Sinks for Boats, Trailers & RVs

Finding a quality sink for your boat, trailer, or RV can be very frustrating. Low-quality sinks wear quickly and cause your prized vessel to look drab, while high-quality sinks can be difficult to find for such niche uses. For those frustrated with low-quality sinks installed in their boat, trailer, or RV,® offers these high-quality stainless steel sinks from Houzer. These compact, durable sinks are the perfect way to ensure your boat, trailer, or RV is outfitted with the very best of sinks!

Round Sinks For Boats, RV's and Travel Trailers

sink for boats, rv's and trailers#SCF-1830-1
This Round Boat Sink Features:
  • Round sleek design - complements just about any décor
  • Easy drop-in, self rimming installation
  • High grade T-304 18 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Sound deadening super-silencer rubber pad
  • Satin finish bowl with polished ledge
  • 3-1/2" drain hole opening
  • Deluxe basket strainer included
  • Includes sink strainer
  • 17-1/2" overall diameter
Description Price & Quantity
Round 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink - SCF-1830-1 $158.66
Deluxe Basket Strainer - Stainless Steel (Note: included with sink) $25.82
Hardwood In-the-Sink Cutting Board $62.95

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Rectangular Single Bowl Marine / Boat Sinks

sink for boats, rv's and trailers#1722-7BS-1
These Boat Sinks Feature:
  • A sleek design that will complement just about any décor
  • Easy self rimming, drop-in installation
  • High grade T-304 22 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Sound deadening super-silencer rubber pad
  • Satin finish bowl with polished ledge
  • 3-1/2" drain hole opening
  • Deluxe basket strainer included
  • Three faucet holes
  • 17" x 22" overall dimensions
Description Price & Quantity
Rectangular 22 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink - 1722-7BS-1 $106.02
Deluxe Basket Strainer - Stainless Steel (Note: included with sink) $25.82
Wire Sink Grid - stainless steel construction with rubber feet $28.33

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Square Single Bowl Marine / Boat Sinks

square sink for boats, rv's and trailers#HOT-1515ST-1
These Boat Sinks Feature:
  • Nice, compact space saving design
  • Easy self rimming, drop-in installation
  • 15" x 15" outside diameter (14-1/4" x 14-1/4" cut out size)
  • High quality type 304 stainless steel 24 gauge construction
  • Sound deadening super-silencer rubber pad
  • Lustrous satin finish bowl with highlighted rim
  • 2" drain hole opening
  • Junior basket strainer sold separately
  • 2 faucet holes
  • Fits 18" front to back countertops
  • View sink dimensions
Description Price & Quantity
Square - Self Rimming 24 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink - HOT-1515ST-1
- 2 faucet holes - 2" drain opening - Junior bar sink basket strainer sold separately below
Junior bar sink stainless steel basket strainer - NOT included with 15" x 15" Square Sink - fits sinks with 1-7/8" - 2 1/4" drain openings $7.61

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Durable Braided Stainless Steel Faucet Flexes

3/8" O.D. x S.J.
flex hose
  • Constructed with a durable braided outer sheathing with tough nylon reinforced vinyl tubing inside
  • 3/8" O.D. compression female threads on one side and 1/2" slip joint (S.J.) female threads on the other - S.J. are non-tapered iron pipe size threads and attach to most male faucet shank inlets
  • NSF 61 certified
  • UPC certified
  • Need a different size of flex? We offer a temendous selection of sizes and lengths of stainless steel braided supplies here

Flex Size Flex Length Price & Quantity
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 12" $2.92
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 16" $6.04
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 20" $3.29
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 24" $8.34
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 36" $11.25
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 48" $5.84
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 60" $12.78
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 72" $7.30
3/8" O.D. x S.J. 96" $18.41

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does slip joint mean?"
A. It refers to 1/2" female pipe threads that are not tapered. They are designed to work on faucet shanks and some angle stop threads that have male non-tapered pipe threads. Please note though, that SJ flexes might not work well on male threaded PVC fittings, as the wall of the PVC fittings might be too thick for the flex to properly seal on the inside of the PVC fitting.

Q. "What do the different types of stainless steel (304, 316, etc) mean?"
A. The term "stainless steel" refers to specific grades of steel that contain more than 10% chromium. Stainless steel may also include a variety of other elements (such as nickel, titanium, molybdenum, etc); it resists corrosion and is generally a stronger, more reliable steel. The most common grades of stainless steel are:

Type 304: Aside from having a higher content of chromium than most other types of stainless steel, type 304 also contains nickel; this enables it to withstand most ordinary corrosion in architecture, is durable in typical food processing environments, and resists most chemicals.

Type 316: Similar to type 304, but also contains a small amount of molybdenum, which is an alloy element #304 does not contain (but one that provides even stronger resistance to some deterioration). Types 304 and 316 are grades of stainless steel that are most often used in plumbing, as well as in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils and sinks.

Type 409: Does not contain virtually any nickel at all, but also is the stainless steel that contains the least amount of chromium. Type 409 is more suitable for high temperature applications, which is why it's often used in automotive trim and exhaust systems, or hot water tanks.

Type 410: Also does not contain any significant nickel; its primary difference to type 409 stainless is characterized by the use of heat treatment for hardening and strengthening. Type 410 is not appropriate for severely corrosive applications, but used instead in environments that require high strength; this is why it's the type of stainless steel that's often used in surgical equipment.

Type 430: Another plain-chromium stainless steel, similar to type 409, but is usually used in decorative applications.

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