Shower Head Extensions

For greater shower head coverage

A wonderful way to bring your shower head out beyond the normal "close to the wall" installations, a shower head extension allows you to enjoy the full flow of your shower head without hugging the wall. Add height or additional clearance with a beautifully finished, decorative shower arm extension that will give you more flexibility and space, plus the gorgeous finishes and designer looks will add a little something extra to your home décor.

Extendable Shower Arms by Delta®

Extendable shower arms let you adjust your shower head where you want it to be and can be used with a multitude of different shower heads. Sleek, contoured styling complements all types of decor. Works well with rain canopies, watering can heads, and even standard shower heads.

Extendable shower arm
This shower arm features:
  • Perfect for overhead shower heads
  • Adjustable to fit up to 10" diameter shower heads
  • 1/2" IPS male threads both ends
  • Solid brass construction
  • Extends from 13" to 22"
  • Supports shower heads up to 5 lbs (if pipes behind wall are sturdy)
  • Easily adjusts by loosening adjustment nut and sliding out or in
  • Wall escutcheon secures to wall with inconspicuous locking sleeve
  • View dimensions

Model Description Price & Quantity
U6930 Extendable Shower Arm - Chrome $87.95
U6930-PB Extendable Shower Arm - Brilliance® Polished Brass  N/A 
U6930-SS Extendable Shower Arm - Stainless Steel  N/A 
U6930-RB Extendable Shower Arm - Venetian® Bronze  N/A 

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Adjustable High-Low Shower Arm

Are you taller than your shower head? Is your shower head way above your head? No problem! This shower arm easily adjusts with a twist of the thumb screws, allowing you to place the shower head at your ideal height. Whether you are tall, short or in between, you can now have the shower head the height that, up until now, you've only dreamed about!

Adjustable high low shower arm D481150
This shower arm features:
  • Helps you perfectly adjust the height and angle of your showerhead
  • Attaches right to your existing shower arm
  • Solid brass construction
  • High flow
  • 9" adjustment length
  • High-Low shower arm dimensions

Model Description Price & Quantity
D481150 High-Low Shower Arm - Chrome $70.69
D481150BN High-Low Shower Arm - Brushed Nickel $81.48

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The Swiveling "High Arc" Decorative Extending Shower Arm

Add some flair to your shower with these amazing, decorative, extending shower arms that are not only elegant in looks but also swivel 180° left to right. They are easily mounted to the wall with a 1/2" NPT (female iron pipe thread) inlet. Simply attach the shower head of your choice for a delectable shower experience.

Decorative showerarm
This shower arm features:
  • Spectacular decorative swivel shower arm for extending purposes
  • Wall mounted swiveling shower arm with high arc design
  • Durable solid brass construction
  • Extends showerhead 13 1/4" from wall
  • High arc, swivel shower arm dimensions

Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $328.77
Antique Brass $494.99
Polished Brass $495.86
Polished Nickel $382.78
Satin Chrome $381.61
Finish Price & Quantity
Satin Nickel $381.46
Antique Copper $558.61
Black Nickel $494.68
Oil-Rubbed Bronze $381.80
Pewter $556.94
Finish Price & Quantity
Polished Copper $557.54
Polished Gold $556.52
Satin Brass $494.15
Satin Gold $557.83

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Decorative Extending Swivel Shower Arm

This Decorative Extending Swivel Shower Arm can open new horizons to shower creativity. These are not just another pretty shower arm. Yes, these arms can be used in the normal standard shower arm locations, but can also allow another shower head to be strategically placed on the back or side wall. Visualize a shower head in the middle of your shower with swiveling capabilities that can cascade water on your other side no matter where you are standing in the shower. You can create a luxurious shower experience without using body sprays. Don't let preconceived ideas cloud your creativity. Use your imagination and think of the possibilities! After all, it is your dream.

Image of the Decorative Extending Swivel Shower Arm
This shower arm features:
  • Now you can create your dream shower
  • Use as main or secondary shower arm
  • All brass swivel shower arm
  • Swivels side to side 180°
  • View the Decorative Extending Swivel Shower arm dimensions

Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $381.71
Antique Brass $536.46
Polished Brass $535.04
Polished Nickel $471.43
Satin Chrome $476.11
Finish Price & Quantity
Satin Nickel $476.02
Antique Copper $585.30
Black Nickel $536.19
Oil-Rubbed Bronze $471.33
Pewter $583.82
Finish Price & Quantity
Polished Copper $583.54
Polished Gold $585.64
Satin Brass $534.42
Satin Gold $583.79

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S-Shaped Extension Shower Arms by Danze®

An S-Shaped Extension Shower Arm may just be the answer to a low, poorly located, shower arm. These S-Shaped Extension Shower Arms can be used to replace a standard 45° shower arm, raise your current shower head 12", and add a fashionable flair to your shower decor at the same time. Add your favorite 1/2" connection shower head, and you're all set!

Image of the S-Shaped Extension Shower Arm
This shower arm features:
  • Smart and sassy way to raise your shower head
  • For new or retrofit applications
  • Includes wall flange (set screw not needed)
  • Extends showerhead 12" from wall
  • View the dimensions of the S-Shaped Extension Shower Arm

Model Description Price & Quantity
#D48116 S-Shaped Extension Shower Arm - Chrome $64.80
#D481116-BN S-Shaped Extension Shower Arm - Brushed Nickel $95.17

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Victorian Style Extension Shower Arm with Flange

Victorian style shower arm with an elegant, inviting look to complement many traditional and contemporary decors. Add character to your interior shower design while functionally expanding the reach of your shower head. This shower arm is designed not only for standard shower heads but will work with the larger oversized shower heads as well.

Image of the Victorian Extension Shower Arm
This shower arm features:
  • Delightfully fanciful and functional
  • Streamlined and sensible
  • Bell style flange included
  • Extends showerheads 12" from the wall
  • View the Victorian Extension Shower Arm dimensions

Model Description Price & Quantity
#D481376 Victorian Style Shower Arm - Chrome $75.60
#D481376-BN Victorian Style Shower Arm - Brushed Nickel $95.17

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I tried to remove my old shower arm from my wall but ended up breaking it off at the elbow in the wall with part of the arm left in the elbow. I tried to use an internal pipe wrench purchased at a local store but the shower arm is thinner than normal steel piping. Can you help me?"
A. Yes we can. We offer the amazing internal nipple wrench that is specifically designed to remove "thin wall" shower arms from the elbow inside the wall.

Q. "Why are shower nipples made thinner than normal brass or galvanized pipe?"
A. They can be made thin for a number of reasons. The manufacturers have to meet certain pressure requirements, but water pressure is only present when the shower is on and water normally flows through them and out through the shower head, not putting any real constant pressure in the shower arm. Shower head shut-off valves are designed to drip some water through them so the hot and cold water will not mix at the shower valve itself, again relieving any real pressure build-up in the shower arm. So manufacturers can meet minimal pressure requirements and save money by using less material.

Q. "Why can't I buy shower heads that deliver more water than 2 1/2 gallons per minute?"
A. It is now a federal law that all showerheads sold in the United States must be low-flow

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