No-Hub Couplings

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No-Hub Couplers / Couplings

nohub couplings

Pipe Size Approx. OD
of pipe it fits
Price & Quantity
1-1/2" 1-5/8" o.d. $5.51
2" 2-3/8" o.d. $2.63
2" CI x 1-1/2" Copper 2-3/8" o.d. x 1-5/8" o.d. $4.95
2" x 1-1/2" 2-3/8" o.d. x 1-7/8" o.d. $6.29
3" 3-3/8" o.d. $2.29
3 " x 2" 3-1/4" o.d. x 2-3/8" o.d. $5.15
4" 4-3/8" o.d. $2.95
4 " x 2" 4-3/8" o.d. x 2-3/8" o.d. $8.14
4 " x 3" 4-3/8" o.d. x 3-3/8" o.d. $6.06
5" 5-1/4" o.d. $12.51
6" 6-5/16" o.d. $9.41
8" 8-3/8" o.d. $7.25
10" 10-3/4" o.d. $102.88
12" 12-3/4" o.d. $87.58

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These shielded No-Hub Couplings are lightweight and easy to install
- Designed for up to 60 lbs of torque load
- Includes stainless shield, 2 stainless clamps
- They can be used to connect plastic, steel or cast iron pipe for low pressure drainage

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Find out more information about no-hub couplings

No - Hub Torque Wrench - 60 Inch Pounds

torque wrench
  • Measures torque when turned in a clockwise direction & ratchets when turned counterclockwise
  • When the shielded band screw is tightened to the correct torque, the wrench ratchets so the handle will continue to turn but the drive socket will not
  • Retractable reversing lever
  • Chrome vanadium socket
  • Size: 5/16"

No-Hub Torque Wrench - $35.52

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PVC No-Hub Adapters

PVC No-Hub Adapter features:
  • Adapts PVC plastic schedule 40 pipe to match cast-iron pipe diameter
  • Hub end glues over pipe - opposite end fits no-hub coupling
  • Keeps no-hub coupling inner neoprene gasket from over stretching
  • Helps provide positive directly aligned seal
  • Approved DWV fittings
PVC Hub x Cast-iron pipe size
Size Price & Quantity
3" $5.89
4" $14.92

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Chemical Resistance Chart

The following chart lists substances or compounds which are either recommended or not recommended for use with the no-hub couplings listed on this page. The data listed in this table is only to give information in regards to general use and does not constitute guarantee.

