Learn how to quickly and easily replace your shower arm without calling a plumber.

How To Change A Shower Arm

Is your shower arm worn out or broken? Maybe the finish doesn't match your other fixtures? Do you just want a new style? Fortunately, changing a shower arm is usually a fairly easy do-it-yourself project! Read the following step-by-step guide and/or watch as our go-to guy Mike shows you how to remove your old shower arm and install a brand new one. He'll cover tips for getting your shower arm out of the wall without breaking anything (and what to do if the arm does break), as well as the easiest way to ensure your new shower arm is properly installed and won't leak.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing a Shower Arm

Step 1
Determine which side of the shower arm will be threaded into the wall - this should be clear enough from the design, but if it's not, the packaging or instructions should let you know.

Step 2
Use PTFE thread sealing tape and wrap it around the threads clockwise. Wrap the PTFE tape completely around the threads 3 or 4 times; if your piping in the wall is galvanized, wrap it 5 or 6 times.

Pro Tip: Make sure you wrap the PTFE tape clockwise or it will unthread off the shower arm as it is threaded into the fitting in the wall. Bonus! We offer one roll of 1/2" x 260" PTFE tape free with any purchase! Check this box and

Step 3
Put the escutcheon (trim ring) on the shower arm and hand tighten the arm into the fitting. Be very careful to start the threads so they won't get cross-threaded.

Step 4
Hand tighten two or three revolutions. Using a wrench, tighten the arm two or three more turns. The arm should not be tightened more than a total of six revolutions.

Pro Tip: Sometimes you can tighten the shower arm without the use of a wrench if you can get the right amount of leverage. Otherwise, a professional grade strap wrench is the best type to use so you don't scratch the shower arm.

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Step 5
As the shower arm tightens up after the fourth revolution, you should begin to line it up so the outlet is centered in the down position. If you feel it is too loose after the fourth revolution and the shower arm is still turning fairly easily, then continue to tighten the arm for the fifth revolution, lining up the arm so the outlet is centered in the down position.

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