Gen-Eye - Hot Spot Digital Pipe Locator

Find parts for General Wire GL and G3 pipe inspection systems

We believe these Gen-Eye Digital Locators as well as many other products manufactured by General Wire Spring Company are the finest in the industry. Their commitment to excellence and affordability equals savings to thousands of satisfied customers, and with their great selection of inspection systems, drain clearing equipment, and flood guard products, they have something for every need.

General Wire Hot Spot Digital Locator
The Gen-Eye Digital Locator lets you know exactly where the problems are. 100 sensitivity levels let you hone in on the transmitter's signal. The LCD display panel produces a clear digital readout, as well as a graphic display and an audible tone. It's faster and more precise than analog locators.

The Gen-Eye Locator lets you locate almost anything underground with its built-in four-way signal finder. You can find the Gen-Eye camera even when it's deep inside cast iron pipe. When you turn on the Digital Locator, it looks for the 512 hz or 874 hz signal transmitted from the Gen-Eye camera.

Switch the locator to 60 hz, and you can locate underground power lines before you start digging.

The Gen-Eye Transmitter is used to energize metal pipes, fiber optic cables or even CATV cables with a powerful 65 Khz signal. The signal then radiates through the ground allowing the Digital Locator to pick up the signal above ground and tell you exactly where the pipe is and how deep it is buried, down to the inch!

All you need to do is attach one of the transmitter leads to the pipe and the other lead to the ground stake to complete the circuit. The Gen-Eye Hot Spot 5 watt transmitter uses 10 "D" type batteries for approximately 100 plus hours of operation.

If you'd prefer, the Gen-Eye Sonde 10 can be attached to your drain cleaning cable using the included spring carrier. The carrier protects the sonde as it travels down the line and transmits a signal at depths up to 10 ft. in cast iron pipe or 15 ft. in clay or plastic pipe. More compact than the transmitters, the Sonde 10 is powered by one AAA battery.

Model Finish Price & Quantity
GL-100 Gen-Eye Hot Spot Digital Pipe Locator with Padded Bag $2,135.47
GL-130 Gen-Eye Sonde 10 with Spring Carrier - (transmits through cast-iron pipe buried 10 ft.) $1,121.70
GL-175 Gen-Eye 5 Watt Pipe Transmitter with Cables and Ground Stake $2,204.86
GL-185 Gen-Eye Hot Spot Digital Pipe Locator and 5 Watt Transmitter Combination
- includes Padded Bag, Cables & Ground Stake

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PARTS For Gen-Eye G3 and GL Pipe Inspection Systems

Model # Description Price & Quantity
SL-GL-200 200' Standard Reel with Self-Leveling Camera $6,616.09
SL-GL-300 300' Standard Reel with Self-Leveling Camera $7,062.24
SL-GL-400 400' Standard Reel with Self-Leveling Camera $7,507.66
C-M-GL-100 100' Mini-Reel with Color Camera $5,288.05
C-M-GL-200 200' Mini-Reel with Color Camera $5,721.34
GL-IC Interface Cord $320.92
SL-GL-S3 3" Trap Skid For Self-Leveling Camera $57.29
C-GL-S3 3" Trap Skid For Standard Color Camera $60.53
SL-GL-S6 6" Trap Skid For Self-Leveling & Std Color Camera $81.92
M-GL-S3 3" Trap Skid for Mini Black & White Camera $42.72
C-M-GL-S3 3" Trap Skid for Mini Color Camera $41.36
GL-S4 4" Trap Skid for Self-Leveling Colored Cameras $140.81
GL-S6 6" Trap Skid for GL Self-Leveling Colored Cameras $153.07
GL-S8 8" Trap Skid for GL Self-Leveling Colored Cameras $166.73
GL-SK Set of 4", 6" and 8" Trap Skids for GL Self-Leveling Colored Cameras $318.19
GL-URS-1 Universal Roller Skids For 6" to 12" Lines $480.10

PLEASE NOTE: Lead-time to ship is 2-3 weeks
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If you are looking for parts for & accessories for older models please contact us
and we will be happy to help you find what you are looking for

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Who is the manufacturer of Gen-Eye GL and how is the quality?"
A. This is the second generation of locator made by General Spring Wire Company (also known as General Pipe Cleaners Company). To date, we have never received one complaint about these units; and we have received "thanks" from Plumbing Contractors. Please do recognize that kinking the rods is possible and costly.

Q. "I've added up the price of all the components on a system; it looks like all of the parts added together is a price lower than a complete system?"
A. The command modules must be taken into consideration. You will find that by buying each individual replacement part separately, it will cost more than a complete system. We are mentioning this as we have had a few customers order just the parts thinking they were getting a complete system at a discount. If you are starting from nothing, then order a complete system. We have the replacement parts listed so that you can order them when your parts wear out, get broken or lost.

Q. "What is a self-leveling camera?"
A. The self-leveling color camera automatically keeps your picture right side up as the camera glides through the line.

Q. "How long after I place an order before you ship these products?"
A. Most everything that we ship from our and many of our distributors warehouses, ship within one business day. But the above products are shipped from the manufacturer, and the lead-time is generally three weeks (sometimes it can take quite a bit longer, sometimes it can ship out quicker). Once you have placed your order we will let you know how long before the factory can ship the above products to you.

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