Easy Install Shower Drains

by Davke®

For a simple solution when a shower drain needs replacing, these shower drains make it quick and easy. Needing only two tools to install, these 100% solid brass drains with stainless steel components turn a dreaded replacement task into a less-than-an-hour fix, saving you money and precious time. Plumbers and plumbing contractors will be thrilled with the fast, easy installation and minimal equipment needed for perfect results.

Drop-In Style Shower Drain

Save time, money and frustration when replacing your shower drain. This drain assembly is designed to fit snugly into 2" ABS or PVC drain pipe, helping you avoid costly cement slab tear out and replacement costs. Simply remove the old broken drain and replace with this easy to install insert style drain. It is truly a dream come true drain. Seal into place with the included special epoxy glue for a permanent and waterproof installation with no screws, wrenches, or skinned knuckles. Please note this fix may not be code compliant in all areas as it reduces the drain to approximately 1-1/2".

Example of the top down installation Davke shower drain
Insert Style Shower "Dream Drain" 4000 $96.17
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Bacterial Drain Cleaner

Roebic K-67 bacterial drain and trap cleaner with patented Roetech bacteria
  • Powerful, non-corrosive, and natural drain cleaning product
  • Add bacteria to reopen drains and traps clogged by grease, soap and food particles
  • Use as a monthly treatment all over the house to keep sinks, tubs and showers open and flowing smoothly - without smelly drains
  • Regular Use May End Slow Drains
  • Helps Keeps Pipes and Traps Clear and Clean
  • Safe for use in All Plumbing and Septic Systems
  • Helps clean Garbage Disposals
  • Helps Eliminate Stinky Septic Smells
Bag contains approx. 32 applications, 1 tbsp single application scoop included
Roebic Drain Cleaner - 16oz = $17.49
Roebic Drain Cleaner Case (12 - 16oz bags) = $178.29
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "When installing the Davke 4000, do you need to coat the entire thing in the epoxy, or just the underside of the flange?"
A. You only coat the underside of the flange where it touches the shower pan. The o-rings seal the base of the drain and allows it to flex a bit with the shower pan to avoid future breakage.

Q. "I want to install the model 4000 in my basement shower, but it's too long. Will it still work?"
A. Per the inventor, there are three o-ring grooves just for this reason. So long as the two included o-rings are both used in the installation, you can cut the drain down at the bottom o-ring groove and still have an excellent seal. Please note, once an item is altered, it is considered non-returnable. Always double check before cutting!

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