Nipple and Screw Extractors


Every plumber has a pipe wrench, but a plumber's tool box isn't complete without nipple and screw extractors, as well as many other specialty tools. There are different types of pipe nipple extractors and some work better for thinner pipe walls. Have you ever broken your shower arm and tried to remove it, only to find normal pipe extractors would not work? We have one that will!® has an excellent selection of pipe extractors and other plumbing-related tools to help make every job or task easier for you.

Pipe Nipple and Screw Extractors

Spiral design, with a left hand tapered flute, allows quick removal of broken nipples or screws. Helps remove broken nipple pieces without thread damage to the pipe fittings. This tool can also help remove screws when the screw heads are no longer accessible with a screwdriver.

Nipple Extractor
Pipe Size Use Drill Size To Remove Bolt/Screw Size Price & Quantity
NA 7/64" 5/32" to 7/32" $1.93
1/8" 1/4" 9/32" to 3/8" $3.15
1/4" 19/64" 3/8" to 5/8" $3.31
3/8" 13/32" 5/8" to 7/8" $5.63
1/2" 17/32" 7/8" to 1-1/8" $10.36
3/4" 13/16" 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" $24.84
1" 1-1/16" 1-3/8" to 2" $36.67
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Internal Nipple Wrench

This wonderful tool could possibly save you costly wall or tile repair. Perfect for the removal of broken nipple threads from all kinds of fittings. Precision machined and hardened, this wrench is designed to internally grip even the smallest area of the nipple. Excellent choice for chrome piping work, since this is very easy to use and can be used to loosen or tighten nipples without damaging the exterior finish. Read further about how to use this tool.

Internal Nipple Wrench
Description Fits Pipe ID Price & Quantity
1/2" IPS internal wrench 1/2" $25.10
3/4" IPS internal wrench 3/4" $12.62
1" IPS internal wrench 1" $15.66
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Internal Pipe Wrenches

Heat treated and cadmium plated for extra durability, this "cam" style internal pipe wrench can remove or insert nipples. The "cam" swivels when turned inside the nipple until it wedges and locks into place inside the nipple. Once it locks into place then you can use a crescent wrench to turn the internal wrench to tighten or loosen the nipple.

Internal Pipe Wrench Set
Description Nipple Size Price & Quantity
3/8" IPS internal wrench 3/8" $6.03
1/2" IPS internal wrench 1/2" $7.78
3/4" IPS internal wrench 3/4" $9.47
1" IPS internal wrench 1" $12.04
Complete wrench set (all 4) 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" $30.40
Please note: Due to differences in pipe/tubing thickness, the 1/2" pipe wrench does not work for shower arms. We recommend using the 1/2" internal nipple wrench in the section above.
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PO Plug Wrench

This PO Plug Wrench can help you remove PO plugs (lavatory drains with a separate removable rubber pull out plug), some pop-up assemblies, and tub drains.

Plug Wrench
4555 PO Plug Wrench - $7.98
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why are shower nipples made thinner than normal brass or galvanized pipe?"
A. They can be made thin for a number of reasons. The manufacturers have to meet certain pressure requirements, but water pressure is only present when the shower is on and water normally flows through them and out through the shower head, not putting any real constant pressure in the shower arm. Shower head shut-off valves are designed to drip some water through them so the hot and cold water will not mix at the shower valve itself, again relieving any real pressure build-up in the shower arm. So manufacturers can meet minimal pressure requirements and save money by using less material.

Q. "Why won't the 'cam style' internal pipe wrench work for shower arms?"
A. The "cam" style internal pipe wrench works by swiveling the cam as it is turned inside the nipple until it wedges the cam and the non-swiveling part of the wrench against the inside of the nipple, locking it into place. Since shower arms are normally made out of a very thin walled brass pipe, they have a larger inside diameter than normal steel or brass pipe. The swiveling cam will not normally be able to reach the inside wall of the pipe enough to wedge itself and grip the internal pipe wall for proper locking action and removal.

Q. "How do I use the internal nipple wrench?"
A. To properly use the nipple extractor, you should first make sure the adjustment nut is unscrewed so the tightening shoes (also known as teeth) will fit into the nipple. Insert the shoes into the end of the nipple - ensuring that the shoes are entirely inside the nipple, or the wrench may break - and begin to slowly tighten the adjustment screw until snug. Use two wrenches, one to hold the barrel nut and one to tighten the screw, to apply pressure to the shoes on the inside of the nipple. Use a crescent wrench on the hex barrel to turn the nipple wrench and remove the nipple. If the part of the nipple you are trying to remove is only the threaded portion inside a fitting use as little pressure on the shoes as necessary, excessive pressure can force the nipple threads into the fitting, making it nearly impossible to remove the nipple.
Note: The adjustment screw is reverse threaded.

Customer Testimonials

"Ordered the 1/2 inch nipple wrench to remove the broken end from my shower pipe. Worked great! Thanks also for the quick shipping."
- Robert Morris, Portland, Connecticut 06480-4001

"It's refreshing that there are still companies out there that provide real American service like in the early days.....Thank you for getting my order to me so fast!"
- Mitch Ford, The Woodlands, Texas 77384

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