UV Resistant ProLock Push-Fit Black Fittings

by John Guest

The push-fit fitting gets even more useful when it is UV-resistant, making outdoor installations possible and more convenient. Quick and simple installation saves time, and the results are effective and clean. With ProLock fittings available for every angle, you'll be done in no time, leaving you with little or no clean up and extra time to spend on other tasks.

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The future of fittings is here: Quick, clean and durable ProLock® UV-resistant fittings
image of UV black fittings in use with filter system
John Guest UV fittings
These UV Resistant Fittings Feature:
  • UV resistant makes them great for outdoor use as they can be in direct sunlight and withstand hot temperatures up to 200°F at 80psi
  • Resistant to scale build-up
  • Suitable for hot and cold water applications
  • Can be used with copper, CPVC, or PEX pipe (3/4" and 1")
  • Ideal for water filtration and water softener installs
  • Great for marine and RV plumbing
  • Installation time reduced by up to 40%
  • No tools required - simply push to fit
  • Demountable without damage to pipe or fitting
  • No risk of fire or flames from soldering
  • JG Twist & Lock® for added security
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Approved for behind the wall use
  • 2014 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act compliant and non-toxic

You protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, but did you know UV rays can also damage your plastic plumbing fittings? Standard plastic fittings, when exposed to sunlight, can break down and fail in as little as a year or two. While UV resistant is not UV proof, these fantastic outdoor-rated plastic fittings extend that life expectancy dramatically - think of it as a plastic planter designed for the outdoors as compared to a child's sand bucket left outside all year.

Specifically designed for water filtration and water softener installation where maintenance is regular and expected, the push-fit design is fantastic for many other types of repair and remodel applications too! For instance, many marine and RV plumbing systems are frequently exposed to the elements and over time the fittings can sustain serious damage - threatening your potable water supply or just being a pain in the neck to replace when you have to solder or crimp connections. Equipped with EPDM o-rings and manufactured from high quality engineered plastic, our UV resistant push-fit fittings are a breeze to install and built to last.

A great time saver for professionals and DIYers, there's no worrying about installing copper piping close to flammable material, no waiting for glue to dry on CPVC connections or worrying about repairs in tight areas where crimp tools won't fit. These amazing fittings also work to repair wet pipe, either under water or when you cannot stop the water flow completely, letting you get to that repair right away, so you can stop the leak faster. Help protect your property and install these fantastic UV resistant fittings today!

Please be aware: UV resistant is not UV proof - we do not recommend constant exposure to direct sunlight for any plastic fitting as we believe they can and will fail over time.

ProLock UV-resistant Coupler (Union Connector)

John Guest ProLock UV resistant coupler
Shown: 1" CTS Coupler
Used to connect two sections of tubing in a straight line or two different types of piping.
Model # Description Price & Quantity
PEI0428E 3/4" CTS Coupler $4.54
PEI0436E 1" CTS Coupler $8.74
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ProLock UV-resistant Elbow

John Guest UV resistant elbow
Shown: 1" CTS Elbow
Used to create a corner connection between two pieces of piping.
Model # Description Price & Quantity
PEI0328E 3/4" CTS Elbow $6.06
PEI0336E 1" CTS Elbow $9.93
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ProLock UV-resistant Tee

John Guest UV resistant tee fitting
Shown: 1" CTS Tee
Used to add a branch to a piping run. Push-fit connection on each side.
Model # Description Price & Quantity
PEI0228E 3/4" CTS Tee $6.72
PEI0236E 1" CTS Tee $12.43
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ProLock UV-resistant Male Connector (Male Adapter)

John Guest UV resistant male adapter fitting
Shown: 1" CTS x 1" NPT Male Adapter
Great for connecting filter housings or other female threaded fixtures to the piping system. Push-fit connection on one side, male NPT threads on the other.
Model Description Price & Quantity
PSEI012826E 3/4" CTS x 3/4" NPT Male Adapter $4.38
PSEI013628E 1" CTS x 1" NPT Male Adapter $7.10
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UV-resistant Male Stem Adapter

John Guest UV resistant male stem adapter
1" CTS Male Stem Adapter
Used to convert threaded connection to CTS pipe (one end CTS, the other end NPT). Can be used with other push-fit connectors.
Model # Description Price & Quantity
PSEI052826E 3/4" CTS Male Stem Adapter $3.37
PSEI053628E 1" CTS Male Stem Adapter $6.06
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Shop UV Resistant Fittings by Size

3/4" UV Resistant Fittings

Description Price & Quantity
3/4" CTS Coupler $4.54
3/4" CTS Elbow $6.06
3/4" CTS Tee $6.72
Description Price & Quantity
3/4" CTS x 3/4" NPT Male Adapter $4.38
3/4" CTS Male Stem Adapter $3.37
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1" UV Resistant Fittings

Description Price & Quantity
1" CTS Coupler $8.74
1" CTS Elbow $9.93
1" CTS Tee $12.43
Description Price & Quantity
1" CTS x 1" NPT Male Adapter $7.10
1" CTS Male Stem Adapter $6.06
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How long can I expect these UV resistant fittings to last?"
A. These UV resistant fittings have a UV inhibitor integrated into the plastic, so they won't break down over the course of one or two seasons like most plastics do when exposed to consistent sunlight. This line of push-connect fittings have been put through high intensity testing and are rated for outdoor use, just like plastics used in automotive applications or any other outdoor plastic. You can reasonably expect them to last several years in direct outdoor sunlight, if not longer. If indoors, these fittings have a life expectancy similar to metal fittings. However, just like any part of your plumbing system, you must protect them from freezing.

Q. "Okay, so I can install them and forget about them, no matter where I put them?"
A. Nothing is foolproof and every plumbing system should be inspected regularly so small problems can be found and addressed before they become big ones. These fittings, like anything man-made, can and will eventually fail. These UV resistant fittings do, however, give you a dramatically longer life expectancy than standard plastic fittings when exposed to sunlight, are suitable for potable water, and are easy to install.

Working pressures and temperatures

Application Maximum Pressure Maximum Temperature
Water 160 psi 73°F
Water 100 psi 180°F
Water 80 psi 200°F

Please note: these fittings are designed for use with water only

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