SuperPole Personal Assistance / Transfer Products

Providing your loved ones with independent mobility is easy with the HealthCraft SuperPole and accessories, proudly offered by®. These durable and customizable support poles provide solo transfer and positioning assistance, ensuring independence and peace of mind. The versatile SuperPole line of products are designed to deliver transfer support for senior citizens and elderly individuals. Whether in the home or in an assisted living environment, these are the solutions to your mobility needs.

SuperPole Basic

The SuperPole is great for those who need that extra aid in transitioning from a seated position to a standing one, or just as an added help when getting up and/or transferring to a wheelchair.

  • Ease of Installation - installs in minutes by simple jackscrew expansion between floor and ceiling. No drilling or damage to floors or ceilings when installed or removed.
  • Flexible - no need for wall mounting, the SuperPole can be installed in virtually any area of a room, exactly where it is needed.
  • Comfort - high quality, durable handgrip, particularly useful for limited grip strength.
  • Attractive - clean and modern design blends with any home décor.
  • Secure - rubber pad interface on both top and bottom.
  • Versatile - use it beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair.
  • Toe Friendly - small, low profile base plate does not interfere with movement.
  • Solid - heavy gauge steel construction.
  • Assistance Level - 2   ~   View specifications

Ceiling Height Range: 93" - 99"

Model # Description Max. User Weight Price & Quantity
SP-S SuperPole Basic 300 lbs $265.01
SP-ACP SuperPole for Angled Ceilings 300 lbs $412.03
SP-HD SuperPole Heavy Duty Bariatric 450 lbs $467.28

SuperPole Accessories
Model # Description Price & Quantity
SP-UF Uni-Fit Extension Tube (100" - 120") $97.43
SP-CPE Ceiling Plate Extender $87.98
SP-ACP-TP Angled ceiling top plate $198.32

NOTE: Due to weight restrictions and design features, not all of these products can be used together. Check out our Product Compatibility Chart before you purchase to make sure they will work together.

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SuperPole SuperBar

The SuperBar is a great addition for instances when a little more assistance would be helpful in moving about. Designed with ease of use in mind, simply gently lift the bar and it pivots smoothly, yet locks into place when needed, providing a solid grab bar.

  • Safety - unlocks and pivots freely to move with you step by step, yet locks every 45 degrees to assist with standing and sitting - automatically locks when released preventing forward or lateral falls - full support when making two or three steps transfers.
  • Ease of use - no reaching, stretching or twisting required, making this a great help for those recovering from back injuries.
  • Flexible - more compact than a walker in small restricted areas such as washrooms, allowing for a similar level of support in a much smaller space.
  • Versatile - can pivot in narrow areas such as between bed and wall, narrow hallways, etc.
  • Bed Application - allows weight shift, standing, getting into or out of bed, or transfer to wheelchair, walker or bedside commode.
  • Bathtub Application - provides complete support for step-over without reaching for wall bars - the SuperBar can pivot away from shower curtains, allowing them to fully close during a shower.
  • Toilet Application - permits pulling up to standing and can provide leaning support while managing clothing.
  • Assistance Level - 3   ~   View specifications

Model # Description Max. User Weight Price & Quantity
SPB-S SuperPole with SuperBar 300 lbs $357.05
SPB-HD SuperPole with Bar Heavy Duty Bariatric 450 lbs $585.29
SPB-AK SuperBar Add on Kit - to add SuperBar to existing SuperPole 300 lbs $150.48

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SuperPole SuperTrapeze

The SuperTrapeze is ideal for adding stability when getting out of bed, or any reclining position. It assists in easy, supported transitioning from lying down to sitting up, as well as providing standing assistance and fall prevention.

SuperPole with SuperTrapeze being used to get up out of bed
SuperPole with SuperTrapeze being used to get up out of bed
SuperPole with SuperTrapeze being used to get up out of bed

  • Effective - SuperTrapeze includes the innovative e2 trapeze handle with a "ladder-like" set of two rails that allows the user to more easily climb up to a sitting position.
  • Ease of Use - the combination of a trapeze + bedside pole - the only product to provide COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed.
  • Versatile - does not require special bed or mounting brackets - works with any bed! Does not force bed outward from wall as with conventional trapeze systems. Will also install beside waterbeds and electric beds.
  • Flexible - support arm is adjustable in height and angle. Adjustable strap length to achieve best height and location of trapeze.
  • Convenient - open design of trapeze handle allows it to be hooked onto pole for storage.
  • Assistance Level - 3   ~   View specifications

