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Statistics say 80 percent of senior falls occur in the bathroom - and it's no wonder why. The smaller space and the potential for slips from rugs, smooth floors, or water combined with decreased mobility or other impairments is a surefire recipe for disaster. Help keep yourself and your loved ones safe and independent in the bathroom with these specialty grab bars and mobility aids.


Pivoting design moves with you but locks when full support is needed. Ideal for entering / exiting the bath tub and shower, the stainless steel DependaBar moves with the user to provide superior assistance.

DependaBar being used in bathtub
DependaBar being used in bathtub
DependaBar being used to transfer from toilet to bathtub

  • Pivoting & Locking Technology - Dependa-Bar locks every 45° (5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with user.
  • Easy Installation - Mounts securely to structural studs behind bathtub wall of any construction (fiberglass, plastic, tile wall, etc.). Bolt pattern compatible with WingIts Fastening System (not included) if wall stud spacing does not allow for direct mounting.
  • Versatile - Can be installed in the bathtub or beside the toilet. Dependa-Bar can be positioned on the left or the right side of the horizontal grab bar
  • Water Resistant - Stainless steel construction provides an easy to clean, durable grab rail that can be safely exposed to water.
  • ADA Compliant - Fixed horizontal grab bar (1-1/4" diameter) has 1-1/2" clearance from wall. When locked against the wall, the Dependa-Bar is aligned with the fixed horizontal grab bar.
  • Max. User Weight: 325 lbs - DependaBar use diagram or detailed specs
  • Assistance Level - 3

Dependa-Bar with 18" Length Grab Bar - White = $324.32

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PT Rail Wall Rail System

The PT Rail Wall Rail System is an innovative support rail designed with both comfort and utility in mind. The unique offset configuration works to prevent wrist strain and provides essential support assistance with sitting and standing.

PT Rails being used in bathroom
PT Rail being used in bathroom
PT Rails being used in bathroom

  • Secure - P.T. Rail provides rigid support where it is needed - on one or both sides of the toilet.
  • Comfort - generous 1-1/2" diameter rail size for maximum comfort - ADA Compliant.
  • No wrist strain - Unlike vertically aligned dual rail systems, unique offset rail design prevents wrist strain when using lower rail.
  • Safe, out of the way storage - our hinged models fold up to store out of the way, yet pulls down in a instant when needed. Smooth "fluid feel" hinge holds its position wherever you leave it - even halfway up - it will not inadvertently fall down causing impact injuries.
  • Max. User Weight: 400 lbs - View detailed specifications
  • Assistance Level - 2
  • Accessories - If wall mounting is not an option, a floor mast is available separately. There is also an optional toilet paper holder that can be attached for added convenience.

PT Rails

Model # Description White Stainless Steel
PT-WR28L PT Rail Hinged on Left Side - 28" Length $267.94 $445.05
PT-WR28R PT Rail Hinged on Right Side - 28" Length $268.05 $445.16
PT-WR32L PT Rail Hinged on Left Side - 32" Length $268.26 $445.32
PT-WR32R PT Rail Hinged on Right Side - 32" Length $268.43 $445.47

Accessories for PT Rails

Model # Description Finish Price & Quantity
PT-WRM PT Rail - Floor Mast System with Clamps White $267.99
PT-WRM-SS PT Rail - Floor Mast System with Clamps Stainless Steel $472.48
PT-TRH PT Rail Add-On - Toilet Roll Holder -- $38.22
PT-WP-WD Wall Mount Plate for PT Rail - Wood -- $144.54

Please note: Mounting hardware is not included and must be purchased separately based on your structural specifications.

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Advantage Rail & Advantage Pole

The Advantage Rail floor mounted grab bar pivots and locks to provide support where needed, promoting safe and independent standing and transfers. The pivoting action provides moving support much like a walker, though it can lock in an instant to assist to a seated position. For individuals who require minimal assistance to achieve a standing or sitting position, choose the Advantage Pole without the pivoting grab bar. Both the Advantage Rail and Advantage Pole are perfect for applications where the ceiling height or structure will not accommodate a floor to ceiling unit.

  • Highly Effective Support - pivoting feature allows the horizontal rail to be positioned where it can provide maximum support.
  • Security - locking feature provides excellent stability while pulling laterally for transfers.
  • Wider Support Zone - the Advantage Rail supports wider area for increased stability and multi-step transfers.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - all steel construction protected with a durable enamel finish will provide years of service.
  • Flexible - rail height adjustable to accommodate your specific needs (30-38").
  • Facilitates Gripping - premium, high quality 20" rubberized foam hand grip and capped top useful for limited grip strength.
  • Advantage Rail: Assistance Level - 3   ~   View detailed specifications
  • Advantage Pole: Assistance Level - 2   ~   View detailed specifications

Model # Description Height Max. User Weight Price & Quantity
AR-T Advantage Rail Standard "T" Handle Adjustable 47" - 55" 300 lbs $330.33
AR-T-HD Advantage Rail Bariatric "T" Handle Adjustable 47" - 55" 450 lbs $471.43
AR-AP-HD Advantage-Pole Bariatric (No "T" Handle) 54" 450 lbs $575.97

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Advantage Rail & Advantage Pole Portable

Same as the Advantage Rail & Advantage Pole above in a portable mounting style

Floor mounted grab bar that goes where you do! These portable versions of the Advantage Rail and Advantage Pole quickly secure and release from a low profile floor-mounted plate. Install additional floor plates at relatives' homes, around the house, or even on the porch for that little bit of extra support.