R = Recommended   |   N = Not Recommended

Reagent PVC 72°F
Acetic Acid 20% R
Acetic Acid 80% N
Acetone N
Alcohol (Methyl or Ethyl) R
Aluminum Chlorate R
Aluminum Sulfate R
Alums R
Annibua Gas (Dry) R
Ammonium Chloride R
Ammonium Hydroxide R
Ammonium Nitrate R
Ammonium Phosphate R
Ammonium Sulfate R
Ammonium Sulfide R
Amyl Chloride N
Aniline N
Aqua Regia N
Barium Chloride R
Barium Hydroxide 10% R
Barium Sulfate R
Barium Sulfide R
Beer R
Beet Sugar Liquors R
Benzene N
Benzoic Acid R
Black Liquor N
Bleach 12 5% active C12 R
Boric Acid R
Bromic Acid R
Bromine Water N
Butane N
Butyric Acid N
Calcium Carbonate R
Calcium Chloride R
Calcium Hydroxide R
Calcium Hypochlorite R
Calcium Sulfate R
Cane Sugar Liquors R
Carbon Bisulfide N
Carbon Dioxide R
Carbon Monoxide R
Carbon Tetrachloride N
Carbon Acid R
Caustic Soda R
Caustic Potash R
Chloride (Dry) N
Chloride (Wet) N
Chloracetic Acid N
Chloroacetic Acid N
Chlorobenzene N
Chloroform N
Chromic Acid (10%) N
Chromic Acid (50%) N
Citric Acid R
Copper Chloride R
Copper Cyanide R
Copper Nitrate R
Reagent PVC 72°F
Copper Sulfate R
Cotton Seed Oil N
Cresol N
Cyclohexanol N
Cyclohexanone N
Dimethylamine N
Dioctylphalate N
Disodium Phosphate N
Distilled Water R
Ethers N
Ethyl Acetate N
Ethylene Chloride N
Ethylene Glycol N
Fatty Acids (C6) R
Ferric Chloride R
Ferric Sulfate R
Flourine (Gas Wet) N
Formaldehyde (37%) N
Formic Acid (90%) N
Freon 12 N
Fruit Juices & Pulp R
Furfural N
Gasoline (refined) N
Glucose R
Glycerine N
Hydrobromic Acid (20%) N
Hydrochloric Acid R
Hydrocyanic Acid N
Hydroquinone R
Hypochlorous Acid R
Iodine N
Kerosene N
Lactic Acid 25% R
Linseed Oil N
Liquors N
Machine Oil N
Magnesium Chloride R
Magnesium Sulfate R
Maleic Acid N
Methyl Chloride N
Methyl Ethyl Ketone N
Milk R
Mineral Oils N
Mixed Acids N
Muriatic Acid R
Nickel Chloride R
Nickel Sulfate R
Oils & Fats N
Oleic Acid N
Oleum N
Oxalic Acid R
Palmitric Acid 10% N
Perchloric Acid 10% R
Perchloric Acid 70% N
Petroleum Oils (Sour) N
Phenol 5% N
Photographic Solutions R
Reagent PVC 72°F
Phosphorous Trichloride N
Piric Acid N
Plating Solution R
Potassium Carbonte R
Potassium Chlorate R
Potassium Chloride R
Potassium Cyanide R
Potassium Dichromate R
Potassium Hydroxide R
Potassium Permanganate 10% R
Potassium Sulfate R
Propane Gas R
Porpyl Alcohol R
Sea Water R
Sewerage R
Silver Cyanide R
Silver Nitrate R
Silver Sulfate R
Sodium Bicarbonate R
Sodium Bisulfite R
Sodium Carbonate R
Sodium Cyanide R
Sodium Ferrocyanide R
Sodium Hydroxide R
Sodium Hypochlorite R
Sodium Sulfate R
Sodium Sulfide R
Sodium Thiosulfate R
Stannic Chloride R
Stannos Chloride R
Stearic Acid R
Sulfite Liquor R
Sulfur R
Sulfur Dioxide (Dry) R
Sulfur Dioxide (Wet) R
Sulfuric Acid 50% R
Sulfuric Acid 70% R
Sulfuric Acid (93%) N
Sulfurous Acid N
Tannic Acid R
Tanning Liquors R
Tartaric Acid R
Toulene N
Trichloroethylene N
Trisodium Phosphate N
Turpentine N
Urea R
Urine R
Vinegar R
Water (Fresh) R
Water (Salt) R
Whiskey R
Wines R
Xylene N
Zinc Chloride R
Zinc Sulfate R

Please Note:
The data listed in this table is only to give information in regard to general use and does not constitute a guarantee. Materials should be tested under actual service to determine suitability for a particular purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why are there pipe sizes listed for these couplings, but then the corresponding outside diameter of the pipe they fit is different?"
A. No-hub couplings were designed primarily to fit cast-iron pipe, but can also fit many types of plastic and steel pipe; the size of such pipe is determined by the "nominal" (or approximate) inside diameter of the pipe. We list the approximate outside diameters, too, so you'll be able to determine whether or not they will fit your pipe.

Q. "Can I use a No-Hub coupling in place of my flexible rubber coupling?"
A. As long as both pipe sizes match up to the shielded no-hub coupling sizes then yes, you can. However, you should not replace a no-hub coupling with a flexible rubber coupling if it is an above ground installation or repair. Flexible rubber couplings are for use underground, but no-hub couplings can be used above or below ground.

Q. "Why does the no-hub coupling have a shield when it seems the flexible rubber coupling is thicker and can do the same job?"
A. The shield was designed for the no-hub coupling to adjust to variations in diameters of the pipes to be joined. When the bands are tightened the corrugations line up which causes pressure both parallel and crossways against the gasket which in turn tightens against the pipe providing a reliable positive seal. The shield keeps the pipe from shifting and possibly cutting or breaking through the gasket and the gasket creates the seal and prevents the pipe from pulling out.

no-hub coupling
No-Hub Coupling
flexible rubber coupling
Flexible Coupling

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