Eemax AutoBooster for Tank Water Heaters

Bridging the gap between tankless and tank water heaters to provide your family with more hot water, faster

Proudly made in the USA

You don't have to spend all your hard-earned "green" to "go green" in your home! The Eemax AutoBooster fits right onto your existing gas or electric tank-style water heater, helping to enhance its efficiency and expand your hot water capacity without having to re-plumb your home or commit to a new tankless water heater or recirculating system. It's the perfect way to give your current water heater a little boost and add convenience to your life.

Eemax AutoBooster - tank water heater booster
This water heater booster features:
  • Increases deliverable hot water up to 45% to increase your water heaters ability to meet demand - for example, your 50-gallon tank can have the same capacity as an 80-gallon tank in the same amount of space!
  • Installs directly onto the hot water outlet of your existing electric or gas water heater (additional wiring may be required for gas tank installation)
  • Leave the unit on all the time if needed, or enhance efficiency even more by utilizing one of two energy-saving modes:
    • Eco Mode turns the tank on and off at specific times of the day that you set, ensuring you have hot water when you're home and aren't using energy when you aren't
    • Vacation Mode shuts down the heater when you're away from home for extended periods
  • Unique freeze protection feature will automatically switch the unit on if the temperature of the tank drops below 60°F (overrides Eco/Vacation modes)
  • External, user-friendly digital controls make it easy for you to switch settings or adjust temperature (in increments of 1°F)

Eemax AutoBooster for Tank Water Heaters = $680.44

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Eemax AutoBooster Technical Specifications

Dimensions Volts Max Amps Power Min PSI Max PSI Min Flow Max Temp Output Range Inlet Size Outlet Size
8" x 11-1/2" x 3-3/4" 240 30 7.2kW 25 150 0.3gpm 140°F 80 - 140°F 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT

AutoBooster Electric Water Heater Installation Diagram
Electric water heater booster installation example
AutoBooster Gas Water Heater Installation Diagram
Gas water heater booster installation example

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Eemax AutoBooster work?
A. The AutoBooster installs directly onto the hot water outlet of your electric or gas tank-style water heater. You set the AutoBooster to activate at a certain temperature. Sensors detect the temperature of the water heater tank's outlet. When the tank's outlet temperature is below your set activation point, the AutoBooster switches on and begins heating the water flowing from the water heater outlet to your home's fixtures. Since you set the maximum water temperature, this means you get the hot water you want faster and you get more hot water since the cooler water in the tank gets heated by the AutoBooster - instead of being wasted running down the drain while you're waiting for the water to heat up.

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