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Alesio High Density Molded Wood Toilet Seats

Photo of Alesio round white toilet seat with brushed nickel hinges
  • Classic seat style with elegant metal hinges
  • Select brushed nickel or chrome finish hinges
  • Whisper•Close® keeps little fingers safe from slamming lid
  • Smooth porcelain-like finish and hefty feel of molded wood
  • Secure, stable STA-TITE® bolt system tightens perfectly - never loosens
  • Two no-slip super grip luxury bumpers
  • View round toilet seat dimensions
  • View elongated toilet seat dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Want to use these seats with your 1-pc Kohler toilet? You may need a Hardware Kit for 1-pc Toilets (HK36) = $5.72
Note: this kit may be needed when seat anchors are installed into the toilet and there is no room or access for the seat nuts/bolts included with seat
- view installation instructions for the Hardware Kit for 1-pc Toilets
Please Note: If your 1-pc toilet is missing the seat mounting anchors we offer this Anchor Kit = $54.35

Round Toilet Seat
Seat Color Brushed Nickel Hinges
Black $33.44
Elongated Toilet Seat
Seat Color Chrome Hinges
White $87.89

Round Toilet Seat
Same as above but also includes Precision Fit Hinges
Seat Color Brushed Nickel Hinges
Black $39.97

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Roma, Carlysle, and Luxor toilet seats

Fits American Standard toilets

Elongated/Extended solid plastic heavy duty toilet seats

LC212 Toilet Seat

Fits American Standard 5330.857, Roma 2009.017, Luxor 2003.010, Luxor 2003.036, & Carlysle 2010.031

View detailed seat dimensions

Please Note: These toilet seats are no longer being manufactured.

Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued

Norwall Toilet Seats

Toilet seats that fits Norwall F2090 toilets
  • Unique squared front designed specially to fit your American Standard Norwall F2090 toilet
  • Durable molded wood with a multi-coat white enamel finish
  • Color-matched adjustable hinges with non-corrosive plastic bolts and nuts
  • View dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Please Note: These toilet seats are no longer being manufactured.

Ellisse Toilet Seats

Toilet seats that fits Ellisse 2008.019 and 2068.019 toilets

Please Note: These toilet seats are no longer being manufactured.

White Bone Shell Silver
white Bone Shell Silver
Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued

Toilet Seat For Eljer Emblem Toilets

Eljer Toilet Seat
  • This seat is designed to fit Eljer Emblem square front toilets
  • Durable plastic seat
  • Non-corrosive top-tightening bolts & wing nuts
  • Seats are white with matching white hinges
  • View seat dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Description Price & Quantity
Regular Squared Front seat for Eljer Emblem toilet - white $66.84

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Child Size / Day Care Toilet Seats

Also Known As Primary / Juvenile Toilet Seats

Round Closed Front With Cover

Baby Devoro & Eljer toddler toilet seat
  • Deluxe molded wood toilet seat - white
  • Fits American Standard (#2315.016) and Eljer (#091-1000) toddler sized toilets
  • With Top-Tite® hinge - ensures a secure no-wobble fit view image
  • View seat dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Round baby bowl toilet seat - $53.11

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Elongated Open Front Baby Bowl Toilet Seat

Baby Devoro toilet seat
  • Hard plastic construction with open front
  • External check hinge stops seat 11° beyond vertical
  • Stainless steel posts - durable design with children in mind!
  • No cover - makes it easier for toddlers to use
  • View dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Commercial grade, elongated plastic toilet seat - WHITE = $32.11
Commercial grade, elongated plastic toilet seat - BLACK = $29.03

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Round Baby Bowl Toilet Seat

Primary toilet seat
  • Fits American Standard Baby Devoro #2160 toilet
  • For baby bowl toilet seats
  • Round with open front
  • Does not include cover - making it easier for the toddler
  • View dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button
Round baby bowl toilet seat - $77.26

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Marine/RV/Trailer Toilet Seats

Toilet seat for RVs, camping trailers, boats
Regular round front toilet seat - $37.46

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Related Items & Information

Always make sure to keep the mounting bolts tight on a toilet seat. If a toilet seat is wobbling at all, do not use it until it gets fixed.
Note: For sanitary/hygienic reasons, toilet seats may not be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Which material do you feel makes a better seat, plastic or wood?"
A. The (pressed) wood seats that are manufactured are generally well made. Wood seats don't tend to "wiggle" much and should last 5 - 20 years (depends on usage and cleaning methods). If you drop the seat's lid (cover) a lot, the paint will wear off. Plastic seats come in many grades and thicknesses. The lower priced ones tend to "wiggle" and move around while you are sitting on them. We suggest that "if" you are going to buy a plastic seat, you pay extra and a top quality slow closing seat with sta-tight hinges. The paint won't wear off and a good quality, slow closing plastic toilet seat with sta-tight hinges can't be beat. They are more expensive but well worth the price.

Q. "Are all of these seats made by the original manufacturers of the toilets?"
A. Many toilet manufacturers put their name on the seats that came with or were recommended for their toilets, but the seats were produced for them by another manufacturer. The same is true for most replacements manufactured today. Some of the replacements we offer are made for a specific toilet, but are not made by the manufacturer of the toilet. Note that there are many obsolete toilets still in use today, but those models haven't been manufactured for many years. For example, the Case Model 1000 (round front) was first manufactured in 1950, and their Model 1100 (elongated front) was first produced in October of 1952. Many are still in use in homes all over the country even though they haven't been in production for many, many years. The Case replacement seats we offer for these models (Case 1000, 3000 and 1100) will fit these Case toilets. But please note that they are the only Case seats we offer and they will only work with the noted Case models. If you are purchasing a Case replacement seat, please be sure that you measure your seat and compare to the listed dimensions. The Model 1000, for example, is for the round front and the 1100 is for the elongated. The pictures that are used to show the dimensions appear to be the same. Please refer to the dimensions depicted rather than to the picture.

Customer Testimonials

"What a great little toilet seat - fit fine - so happy! It's so cute! And made in the ole' USA too! - What could be better!! Thanks so much."
- Smilia Marvosh, Swampscott, MA 01907-1710

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us so we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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