Lighted Vanity Mirrors

by Aptations
(formerly Kimball & Young)

Add an extra touch of brightness to your bathroom with these beautiful lighted vanity mirrors. Attractive and sleek, these mirrors will complement your home and improve the view. When you're looking for an eye-catching decorative touch for your bathroom, you've come to the right place.

NeoModern Double-Sided Lighted Round Vanity Mirror

Double Sided LED NeoModern Halo Vanity Mirror
This double sided lighted vanity mirror by Aptations features:
  • Classic round design complements almost any décor, making it suitable for use in variety of settings including hotels, salons, and homes
  • Double sided design offers exceptional versatility with 5X magnification on one side and no magnification on the other
  • Your choice of soft warm (3500K) or bright cool (5500K) light to add the perfect amount of extra light to help you see every detail when applying makeup or fixing your hair
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours each
  • Generous 6.5" viewing diameter lets you see your whole face at one time
  • Includes 4'10" plug-in cord and base switch for easy operation and mobility - place wherever you need it and store it when you're done
  • 7X magnification lens upgrade available (replaces 5K lens, installation instructions included)
  • Frame diameter: 9"
  • Base diameter: 5.2"
  • Overall height: 15"
Description Warm White Light
NeoModern Double Sided LED Halo Vanity Mirror - Chrome $383.17
Add a 7X Magnification Lens Upgrade - $89.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do I know which magnification I should choose for my mirror?"
A. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a magnified mirror, such as the user's vision. Some may find if their vision is "less than perfect" they may require a stronger magnification, while others may be better suited with a lower magnification. In general, most people find a 3x magnification sufficient.

Q. "What can I expect when I receive my magnified mirror?"
A. Magnified mirrors are made using convex-shaped glass, which distorts and magnifies the image as needed depending on the strength of the magnification. For this reason, the mirror must be brought close to the user's face in order to obtain a focused reflection. Typically the user's face should be within a foot of the mirror. The more distance between the user and the mirror, the more the image will be distorted and indistinct. Likewise, the stronger the magnification of the mirror, more distortion will occur the farther away the user is from the mirror.

Q. "If the mirror needs to be close to the user, how should the mirror be installed?"
A. Since the mirror must be close to the user's face in order to obtain a focused reflection, this generally becomes a plane equal to the edge of the counter. In other words, you want the mirror to come to the edge of the counter, not short of it which would cause you to have to lean forward to get a focused reflection. If the mirror is installed in a way that requires the user to lean forward to focus repeatedly, this may lead to bad posture. If the mirror will be mounted on the wall behind the counter, a double extension arm is necessary to make the reach from the wall to the counter edge. If the mirror will be mounted on a side-wall, a single arm style is generally sufficient. Mount the mirror so that when it is in use, it will come out to the edge of the counter and when not in use it will swing back and store flat on the wall.

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