Mini Tank Water Heaters

Deluxe Small / Compact Point-of-Use Water Heaters

These Mini-Tank Water Heaters are light-weight and compact, allowing you to place it in almost any convenient location where small amounts of hot water are needed. With four capacity options to choose from, you'll find the perfect on-demand heater for your cottage, office, boat, warehouse, etc., and your wait for hot water when you need it will be over. Let® be your source for these and many other on-demand hot water products.

Eemax® Electric Mini-Tank Water Heaters

Eemax mini-tank water heater
  • Versatile applications: Homes, cottages, kitchenettes, stores, offices, RVs, mobile homes, boats, restaurants, hotels, service stations, warehouses and factories
  • Point-of-use, ideal for under the sink providing instantaneous hot water
  • Save water by eliminating the wait for hot water to reach the faucet - No need for costly recirculating lines and pumps
  • Lightweight and compact design means it can fit almost anywhere - Floor mount or wall hung (bracket included)
  • All models plug into a standard 120 volt outlet (includes T&P valve) except for model EMT 6 which needs to be hard wired
  • Impact and corrosion resistant exterior, glass lined tank inside for extended life
  • On/off switch for ease of maintenance and safety
  • Quick economical recovery and superior insulation for high efficiency
  • View Dimensions of all 4 units
  • View Specifications

Model # Description Tank Volume
Weight (lbs.) Fittings Price & Quantity
EMT 1 Mini-Tank Water Heaters 1.5 11.7 1/2" NPT (Top of unit) $251.72 Enter a quantity and
EMT 2.5 2.5 15.5 1/2" NPT (Top of unit) $236.22 Enter a quantity and
EMT 4 4 19.3 1/2" NPT (Top of unit) $271.48 Enter a quantity and
EMT 6 6 24.9 3/4" NPT (Top of unit) $333.92 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why do these mini tank heaters have on/off switches?"
A. The on/off switch serves a twofold purpose. First, by turning the power on to the unit by using the switch, rather than just by plugging the unit into the wall, you reduce the chance of having the unit turn on without being filled with water, which extends the life of the element. Second, an on/off switch allows a mini tank water heater to be turned off without completely uninstalling the unit. If you're facing the unit, the switch is located on the left side near the bottom and toward the back of the unit. A green light will turn on when the unit is plugged in and the switch is in the "on" position. Please note, the manufacturer states that the heater needs to be turned off AND unplugged if maintenance is needed.

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