HealthCraft Advantage Rail and Pole Portable
  • Convenient - Quick fastening and removal in typically 30 seconds
  • Secure - Innovative fastening system includes three captive knobs, "snap down" alignment pin, and visual alignment dimple & sight-hole. Specially designed knobs automatically retract up when not secured to prevent scratching of floor or damage to knob thread.
  • Toe friendly - Low profile ADA compliant floor plates - only 3/8" with mitered edge
  • Flexible - Install included floor plate to allow occasional use and removal or install multiple floor plates to allow one rail to be moved to many different locations.
  • Storage - Advantage Rail & Advantage Pole Portable models store upright in closet with plastic base pad to prevent marring of floors in storage area.

Portable models come with ONE floor plate each. Order additional plates to use the same model in different rooms.

Model # Description Max. User Weight Price & Quantity
AR-PT Advantage-Rail Portable Standard "T" Handle 300 lbs $435.86
AR-PT-HD Advantage-Rail Portable Bariatric "T" Handle 450 lbs $576.62
AR-AP-P-HD Advantage-Pole Portable Bariatric 450 lbs $576.19
AR-FP Additional Quick Release Floor Plate -- $104.74

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I already have wall mounted grab bars in my home. What more can these do for me?"
A. While wall-mounted grab bars are helpful when you are near the wall, life does not always keep us near walls. The SuperPole Safety Island, unlike standard wall-mounted grab bars, can be installed nearly anywhere, as they connect from the floor to the ceiling. This is helpful by providing support precisely where it is needed. Having a SuperPole at the best point of use makes everyday tasks easier, making independent living more enjoyable, and reduces strain on the body. Additionally, the SuperPole has several add-ons available, so you can customize it for exactly what you or your loved ones' need.

Q. "It says mounting hardware isn't included. What kind of mounting hardware do I need for these products?"
A. The safety bars featured here should only be installed in areas where the mounting surface is structurally sound, and must be secured with fasteners appropriate to the structural material of the wall. Each fastener must have a retention force rating for the maximum weight capacity of the product you've chosen (see product specifications for this information). Inspect, or have inspected (and tighten if necessary) the screws on a monthly basis. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your product installed by a qualified contractor.

Q. "I noticed there are assistance levels on these products, can you tell me which number means what, etc.?"
A.The levels are....

Assistance Level 1: Minimal - I can stand up or transfer on my own, but need some support for safety. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion.

Assistance Level 2: Moderate - I require firm or solid support to be able to complete standing or transfers. I may use a cane and/or a walker on occasion. I occasionally use a scooter on days where I'm feeling a bit tired.

Assistance Level 3: Maximum - I am not able to perform standing and transferring without assistance. I require leaning & resting support. I depend on my walkers / wheelchair to get around.

Assistance Level 4: Powered Assistance - I require the use of a mechanical lift or powered device to safely perform transfers. I will apply most, if not all, of my body weight on the transfer aide. I use a wheelchair / scooter to get around.

Q. "Can I use a HealthCraft Product in the shower?"
A. The DependaBar is specifically intended for shower or bath installation, as it is installed on the wall, is fabricated from stainless steel, yet can be folded away when not in use.

Q. "How durable are the finishes/colors?"
A. The finishes are very durable. Powder-coat finishes are commonly used on outdoor drinking fountains and playground equipment as they are designed to stand up extremely well to frequent use, making them an excellent finish choice for grab bars and other assistive devices that see daily use. Chrome plating is also a very durable finish; it is the finish of choice for most commercial and public faucets, not only for its sleek beauty, but also for easy maintenance and durability. The brushed stainless is not a finish, rather it is the exposed stainless steel of the product with a nearly matte finish (similar to a "brushed" finish).

Q. "What causes mobility to become an issue?"
A. The causes of impaired mobility can range from body changes due to aging, to rehabilitation following an accident or stroke, to increased symptoms of conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Any sort of restricted movement can affect the activities of daily living, which may not only be frustrating, but can potentially make "normal" activities feel unsafe. The major goal of adding transfer bars and other assistive devices is to maintain functional ability, and ensure a safe environment, no matter the cause of the decreased mobility.

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