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Test Gauges, Expansion Plugs, Caps & More

No plumber's tool box is complete without a complete selection of testing gauges, test plugs, test caps, and other testing equipment.® has the products you need at prices you can afford. Click here for many other plumbing-related tools we offer.

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Low Pressure Gas Test Manometer Gauge
Lazy Hand Water Test Gauge
Standard Water Test Gauge Kits
Air Test Gauge Kits
Inflatable Test Balls/Balloons/Plugs
Econo Test Plugs
Mechanical Test Plugs
Winterizing Expansion Plugs
Cleanout/Test Caps
Real-Tite Expansion Cleanout Plug

Gas Pressure Test Kit
Also known as the "Manometer"

Manometer kit
  • Check for pressure loss due to leaks or line restrictions
  • Comes in a durable hard plastic case
  • Usable for natural gas or LPG
  • 30" soft hose
  • Barbed (to fit manometer tubing)
  • Includes 1/8" MIPS brass barbed adapter
  • Gauge displays 3 types of measurements including:
    • 0-20 oz per square inch (in 1 oz per square inch increments)
    • 0-35" of water column (in 1 inch of water column increments)
    • 0-8.6 kilopascals (in 0.1 kilopascal increments)
  • Great for testing:
    • Leaks in the installation
    • Regulator delivery pressure test
    • Regulator lock-up and leakage

Gas Pressure Test Kit = $63.67

Order 2 each for greater savings.
Order 6 or more of the same item for even greater savings!

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"Lazy Hand" Water Test Gauge

Lazy hand test gauge
  • High level indicator that remains at the highest pressure level until you reset it
  • Determines if you are getting pressure surges
  • Put it on a hose bibb and leave it on over night or for an extended period of time. The test gauge will then indicate the highest pressure that was reached during your absence.
  • 2 Models Available:
    • 0-160 PSI gauge readout
    • 0-300 PSI gauge readout
  • Attaches to 3/4" hose thread
  • Click here to learn how it operates

0-160 PSI "Lazy Hand" Water Test Gauge = $17.05

0-300 PSI "Lazy Hand" Water Test Gauge = $17.49

If you have excessive pressure, you may want to consider a pressure regulator.

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Standard Water Test Gauge Kits

Water Test Gauge
  • Includes 3/4" female hose thread
  • These are not oil filled
  • Ships unassembled

Part # Max PSI Price & Quantity
TWT030 30 PSI $14.90
TWT060 60 PSI $15.05
TWT100 100 PSI $15.00
TWT200 200 PSI $15.13
TWT300 300 PSI $13.21

Only need a pressure gauge, buy them here.

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Air Test Gauge Kits

Gas Test Gauge complete with pipe adapter0-15 PSI - TGT015
Gas Test Gauge complete with pipe adapter0-100 PSI - TGT100
  • Precision quality gauges
  • Includes 3/4" female pipe thread (FPT) adapter with 1/4" gauge port and 1/8" air valve port
  • Includes a Schrader-type valve to pressurize the line
  • 2" Gauge face
  • Complies with sec. 319.0 of UPC
  • Ships unassembled
  • Not for use on oxygen service

Part # Max PSI Price & Quantity
TGT015 - for gas pipe test
First pound is in 1/5 PSI increments. 1/10 PSI increments after first pound
15 PSI $13.43
5 psi main increments
30 PSI $13.40
10 psi main increments
60 PSI $13.27
10 psi main increments
100 PSI $13.44
20 psi main increments
200 PSI $15.04

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click here for other pressure gauges including vacuum gauges

Inflatable Test Balls/Balloons/Plugs
10 PSI Maximum Pressure

Test Balls

Short Style (Without Hose)
Part # Size Price & Quantity
TTB075S 3/4" to 1-1/4" $40.51
TTB150S 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" $27.78
TTB200S 2" $29.81
TTB300S 3" $28.79
TTB400S 4" $36.75
TTB600S 6" $85.28
TTB800S 8" $134.00

Long Style with 2' Extension Hose
Part # Size Price & Quantity
TTB200L 2" $55.25
TTB300L 3" $73.04
TTB400L 4" $76.20
TTB600L 4" to 6" $163.01

Part # Size Price & Quantity
TEH200 2 Feet $8.68
TEH300 3 Feet $9.36
TEH400 4 Feet $10.62

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Please Note: any brand of air inflated test balloons can be dangerous if not used per manufacturer instructions. Please also make sure when you use a test ball/plug, that you have a way of getting the water out of the pipe safely. So please plan ahead. Sticking your hand up a test tee to let the air out of a inflated test ball can cost you some fingers! Water pressure and air pressure can be dangerous for the unsuspecting. In our opinion inflatable test balls should have a chain tied to the pipe and an extension hose to let the air out slowly from a point where your fingers are safe. A test plug should be supported so that it won't slip out of the pipe under pressure.

