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Show your hair a little TLC with one of these quality professional-grade hair dryers. Strong, long-lasting motors, sleek designs, and exceptional performance are the hallmarks of Andis dryers and we're confident these models won't let you down. Whether you're looking for a complete styling solution or want something you can take with you as you jetset around the globe, we've got what you need at® - your source for quality bathroom accessories.

Travel Hair Dryer

Travel hair dryer
This luxury hair dryer features:
  • Small, compact design that fits easily into a makeup case or carry-on bag, won't take up lots of space in your luggage
  • Strong, yet quiet fan and 1600 watts of turbo drying power
  • Dual voltage can be used anywhere that has electricity - perfect for worldwide travel
  • 2 heat settings/air speeds for more control over your style and drying time
  • ALCI plug helps to reduce the risk of electric shock

Compact Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer - White = $10.21
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is an ALCI plug and how does it work?"
A. ALCI stands for Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter - when incorporated into the power plug or wiring and utilized properly, this mechanism helps to protect you and your loved ones from accidental electric shock. If your hair dryer becomes immersed in water, falls off the counter, overheats, or experiences certain other abnormal circumstances, the ACLI will automatically shut the dryer off and make it inoperable until it is tested and reset. To ensure the safety plug is working properly, before using the dryer, plug the ALCI shock protection plug into an ordinary 110-120 volt electrical outlet, then press the test button. The reset button should pop up, which confirms the plug is working as it is supposed to. Press the reset button and you can then use your hair dryer again. If for some reason the reset button does NOT pop up after pushing the test button, please do not use the hair dryer. Contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Q. "How do I clean my hair dryer? What about the ones with a removable air screen?"
A. These quality hair dryers do not require special maintenance or lubrication, and can be used for years with regular basic cleaning. Before cleaning, you must UNPLUG the hair dryer to avoid potential electric shock. Use a soft rag and mild soap to clean the external surfaces of the dryer, being careful not to let too much water slip into the casing. We recommend cleaning the dryer after using it, or when it will not be needed for at least a few hours, to help prevent the risk of damaging the dryer or injuring someone because it has not dried thoroughly. Do not use harsh cleaners as these can damage the casing. To clean the screen on standard models, simply vacuum it to remove hair or lint build-up. For dryers with a removable air screen, snap the screen off and use a small brush and mild soap to clear away hair and lint. Rinse the screen and dry completely before snapping it back into place.

Customer Testimonials

"My last Andis hair dryer was purchased ten years ago. It's been great...Thank you for making this purchase so easy. How much better can it get? I am impressed with your entire operation. Thanks again."
- Patricia Welter, Camino, California 95709-9698

"Thank you for the quick service...Your web site is amazing, easy to use, I will be back as needed. I will also tell my friends to bookmark the site. Thanks again."
- Lewis Allen, Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania 19053

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