pack) for Tiny Tim hacksaw $34.99

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TEE Extractor Kit - by Rothenberger

tee extractor kit with ratchet example by rothenberger
This cool item features:
  • Tee fabrication made easy!
  • Make your own tees where you need them in less than a minute
  • Professional look, no scratches or burns
  • No need to purchase or stock tee fittings
  • Create 3/8" N, 1/2" N, 3/4" N, and 1" N tees on soft copper, hard copper, and on aluminum tubing
  • Extracts copper material uniformly and precisely to allow tee connection installation
  • Compact design allows installation of tees or branches in tight places
  • Extraction can be done on existing and installed pipe
  • Kit includes ratchet, tee extractors, automatic 42 unidrill, cam pincer & carrying case

Have you ever thought you finished the job only to find out you missed a needed branch tee? The Tee Extractor Kit lets you fabricate tee's wherever you need them. Save time and money by spending less time measuring and soldering extra joints. You can even install your piping and then put the tees where you want or need them. Precise equipment for fast, burr-free drilling without the need for center punching the pipe first and then providing exact pipe insertion depth for perfect tees every time.

"TEE Extractor Kit" = $789.75

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Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves Features:
  • powder-free
  • beaded cuff
  • ambidextrous (can wear on either hand)
  • 3.15 mil thickness
  • for single use only
  • non-sterile
  • great as a throw-away glove
Description Price & Quantity
1 Pair - Size XL $0.39
Box of 100 (50 Pair) - Size XL $9.95

One pair free with any purchase - simply check this box and then "Click to Add"

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Note: if your shopping cart shows more than one pair then the price might not show zero (as in "free").
Then simply change the quantity of the gloves to 1 (one) and it will reflect the price of "free."

"Profitable Plumbing" - The definitive guide to building a better plumbing business

Scott Gregg's book Profitable Plumbing - ISBN #1418454893
Many plumbers work hard their whole lives without making the profit that they deserve. Many have never had any real training in how to deal with customers or how to sell products to make a better profit. This book seeks to change that.

With this book you'll learn:
  • How to service your customers more completely on every job
  • How to spot profit boosting opportunities and the art of selling your customers the high profit products they already want
  • How to ask the right questions and target high profit business
  • How to get repeat customers and stop "leaving money on the table"
"Whether you work for someone else or are in business for yourself, you will learn how to make more money for your pocket while growing a better customer base that will keep you working and making great profits even when times get tough and others are out of work. The techniques, tactics and skills that you need are all right here in this book."

"Profitable Plumbing" by Scott Gregg = $14.49

OR purchase $500 or more of plumbing products at one time and get one of these great books for FREE!
Simply write "Free Book" in the notes section on your order of $500 or more
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"Only in a fool's world, would jewels be worth more than tools." - Grasshopper

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