HealthCraft Transfer Bars & Mobility Aids

HealthCraft products fall under the broad category of aids to daily living, and more specifically transfer and positioning aids. Many of their products, especially the SuperPole family line, are designed to deliver basic transfer support for individuals in their home environment, so independent living is possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "It says mounting hardware isn't included. What kind of mounting hardware do I need for these products?"
A. The safety bars featured here should only be installed in areas where the mounting surface is structurally sound, and must be secured with fasteners appropriate to the structural material of the wall. Each fastener must have a retention force rating for the maximum weight capacity of the product you've chosen (see product specifications for this information). Inspect, or have inspected (and tighten if neccessary) the screws on a monthly basis. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your product installed by a qualified contractor.

Q. "Can I use a HealthCraft Product in the shower?"
A. That depends on the product, but in most cases no, it is likely to rust. Products without a special water resistant powdercoat are not designed for direct exposure to water/moisture. The DependaBar and some others ARE intended for use in the bath or shower, and this will be noted on the product page.

Q. "Can I use the Smart Rail with my adjustable bed?"
A. The Smart Rail will fit on a standard box spring & mattress bed from a twin to a king size. There is a Smart Rail available which will work on all Invacare style hospital beds.

Q. "Can I put a Smart Rail on each side of my bed?"
A. Yes you can, as long as your bed is big enough to place both support rails between the box spring & mattress without overlapping.

Q. "Do I have to bolt my SuperPole to the ceiling?"
A. The heavy duty pole must be bolted to the ceiling. The basic SuperPole does not have to be bolted, but HealthCraft suggests that if it is not bolted to the ceiling that the tension be checked once a month.

Q. "Will my SuperPole damage my stippled/textured ceiling?"
A. According to HealthCraft tests, even with repeated removal and installs, a few bits of stipple will fall to the floor but no damage will occur.

Q. "These look like terrific products, but I'm still getting around okay and am looking to make a few small, inobtrusive changes to make things easier as I get older. Do you have any suggestions?"
A. Yes! There are many easy ways to make the little things safer and easier, which will help you stay in your home comfortably. See this article for our plumbing-related suggestions for aging in place.

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