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Snap Cutters

by Reed

Reed offers some of the finest, most effective value-priced snap and ratcheting cutters and wrenches in the industry. Stock your tool box with the right tool for the job with these and the many other helpful plumbing tools and products we offer.® is your source for Reed products and many other plumbing-related tools.

Single Stroke Snap Cutters
The fastest way to cut cast iron soil pipe, and small diameter concrete pipe is with a chain pipe cutter (aka: "snap cutters"). Reed has improved the original manufacturer's design by providing stronger jaws and more durable adjusting screws which are interchangeable with the original tools. Reed soil pipe cutters are available in a single stroke model and a ratcheting model for close quarter work.
SC59 Single Stroke
Product # Pipe Capacity - Nom.* Length Weight Price & Quantity
SC59-6 2" - 6" 43" 26 lbs $459.29
SC59-8 2" - 8" 43" 28 lbs $514.36
SC59-10 2" - 10" 43" 29 lbs $565.27
SC59-12 2" - 12" 43" 32 lbs $616.16
SC59-15 2" - 15" 43" 33 lbs $681.75

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Ratcheting Snap Cutters

SC49 Ratcheting
The close quarter pipe cutters are the easiest to use because the screw is captured, does not have to be manipulated into place, and takes less effort than those of the competition. American made, multiple use ratchet wrench ships with SC49 models.

Product # Pipe Capacity - Nom.* Length Weight Price & Quantity
SC49-6 2" - 6" 26" 17 lbs $466.73
SC49-8 2" - 8" 26" 19 lbs $519.78
SC49-10 2" - 10" 26" 21 lbs $574.38
SC49-12 2" - 12" 26" 22 lbs $632.69
SC49-15 2" - 15" 26" 24 lbs $697.95
SC49 models include a free ratchet wrench.

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* Maximum Pipe Capacities
Extra heavy soil pipe 2" - 4"
Service weight cast iron pipe 2" - 8"
Concrete pipe 4" - 6"
No-Hub pipe 1-1/2" - 8"
Clay pipe 2" - 15"

Reed Tripod Vise
Reed Tripod Vises are among the strongest pipe vises available. Tripods are manufactured with heavy gauge steel, overlapping hinges, and the best adjustable tray clamp, not a set screw, to keep the lower tray assembly and entire portable workbench tight - even after many hours of use! The heavy-duty design permits use with pipe up to 6" diameter. Exclusive double-faced jaws provide a second set of jaws with options available for both metal and plastic pipe and a 45° cranking handle. For comfortable stability, these vises have a padded handle grip at the balance point and are light weight for the easiest portability. For convenient transportation and storage, the tripod is able to fold down into a compact shape.
R470P Tripod Vise = $505.85

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Reed Field Pipe Vise

Shown with backbone and legs (not included)
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Field Pipe Vise holds pipe up to 20" diameter. 2,000 lb vise capacity yet weighs only 22 lbs without legs and backbone. Super choice for pre-trench work and above ground cuts. Excellent flexibility achieved in height and length of vise. Leg and backbone pipes are not included and therefore can be customized appropriately to application and user comfort.
FPV20 Field Pipe Vise = $583.08

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