Macerating Toilet Systems

by Liberty Pumps

Save time and money! This is the perfect system for a remodel or new addition where gravity drain lines do not exist. This new Macerating Toilet System features an attractive, ADA comfort toilet with a macerating pump that pumps the waste to any existing gravity sewer line in the building, without having to break up the concrete floor. Install it anywhere you want it - even in the basement! Additional inlets for a sink and tub/shower makes this even better than a toilet system - it's truly an entire bathroom system! Looking for other sewage removal systems? Visit our page.

The Ascent Macerating Toilet System

Freedom to put a bathroom where you want it! Perfect for basements, garages, and additions

Complete Macerating System Features:
  • Ability to work in bathrooms below gravity drain lines allows bathroom additions and remodels without breaking up concrete basement floors
  • Less construction labor and time reduces construction costs while adding value to your property
  • Complete system includes ADA Compliant toilet, toilet tank with flush valve, macerating unit, and composite wood toilet seat
  • Toilet tank, toilet bowl, macerator tank, and connections are all white for a clean and professional look
  • Includes a 8' white power cord
  • Pre assembled pump & tank makes for quick installation
  • High power, quiet 1/2 horsepower motor pumps waste up to 25' vertically and 150' away
  • Level control switch automatically turns the macerator on/off
  • 1" discharge with integral check valve
  • Macerating unit includes two optional inlets that accept 1-1/2" or 2" pipe for additional fixtures such as a bath tub, tub/shower combination, shower only, and/or sink (see one possible arrangement below)
  • Contoured tank design allows for wall moulding to run behind macerator box
  • Ability to mount macerator unit behind wall with purchase of the optional extension pipe (#K001184)

Sample installation of the Liberty Ascent II macerating toilet system
Toilet Features & Specifications
  • All white, ADA Compliant, comfort-height toilet - 16.25" tall (without seat) makes it easy and comfortable to use
  • Available in round or elongated/extended bowl
  • Rear discharge connects directly to macerating unit or optional extension pipe (offered separately)
  • Water efficient 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Includes flush valve
  • Tub/shower requires a base with minimum 4" rise

Performance Curve


Macerator/Motor Specifications

  • Casing built out of durable polypropylene and is white in color to match the toilet and give you a clean look
  • Quiet 1/2hp motor with durable stainless steel waste cutter
  • IST switch technology provides for complete flush-out of debris in the cutter area which reduces potential clogging and jamming
  • Built in alarm with 9 volt battery backup and push-to-silence switch
  • LED lights indicate power on, alarm condition and low alarm battery
  • 115 volt operation, 5.2 amp, 60HZ, 3450 RPM
  • Thermally protected with automatic reset
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 104°F
  • 1" discharge
  • Two (2) 1-1/2" option side inlets (slip connection)
  • 1-1/2" vent with check valve
  • View macerator dimensions

Model Description Price & Quantity
ASCENTII-RSW Complete macerating toilet system (white)  -  Includes: ADA Compliant toilet (round), toilet tank with flush valve, macerating unit, and toilet seat $1,544.48
ASCENTII-ESW Complete macerating toilet system (white)  -  
Includes: ADA Compliant toilet (extended/elongated), toilet tank with flush valve, macerating unit, and toilet seat
Model Accessories / Components Price & Quantity
ASCENTII-MUW White macerator unit only (115 volt) $1,218.19
K001184 White extension pipe (15-3/4" x 4") with bell seal
(allows for macerator unit to be installed behind wall)
  Toilet seat - premium quality, extra thick/durable plastic - round
View many more toilet seats
  Toilet seat - premium quality, extra thick/durable plastic - elongated/extended
View many more toilet seats
K001278 Replacement Flapper Only for Liberty Ascent II $11.79

Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
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Reducing Coupling For Hooking Up A Shower Drain Line

Because shower drains are 2", you'll need to adapt the 1-1/2" outlet on the macerator (shown above) with this coupling

2" x 1-1/2" flex coupling
Flex connector

Coupling for Cast Iron, Plastic, Copper, Steel or Lead - to Cast Iron, Plastic, Copper, Steel or Lead

Pipe Size Coupling Dimensions Price & Quantity
Dim A Dim B Dim C
2" x 1-1/2" 2.40" 1.90" 3.50" $5.90

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How hard is this system to install?"
A. The system is designed for easy installation. All you need is a 115v electrical service, a 1/2" water supply line, and a structurally sound, relatively level surface to set the toilet and tank on. The discharge pipe connection allows the unit to be plumbed in virtually any direction, and once the system is tied into the sewer pipe, simply plug in to A/C power and go.

Q. "What does ADA mean?"
A. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. The toilet that is included with the complete system meets the Americans with Disabilities Act and it's requirements for accessible and useable facilities. This toilet was designed with comfort in mind. It is 16.25" tall without the seat, making it very easy and comfortable to use.

Q. "How does the system work?"
A. Waste water enters the tank from either the rear flush toilet or the side inlets. As the liquid fills the tank, the factory pre-set mechanical float switch energizes the macerator, which in turn cuts and evacuates the waste water. The positive on-off action of the mechanical float switch prevents the system from "dry-cycling", or running without sufficient liquid present.

Q. "How noisy is a macerating toilet system?"
A.There are several factors which will change the noise level of a macerating toilet system, including the size of the room, furnishings, connections, etc, so it's nearly impossible to predict exactly how loud a system will be once installed. For that reason, most manufacturers won't provide a decibel rating, but state that a macerating toilet system will definitely be audible if you're in the same room when it's running. Typically, the noise level of a macerating toilet system is louder than the humming of a refrigerator but quieter than most dishwashers. The noise shouldn't travel throughout the house.

Q. "Will this toilet meet my town's high efficiency toilet laws?"
A. While we do make an effort to be aware of upcoming plumbing-related legislation, we simply cannot keep up with all the plumbing-related legislation for all municipalities. As part of the selection process for new fixtures, we highly recommend contacting your local code enforcement agencies for the latest plumbing fixture requirements. This will help you select the correct fixtures for your home or business, and will also help avoid nasty surprises should your project require a permit or inspection. If working with a plumber, confirm he or she is well aware of current legislation in your area, too.

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