Learn how to get rid of mold in your bathroom using non-toxic, all-natural products.

How to Remove Mold

An easy, all-natural way to remove mold from your bathroom

Bathrooms are the ideal place for mold to thrive - they're warm, damp, and usually small spaces with poor ventilation. For some people, mold can cause health problems, such as difficulty breathing or skin rashes. It can also make slippery bathroom surfaces even slippery-er (yep, we just made that word up), potentially causing serious injuries in the shower or bathtub. And let's face it, moldy bathrooms are just unpleasant. They feel dirty and unsanitary. However, we have good news. You DON'T have to "just live with" mold in your shower, bathtub, toilets, or sinks anymore, and you DON'T have to use harsh chemicals to get rid of it either.

Meet "The Moldinator"!

Every day he sits in your kitchen cupboards masquerading as innocent, plain ol' white vinegar...but with a little help he transforms into a tough scrubbing, mold-eliminating superhero, protecting your family from the dangerous warlord "Moldee".

Step 1
Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle without watering it down. Vinegar is a mild, naturally acidic substance that helps to make surfaces uninhabitable for mold.

Step 2
Spray a healthy amount of the vinegar onto the moldy surfaces and let it soak in for about an hour. You can spray as much as you want since vinegar does NOT have any harmful fumes. It may not smell great, but you won't get poisoned by it.

Step 3
Turn the exhaust fan on in your bathroom, and open any windows and doors to help circulate the air. If you don't have an exhaust fan, put a regular fan in the doorway or window to help move the air around.

Step 4
When the hour is up, rinse the moldy surfaces thoroughly with hot water. Dry the area completely.

Keep mold from coming back by...

  • Cleaning your bathroom regularly with white vinegar. You can always just lightly spray vulnerable surfaces and let it sit, no need to make a whole-day endeavor out of it.
  • Using your exhaust fan or a regular fan, and opening a window during or immediately after showering or bathing to help get rid of the steam that keeps your bathroom damp.
  • Drying sinks, countertops, shower doors, etc. after using them or anytime they get wet.
  • If you live in an extremely damp area (i.e., coastal areas), you might want to consider installing a towel warmer or utilizing a moisture absorbing product specifically designed to help keep the air drier.

Please note: Vinegar is high in sulfites, which lend to its antibacterial/cleaning properties, which are generally safe for human consumption. However, if you are sensitive to sulfites, please exercise caution and good judgment when using vinegar for cleaning, use proper ventilation and rubber gloves, and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms develop. Additionally, because vinegar does have acidic properties, it is highly recommended you test it on a small, inconspicuous area of your faucets or other fixtures before applying it to the entire area. Certain finishes, like antique copper or oil rubbed bronze, could discolor or become damaged if vinegar is used full strength. Please check with the manufacturer for the best cleaning method if you have a "fragile" finish.

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Please note: The instructions provided here are intended to offer general advice for removing common bathroom mold and are NOT suitable for either identifying, removing, or preventing dangerous or toxic forms of mold, such as black mold. If you suspect that the mold in your home is black mold or another form of toxic mold, please contact local professionals for effective removal. Additionally, this method is not intended as a remedy for health issues related to mold, but as a way of helping to rid your bathroom of mold. We are not doctors and cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions, we are simply stating general information related to health issues some people experience when mold is found in their homes. If you experience health issues related to mold in your bathroom, please contact a health professional.

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