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Shower Stall Faucet Body

shower stall faucet body
Shower Stall Faucet Body features:
  • Unique compact shower stall faucet for metal or fiberglass showers
  • Versatile mounting positions: easily adapts to pipes rising from floor or dropping from the ceiling
  • Chrome plated non-corrosive solid plastic escutcheons tighten and adjust valve to wall thicknesses up to 1/4"
  • Solid cast brass body will stand the test of time
  • Clear acrylic handles with interchangeable hot/cold button indicators
  • Compression style shut-off
  • Convert to tub shower with use of twin ell
  • 3-3/8" measured center of cold inlet to center of hot inlet
  • 1/2" Fipt inlets and outlets
  • Includes 1/2" brass plug for outlet option
  • View 3-3/8" shower stall faucet body dimensions

Perfect for metal or fiberglass showers when only the valve needs to be replaced, not the entire enclosure.

3-3/8" Shower Stall Faucet Body = $48.06

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Brass "Twin Ells"

Twin Ell Features:
  • Converts shower valves to tub and shower valves
  • Helps to prevent showerhead dripping while tub spout is filling the tub
  • Maintains pressure on the tub spout diverter gate to keep it in the closed position during shower use
  • Forces water flow to spout until the diverter gate is activated

Brass "Twin Ells" = $13.22

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do the shower stall faucet bodies attach to the shower stall?"
A. They are very easy to install. Remove the index buttons and unscrew the handle screws and remove the handles. Next, unthread the chrome plated escutcheon flanges and remove them and the red fiber gasket from the valve. The brass body threaded shanks are 1" diameter and the holes in the metal or fiberglass wall should not be larger than 1-1/8" in diameter. Determine if the piping will be dropping in from the ceiling or rising up from the floor and adjust the placement of the valve accordingly. Push the threaded shanks into the holes in the metal or fiberglass wall from the backside of the shower wall. You may need someone to help you hold the valve in place from the back side as the red fiber gasket and the chrome plated escutcheon flanges are installed from the inside of the shower. With the threaded shanks pushed through into the shower wall, place the two red fiber gaskets on the two shanks, one on each shank. Thread the chrome plated escutcheon flanges onto the threaded shanks hand tight. The red fiber gasket helps the escutcheon flanges to slide smoothly while being tightened, and once tight help to create a water tight seal. Once hand tightened then tighten the escutcheon flanges just a quarter of a turn more with a wrench. Do not over tighten or you can break the escutcheon flanges. Now re-install the handles and the valve is mounted to the wall of the shower.

Customer Testimonials

"Your exploded view diagrams were great, and helped me find all the parts we needed - that's why I ordered from you instead of from another vendor... I'm sure that your company helped to save me hundreds of dollars by enabling me to fix my shower faucet myself. Whenever I need plumbing parts again, I will definitely return."
- Frances Egan, South Mills, North Carolina 27976-9543

"You guys are AWESOME! I was in the basement working (hence the plumbing supplies) and missed the call, but you left me a message saying you could add the (first) order to an order I made earlier, saving me shipping cost. That is customer service at it's best! You didn't have to do it, but you did. I just happened upon your website as I was searching the Internet and boy am I glad I found you. Your quick order entry and follow-up is excellent. I'll be sure to pass your name on to anyone I know who is looking for any kind of plumbing supplies. Please forward to everyone at Plumbing Supply and make sure everyone gets a pat on the back. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to find great customer service on the Internet! I appreciate your company's great service."
- Mary Serapiglia, Monaca, Pennsylvania 15061-2637

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