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Shower Channel Drains
Deluxe channel drains and decorative grates

Make a splash in your shower with these unique channel-style drains. The perfect solution for larger showers, shower rooms, or open showers and tiled bathrooms, you can choose from a variety of decorative grates or a convenient tile tray to match your flooring to a tee. Available in a range of lengths, these trench drains are ideal for everything from residential showers, wet rooms, and day spas to health club or gym showers and high school/college locker rooms - you can even use them in residential chef's-style kitchens, basements, or laundry rooms. Wherever you need more than a standard round drain and want a stylish solution, these linear drains are the answer.

StreamLine Linear Shower Drains

For the ultimate in convenient, easy to place, and accessible shower drains, you can't do better than the StreamLine linear drains by Sioux Chief. The internally sloped full length drain body connects directly to your waste pipe - meaning you don't have to worry about cutting tile to fit around a small round drain. Being able to use larger, more closely set tiles with the flush-mount drain cover can help to reduce the risk of tripping and falling, and offers barrier-free access for those in wheelchairs, using walkers, or who have physical or cognitive disabilities.

Shower channel drain with slotted cover

Example of slotted cover design
Example of pyramid cover design
These trench-style shower drains feature:
  • Convenient design with linear PVC drain body and decorative slotted or pyramid pattern strainer together in one package
  • Offers a contemporary designer look and feel to your shower, wet room, or poolside areas
  • Installs flush with floor to provide barrier-free access
  • Long drain body allows for the use of larger floor-size tiles, enhancing both décor and accessibility
  • Seamless, internally sloped drain body with offset 2" PVC Sch.40 hub for attachment directly to waste pipe
  • Designed for use in "thin-bed" tile applications with a bonded waterproof membrane - full-mortar-bed adapter kit available
  • Includes installation hardware, sealant, and detailed instructions
  • Available in four different lengths to suit typical shower sizes

Description 24" Length 32" Length 40" Length 60" Length
StreamLine Drain with Slotted Cover $538.02 $630.38 $734.05 $924.46
StreamLine Drain with Pyramid Cover $537.78 $629.88 $733.61 $921.96
Full-Mortar-Bed Adapter Kit $89.74 $92.46 $92.84 $112.71

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Deluxe Trench-Style Shower Pan Drains

Attempting to transition from a traditional shower design to a barrier-free "universal" shower design can sometimes mean greater independence and prolong the length of time elderly or disabled family members are able to remain safely in their own home. These linear shower drains are designed to install flush with the floor for barrier-free drainage, yet still utilize a standard shower pan drain - making them ideal for retro-fitting into an existing shower unit without having to re-plumb the drainage system.

Sioux Chief trench drains

Example of wedge wire cover design
Wedge Wire
Example of square holes cover design
Square Holes
These unique shower drains feature:
  • Easy to retro-fit into an existing shower area during remodel without re-plumbing the waste pipe
  • Linear design lets you create a smooth shower floor to help reduce the risk of tripping
  • Stylish design complements modern homes while promoting a universal design that will serve you for years to come
  • Standard shower drain pan with DoubleDuty test plug for convenient installation
  • Available in three strainer styles
    • - Tile-In for a seamless look using your favorite shower tile
    • - Wedge Wire offers a masculine contemporary feel
    • - Square Holes lends Art Deco flair to your bathroom
  • Multiple lengths to suit a variety of areas

Shower Pan Drain with Tile-In Strainer
Drain 26" Length 30" Length 36" Length 40" Length 48" Length 60" Length
PVC $387.37 $425.61 $470.27 $484.80 $516.29 $590.71
ABS $387.60 $426.40 $469.19 $484.73 $520.67 $587.84

Shower Pan Drain with Wedge Wire Strainer
Drain 26" Length 30" Length 36" Length 40" Length 48" Length 60" Length
PVC $556.95 $588.24 $668.61 $696.40 $736.21 $793.78
ABS $558.55 $590.27 $660.98 $698.40 $735.78 $796.96

Shower Pan Drain with Square Holes Strainer
Drain 26" Length 30" Length 36" Length 40" Length 48" Length 60" Length
PVC $335.19 $350.04 $381.58 $399.34 $422.26 $445.14
ABS $335.43 $350.60 $377.12 $400.20 $421.66 $444.37

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Channel Drain Decorative Grates

Dress up your shower with a unique decorative linear drain. In a variety of patterns and durable finishes, these grates are the perfect finishing touch for your designer bathroom. When installed properly, the grates and drain are flush with the tile floor making them ideal for persons with limited mobility as wheelchairs and walkers can traverse them smoothly without catching or tripping. Available in several lengths, they're also a stylish way to achieve good drainage in health club or recreational center shower rooms, day spas, school locker rooms, pool showers, or even in residential kitchens or garages.

Please note: Images are representational only. Your drain may not look exactly as pictured due to extended length.

