Replacement Shower Drain

WingTite shower drain installs from above shower

When you are looking for repair or replacement parts for your shower,® is your source for drains, drain covers, strainers, and more. WingTite replacement shower drains offer a simple solution to your leaking shower drain situation, and with the easy set up and multiple surface installation options, you will have a new, non-leaking drain in no time.

Replacement Shower Drain

Leaking shower drain? Previously the only option was to tear out your shower to replace the drain, repair the leaking drain from underneath, or even avoid using the shower entirely. No longer! With WingTite replacement shower drains, only replace the drain, not the whole shower. Installation is from above the shower, which can significantly reduce time and money spent replacing your shower drain.

Shower drain wingtite PVC sd1000
This replacement shower drain features:
  • Designed to replace leaking drains in plastic and fiberglass shower stalls without removing the shower or damaging ceilings
  • Installation is from the top, with no access below the shower required; great for replacing a shower drain when getting underneath the shower is impossible or undesirable
  • Installation examples: shower in the basement, over a slab foundation or the floor above decorative ceiling tiles, etc.
  • Aluminum "wings" allow for variations in shower pan thickness and construction material, making this a good choice for fiberglass, acrylic, and other shower pan materials
  • Fits most fiberglass and acrylic shower stalls and pans built in the last 25 years with standard 3.25" openings
  • Fits over standard 2" ABS, PVC, galvanized steel, and cast iron drain pipe
  • O-ring pipe sealing design allows for shower pan flexing without stressing the drain and flange
  • PVC body complies with most zoning codes
  • Includes polished stainless steel cover - Covers in other finishes available separately
  • View installation instructions
WingTite Replacement Shower Drain = $39.17
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Replacement Shower Drain Covers

4-1/4" Outer Diameter - 2-7/8" Prong-to-Prong Diameter
Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $8.46
Polished Brass $16.35
Antique Brass $20.36
White $12.68
Biscuit $11.72
Almond $11.78
Finish Price & Quantity
Flat Black $23.28
Antique Nickel $25.33
Satin Brass $12.13
Satin Chrome $12.17
Polished Nickel $12.59
Finish Price & Quantity
Satin Nickel $14.07
Oil Rubbed Bronze $12.71
Satin Bronze $19.60
Antique Copper $48.42
Stainless $14.70
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "My second-floor shower drain is cracked, but I have decorative tiles on the ceiling below and I don't want to ruin my ceiling if I don't have to. Will this replacement shower drain work for me?"
A. In short, yes. As long as no damage to the ceiling and structure was caused by the leak, this replacement shower drain is an ideal solution to your second-floor cracked shower drain. Many people have added decorative ceiling tiles only to have the shower on the floor above begin to leak. Rather than tear out that beautiful and expensive ceiling, use this replacement shower drain to replace the cracked shower drain; because it's installed completely from the top, no underneath access is necessary, saving your ceiling!

Q. "Wow, this looks just like what I need! Will it really save me time and money?"
A. Since the average uncomplicated installation of this replacement shower drain can be done in far less than an hour, this replacement shower drain is usually less expensive and less time consuming when compared with hiring someone else to do the job, tearing out a ceiling or tunneling under a slab foundation, not to mention cleaning up after those jobs. However, as always, it is recommended that you check with your local plumbing codes to confirm this solution is suitable for your installation per the regulations in your area.

Q. "This looks great, but are there any tricks to getting this to go in just right?"
A. As this replacement shower drain has an o-ring that seals over the existing standpipe, the standpipe must be smooth, so take care when preparing the pipe for the drain installation. Complete installation instructions are included with the drain.

Q. "Okay, I've removed the leaking drain from my shower, but the standpipe is too short to install this replacement drain. What can I do?"
A. If your pipe is too short to install this replacement drain, one possible solution would be to install a PVC coupling and an additional length of pipe to bring the height up to where it needs to be. Then simply install this replacement shower drain like normal.

Q. "I'm very excited about fixing my leaking shower, but will this definitely solve my problem?"
A. If your existing shower drain is cracked and leaking, then installing a replacement shower drain is the appropriate solution. However, there could be other reasons your shower is leaking. Be sure to confirm the source of your leak and the appropriate solution to ensure the best results. If you are unsure of the cause of your leak, you may wish to contact a trusted local professional instead.

Q. "Will this replacement shower drain work for my tile floor shower?"
A. This replacement shower drain has been designed to fit plastic and fiberglass shower floors, and so is not suitable for installation with tile floor showers as those drains are designed differently. However, we do offer both square and round drains for tile shower floors.

Q. "Will this replacement shower drain work for my tub?"
A. Tub (and tub/shower combo) drains are designed differently; this replacement shower drain has been designed to fit plastic and fiberglass shower floors only. However, we do offer both drain bodies and complete waste and overflow drains for standard tub/shower combos.

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