Econo Test Plugs
Dollar Plug With Wing Nut

Test Plug
  • Designed with a rubber flange that grips the end of the pipe preventing slippage
  • 3" and 4" test plugs supplied with a superfly wingnut
  • For plastic, cast iron DWV

Part # Size Price & Quantity
TDP100 1" $3.58
TDP125 1-1/4" $3.70
TDP150 1-1/2" $3.84
TDP200 2" $4.66
Super Wing Nut
3" $6.89
Super Wing Nut
4" $7.97
TDP600 6" $14.03

Use with caution if testing with air or other compressed gas

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Kwik 'N Sure Mechanical Test Plugs

Mechanical Plug
  • Works on all types of pipe including PVC, ABS, copper, galvanized etc.
  • Wing nut on 3/8" - 1-1/4" sizes
  • Hex nut on 1-1/2" through 5" sizes
  • Works well for plugging water line stub-outs
  • Natural rubber O-ring

With Wing Nut
Part # Size Price & Quantity
TMP039 .39" $3.77
TMP050 1/2" $3.46
TMP075 3/4" $3.60
TMP100 1" $4.21
TMP125 1-1/4" $5.57
With Wing Nut
Part # Size Price & Quantity
TMP150 1-1/2" $7.60
TMP200 2" $10.59
TMP250 2-1/2" $14.46
TMP300 3" $16.71
TMP400 4" $26.48
TMP500 5" $35.08

Use with caution if testing with air or other compressed gas

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Winterizing Expansion Plugs

Winterizing Plug
  • Safely seals inlet and outlets against freezing
  • Stainless steel screw and washers
  • Nylon wing nut provides easier turning in cold temperatures, providing greater tightness than conventional plugs
  • Tapered for a better fit

Part # Size Price & Quantity
TWP075P 3/4" to 1" Pipe $1.80
TWP100P 1" Pipe $1.85
TWP100F 1" Fitting $3.42
TWP125P 1-1/4" Pipe $2.50
TWP125F 1-1/4" Fitting to 1-1/2" Pipe $2.98
TWP150P 1-1/2" Pipe $2.89
TWP150F 1-1/2" Fitting $3.06
TWP200P 2" Pipe $4.43
TWP200F 2" Fitting $4.59

Use with caution if testing with air or other compressed gas

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Winterizing Plugs
1 1/2" Mips - Threaded Plug with O-ring

Winterizing threaded plug with o-ring
  • Safely seals swimming pool inlets and outlets against freezing
  • A temporary plug for any water system application
  • Used for either pipe or fittings
  • Heavy duty, white ABS construction
  • EPMD O-ring is resistant to extreme weather & chemical corrosion
  • Gives a positive seal - no leaking
  • Available in raised or flush style

Style Size Price & Quantity
FLUSH 1 1/2" Mip $3.40
RAISED 1 1/2" Mip $3.44

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Cleanout/Test Caps

Cleanout Cap
  • Also Known As "Jim or Jimmy Caps"
  • Temporarily or permanently cap drainage pipe
  • Made from durable flexible pvc material
  • Stainless steel band & clamp
  • Can be used above ground or underground
  • Tighten clamp to 60" lbs of torque
  • Fits over Cast Iron, Steel, or Sch. 40 Plastic pipe ends

Part # Steel/Cast Iron/Sch.40
Pipe Size
Fits Outside Diameter
pipe range
Price & Quantity
Minimum Maximum
TCC150 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-15/16" $4.79
TCC200 2" 1-15/16" 2-15/32" $5.52
TCC300 3" 3-1/16" 3-5/8" $6.81
TCC400 4" 3-15/16" 4-5/8" $8.74
TCC500 5" 5-1/32" 5-7/8" $11.46
TCC600 6" 5-3/4" 6-5/8" $11.81
TCC800 8" 7-11/16" 8-7/8" $25.90
TCC110 10" 9-7/8" 11" $37.58

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Real-Tite® Reusable Expansion Test Plugs / Covers

reusable expansion cleanout cover
ABS plastic top
reusable expansion cleanout cover with stainless steel top
stainless steel top
  • Reusable, code approved, expansion plug for flush wall or floor finish
  • Seals plastic or metal, threaded or unthreaded
  • Dependable tight seal even when threads are bad or no longer exist
  • Seals virtually any opening permanently or temporarily
  • Easily tightened or removed with a 5/32" allen wrench (not included)
  • 2 sealing ridges, 3 embedded o-rings and a 3/16" neoprene gasket expand to create positive pressure seal
  • Moisture prevented from touching the nut or stainless steel bolt
  • Quick and easy removal ensured even after installed for long lengths of time
  • Stainless steel models have 10 gauge tops that won't easily wripple under extreme weight - perfect for heavy foot or machinery traffic areas
  • Fits inside a fitting or inside pipe

Size Untightened/
Price & Quantity
Price & Quantity
1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-15/16" $13.61 $28.17
2" 2-1/16" 2-5/16" $14.50 $29.67
2-1/2" 2-3/4" 3-1/4" $15.77 $33.53
3" 3-1/16" 3-1/2" $16.51 $38.34
3-1/2" 3-7/8" 4-1/8" $16.83 $42.56
4" 4-1/4" 4-5/8" $17.16 $44.02

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How does the Lazy-Hand Water Test Gauge work?"
A. Install the gauge on a hose bibb and leave for as long as you'd like. One needle of the gauge will read the current pressure. The second needle is the "lazy hand" which will need to be adjusted by moving the knob on the front of the unit. Adjust the "lazy hand" to where the pressure currently is showing on the gauge. Over night or over time, the "lazy hand" will be moved by the needle reading the pressure when there is an increase in pressure. If the pressure is decreased, the lazy hand will stay where the peak pressure occurred. The "lazy hand" will stay at that peak reading until you manually reset it.

Q. "I have heard using mechanical plugs can be dangerous. Is this true?"
A. YES! EXTREME CAUTION must be taken when using mechanical plugs! Plugs used in conditions under back-pressure with a compressible media, such as air, can cause severe bodily injury or death may occur if the plug slips or fails for any reason. PEOPLE MUST STAND CLEAR while in use. Install only in a clean dry pipe. Failure to heed these warnings may result in serious bodily injury or death. Consult a professional engineer to determine how to safely block mechanical plugs when using air as a test media.
mechanical plug safety diagram

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