These designer linear shower drain grates feature:
  • Variety of unique patterns to suit a range of design styles and help you personalize your home
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction in stylish polished or brushed stainless steel finishes
  • Available in several lengths to accommodate your space
  • Includes grate removal key to make cleaning easier
  • For use with stainless channel shower drain bodies below only (sold separately)
  • Overall dimensions: 2-1/2" W x varied L" x 1-7/8" D
Description Polished Stainless Brushed Stainless
Wave Pattern Linear Shower Drain Cover
Slotted Pattern Linear Shower Drain Cover
Line Pattern Linear Shower Drain Cover
Square Pattern Linear Shower Drain Cover
Dotted Pattern Linear Shower Drain Cover

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Tile Grate Tray for Channel Drains

Like the sleek, minimalist look of a completely tiled floor but need drainage? Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too with this versatile tile grate tray. Designed specifically to work with the channel drains below, these grate trays are as easily removed as the grates above and allow you to use the same tile as the rest of your floor for a uniform look.

This unique tile grate tray features:
  • Get a smooth, sleek, all tiled look to your shower
  • Perfect for open or larger shower areas so you don't have to install numerous drains
  • Tray removes for drain cleaning - install and care for the tiles inside just as you would the tiles on the rest of the shower floor and/or walls
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • For use with stainless channel shower drain bodies below only (sold separately)
  • Overall dimensions: 2.08" W x varied L" x 0.710" D

Tile Grate Trays
24" Length 32" Length 36" Length
$61.30 $68.48 $79.23
42" Length 48" Length 60" Length
$86.52 $97.20 $118.82

Order your tile tray and the zeroEDGE drain body featured below for a truly seamless look!

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Shower Channel Drain Bodies

Get a stylish new look in your shower with these channel drains. Their elongated design offers superior drainage for larger spaces, and the option of a side outlet means you don't necessarily have to place the drain in the center of the shower to achieve the same effects. A sturdy stainless steel construction offers you years of use without rust or corrosion, while the adjustable legs make for easy installation.

Channel drain with bottom outletStandard Drain with Bottom Outlet
zeroEDGE channel drain with bottom outletzeroEDGE Drain with Bottom Outlet
zeroEDGE channel drain with side outletzeroEDGE Drain with Side Outlet

These channel shower drain bodies feature:
  • Unique elongated design perfect for larger showers, open or shared shower areas, locker rooms, pool areas, spas, etc.
  • Available with 2" bottom or 2" side outlet to fit your situation
  • Standard drain bodies feature small 1/2" visible drainage channel
  • Unique zeroEDGE drain bodies offer the same drainage capacity without visible channel
  • Sturdy 304 stainless steel construction that won't rust or crumble
  • Standard version comes with adjustable legs for easy installation on uneven surfaces
  • Personalize your strip drain with stainless steel decorative grates or tile grate tray
Description Finish Price & Quantity
Standard Shower Channel Drain with Bottom Outlet
- requires a sub drain for proper drainage and function
Polished Stainless
Standard Shower Channel Drain with Bottom Outlet
- requires a sub drain for proper drainage and function
Brushed Stainless
view standard drain with sub drain installation instructions
zeroEDGE Shower Channel Drain with Bottom Outlet Brushed Stainless
zeroEDGE Shower Channel Drain with Side Outlet Brushed Stainless
view zeroEDGE channel drain installation instructions

Please note: These Shower Channel Drain Bodies are designed to work with the Sub Drains listed below. Use of other brand sub drains may not allow proper sanitary seal at the drain connections.

Please note: These stainless channel drain bodies have a 4-6 week lead time to ship.

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Sub Drains

Please note: While some of the trench drains featured above will function without a sub drain, the manufacturer recommends and many municipalities require a sub drain be installed with your new shower channel drain.

Model Description Price & Quantity
PVC sub drain 2" PVC Sub Drain - view dimensions
Includes clamping flange for use with membrane and easy connect rubber gasket
ABS sub drain 2" ABS Sub Drain - view dimensions
Includes clamping flange for use with membrane and easy connect rubber gasket
Cast iron sub drain 2" No Hub Cast Iron Sub Drain view dimensions $93.60
3" No Hub Cast Iron Sub Drain $93.65
4" No Hub Cast Iron Sub Drain $93.63

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are these linear drains ADA compliant?"
A. The uncomplicated answer is no, they are not specifically listed as an ADA compliant product by the manufacturer. However, when installed properly the drains and grates are flush with the tile floor surrounding them, making them a good option for larger home showers where wheelchair access is desirable, or for persons who may have limited mobility as there is nothing for them to trip over. Choosing one of the tile-in styles may be helpful for those who have cognitive impairments as it provides a seamless floor appearance with no color/texture changes that could cause the individual to believe there is a step there or object in the way.

Q. "Is the load bearing capacity of these grates suitable for commercial use - say in a restaurant kitchen?"
A. The weight capacity of these grates is 250 lbs of pressure, but the manufacturer has chosen not to test the load bearing capacity of these grates for commercial use. They are recommended only for lighter duty use, such as residential and commercial/public showers, home kitchens, or residential garages and basements (provided heavy things like vehicles are not driven over them).

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