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How To Use A Strap Wrench

All-purpose and adjustable, strap wrenches utilize the tension of a (usually rubber or polyester) strap to grip and turn without scratching or damaging what's being tightened. They can be used for many different plumbing applications, particularly when a large crescent wrench or channel-lock pliers are unavailable.

Using a strap wrench is very easy: use the arrow indicators on the tool to figure out which way to face (depending on which way the thing you're working on needs to be turned), then tighten the strap around it. Because strap wrenches are self-tightening, all you need to do is turn until things are to your liking! Check it out as Aden demonstrates in the video below!

Maxclaw Rubber Strap Wrenches

Rubber strap wrench set
These quality wrenches feature:
  • Industrial strength, nylon reinforced, self-locking strap
  • Won't scratch or mar delicate surfaces
  • Easy to use, even if you have limited hand strength
  • Adapts to any shape
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • Perfect for tub spouts, shower arms, water filters, oil filters, etc.
  • Lightweight enough to be used around the house for things like jar lids
  • Purchase both wrenches in a kit for greater savings
Model # Max Diameter Strap Length Handle Length Weight Price & Quantity
SW510 3-3/4" 21" 5-7/8" 0.2 lbs $12.74
SW500 5-1/2" 24" 7-1/4" 0.5 lbs $16.34
Order a complete set (1 each of 3-3/4" and 5-1/2" wrenches) and save! - $27.44
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Reed Polyester Strap Wrenches

Reed strap wrench
These professional strap wrenches feature:
  • For use on plastic pipe, filters or any slick or smooth surface
  • Works well on irregular shapes as well
  • Grips tight without scratching or damaging plastic or polished metal piping
  • Handle is made from durable ductile iron to withstand abuse from daily use
  • Extremely strong polyester strap will grip to even the most stubborn of pipes
Model # Max Diameter Strap Length Handle Length Weight Price & Quantity
SW12A 3-1/2" 14" 12" 1.6 lbs $20.05
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I use a strap wrench on a pipe that isn't accessible from the end?"
A. Being able to use it on a pipe that isn't accessible from the end is one of the best things about strap wrenches! The end of the strap comes all the way out of the wrench, allowing you to wrap it around the pipe and place it back into the adjuster, then use as demonstrated in the video above.

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