Super Quiet, Energy Efficient Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Keep your bathroom well ventilated with a new exhaust fan from®! Whether you have a small bathroom, or a much larger space, we have the fan for you. The closed motor design and the quiet performance assist in eliminating fogged-up windows and mirrors, and stale odors are whisked away. As an added benefit, fans will help prevent moisture-related problems, such as mold and mildew growth.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Exhaust / Vent Fan

  • Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) - It is recommended to have 1 CFM of air for every square foot of floor space. If you live in an especially humid region, you may consider increasing to 1-1/2 CFM per square foot.
  • Noise - Lower sones means quieter air movement providing a peaceful environment with fresh air.
  • Efficiency - The more air moved with a single watt of energy, the more energy-efficient the fan is, which can save you money and is good for our environment.
  • Light - Ceiling exhaust fans with lights are great for bathrooms without windows and inside shower enclosures.
Learn more about how to choose a bathroom fan and how to tell which bathroom fan features you need

Economy Non-Lighted Ceiling Vent Fans

Economy Features:
  • Continuous run fan for better moisture control in humid or damp regions
  • Heavy duty steel housing with rust-proof coating and ABS grille
  • Effortless side electrical snap-in wiring connection and electronic ballast
  • Heavy-duty steel housing coated with rust-proof paint and sturdy, easy to clean ABS grille
  • 9-1/8" L x 9-1/8" W x 7-5/8" H
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Description Air Volume Noise Power Use Energy Efficiency Price & Quantity
OEP80 Economy Plus Non-Lighted Ventilation Fan 80 CFM 1.3 Sone 31.2 Watts 2.56 CFM/Watt $88.30
OEP90 Economy Plus Non-Lighted Ventilation Fan 90 CFM 1.5 Sone 24.5 Watts 3.67 CFM/Watt $94.75

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Recessed Ceiling Vent Fans

  • Recessed design for quiet operation with minimal vibration
  • Lighted fan offers you excellent moisture control with extra light for small bathrooms
  • Permanently lubricated, low maintenance, energy efficient motor
  • Galvanized steel housing with polymeric resin grille is durable and stylish to suit almost any home
  • Rated for use in tub/shower enclosures when properly installed

Limited to Stock - While Supplies Last!
Description Air Volume Noise Power Use Energy Efficiency Price & Quantity
OE80RL Recessed Lighted Ceiling Vent Fan 80 CFM 1.0 Sone 18.8 Watts 4.25 CFM/Watt $125.31

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Fan Wall-Switch With Condensation Sensor

Condensation sensor fan switch
  • Works with ANY ventilation fan
  • Adjustable condensation sensor settings
  • Adjustable timer settings
  • LED indicator light
  • Manual on/off fan control
  • Includes wall plate
  • 6 Amps maximum fan load
  • Electrical input: 120 volts AC - 60Hz
  • Dry contact switching: 24 volts AC input/output
Limited to Stock - While Supplies Last
Fan Switch with Condensation Sensor = $37.95
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Help! I don't know what any of these terms mean, can you explain them to me in plain English?"
A. We are always happy to help, and understand that some of the terms mentioned may be confusing for first-time purchasers. So, let's do a quick run-down...

Bathroom Fan Terminology

  • Air Volume - is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) and tells you the amount of air moved from an area in one minute.
  • Noise or Sone - is a combined measurement of noise and air movement. Basically, it tells you how low loud the fan will be during operation. A lower sone means a quieter, more efficient unit.
  • Power Use - refers to the amount of electricity used (in watts) to run the unit.
  • Energy Efficiency or CFM/Watt - tells you how much air is moved per watt of energy consumed. A fan that moves more CFM with a single watt of power is more energy efficient. For instance, a fan with a rating of 3.4 CFM/Watt is more energy efficient than a fan with a 2.5 CFM/Watt rating.

Q. "What does GFCI stand for?"
A. GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a receptacle designed to prevent electrical shock. This device constantly monitors the current flow in the hot and neutral conductors. The current in the hot and neutral conductors should match. If they don't match, the device disconnects itself and any receptacles it protects from the electrical source.

Q. "What is CFM?"
A. CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute. All motorized exhaust fans have a CFM rating that defines it's capacity to move air. The higher the CFM number, the greater the fans capacity.

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