Model # Description Max. User Weight Price & Quantity
STP-S SuperPole with SuperTrapeze 300 lbs $372.95
STP-AK   SuperTrapeze Add on Kit - to add trapeze to existing SuperPole 300 lbs $179.92

Not designed to work with SP-UF extension or SuperPole Heavy Duty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I already have wall mounted grab bars in my home. What more can these do for me?"
A. While wall-mounted grab bars are helpful when you are near the wall, life does not always keep us near walls. The SuperPole assistive devices, unlike standard wall-mounted grab bars, can be installed nearly anywhere, as they connect from the floor to the ceiling. This is helpful by providing support precisely where it is needed. Having a SuperPole at the best point of use makes everyday tasks easier, making independent living more enjoyable, and reduces strain on the body. Additionally, the SuperPole has several add-ons available, so you can customize it for exactly what you or your loved ones' need.

Q. "My doctor referred me to outpatient physical therapy after my hospital stay, but I still need to get around the house easily. How can these help?"
A. Mobility concerns may be a temporary or more permanent concern, depending on the cause. However, limited movement of the arms or legs, and the decrease in strength and control that often attends, can still make the everyday tasks of using the bathroom, cooking a meal, or even simply getting out of bed, more difficult than they were previously. Adding an assistive device from the SuperPole family of products can greatly ease strain, not to mention frustration, and make it far easier to function independently.

Q. "Okay, but are they easy to use?"
A. Yes; the SuperBar, and HealthCraft's other assistive products that move with you, are designed to move with a gentle lift of about 2 pounds. Keep the bar up about a quarter of an inch to move it freely and simply release to lock the bar into place.

Q. "What causes mobility to become an issue?"
A. The causes of impaired mobility can range from body changes due to aging, to rehabilitation following an accident or stroke, to increased symptoms of conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Any sort of restricted movement can affect the activities of daily living, which may not only be frustrating, but can potentially make "normal" activities feel unsafe. The major goal of adding transfer bars and other assistive devices is to maintain functional ability, and ensure a safe environment, no matter the cause of the decreased mobility.

Q. "I noticed there are assistance levels on these products, can you tell me which number means what, etc.?"
A. The levels are....

Assistance Level 1: Minimal - I can stand up or transfer on my own, but need some support for safety. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion.

Assistance Level 2: Moderate - I require firm or solid support to be able to complete standing or transfers. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion. I occasionally use a scooter on days where I'm feeling a bit tired.

Assistance Level 3: Maximum - I am not able to perform standing and transferring without assistance. I require leaning & resting support. I depend on my walkers / wheelchair to get around.

Assistance Level 4: Powered Assistance - I require the use of a mechanical lift or powered device to safely perform transfers. I will apply most, if not all, of my body weight on the transfer aide. I use a wheelchair / scooter to get around.

Q. "What is the weight capacity of your products?"
A. Generally, the weight capacity is 250 lbs./113kg. We do have a heavy duty SuperPole available with a weight capacity of 450 lbs./204kg, and the P.T. Rail has a weight capacity of 350 lbs./159 kg.

Q. "Can I use a SuperPole in the shower?"
A. No, it is likely to rust. It's not designed for direct exposure to water/moisture. However, installing a HealthCraft mobility assistance product, such as the SuperPole with SuperBar, just outside of the shower can assist with entering and exiting the shower. The DependaBar by HealthCraft IS designed to be used in the shower, and may be suitable if you need assistance in the bathtub or shower.

Q. "Do I have to bolt my SuperPole to the ceiling?"
A. The heavy duty pole must be bolted to the ceiling. The basic SuperPole does not have to be bolted, but HealthCraft suggests that if it is not bolted to the ceiling that the tension be checked once a month.

Q. "Will my SuperPole damage my stippled/textured ceiling?"
A. According to HealthCraft tests, even with repeated removal and installs, a few bits of stipple will fall to the floor but no damage will occur as the SuperPole is equipped with rubber pads to help prevent marking.

Q. "These look like terrific products, but I'm just looking to make a few small, inobtrusive changes to make things easier as I get older. Do you have any suggestions?"
A. Yes! There are many easy ways to make the little things safer and easier, which will help you stay in your home comfortably. See this article for our plumbing-related suggestions for aging in place.

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