Contemporary Hydronic Towel Warmers
by Myson

The clean lines and up-to-the-minute style of these distinctive towel warmers will enhance any décor, and add a very attractive element to your home. With the many styles and finishes available, the ultimate accent for your home is right here at®.

Myson COS Avonmore Collection Hydronic Towel Warmer

The Avonmore contemporary hydronic towel warmers are the perfect match to any home décor. With heat output of up to 2120 Btu/hr., these towel warmers can quickly dry a single towel, or warm multiple towels at once. The classic straight multi-rail design provides beauty and class wherever it is installed.

Myson Avonmore hydronic towel warmer
These towel warmers feature:
  • Stylish contemporary design perfect for modern homes or anyone who enjoys minimalist décor
  • Excellent for coastal homes as the heat generated helps to warm and dry the area, and helps keep mold or mildew at bay
  • Durable cold rolled steel tubing in chrome or white finish to complement your décor
  • 1-1/2" D-shaped vertical tubes and 1" round horizontal tubes
  • Includes adjustable three point mounting kit in matching finish
  • 1/2" copper rough-in easily fits many home plumbing systems
  • Suitable for installation on closed loop hydronic hot water systems ONLY
    • BTUH calculated @ 155° F entering water temperature
    • 77 psi maximum positive operating pressure
    • 230° F maximum operating temperature
    • Blind plug and manual air vent
  • Available in three sizes to fit your space
  • View detailed towel warmer specifications
  • Hydronic valves (required) & sleeves to cover valves sold separately
Avonmore Hydronic Towel Warmers
Model Dimensions BTUH Chrome Satin Nickel
COS85 34"H x 19-5/8"W x 4"D 1,302 $1,073.70 $1,180.95
COS86 34"H x 23-5/8"W x 4"D 1,525 $1,125.38 $1,260.72
COS126 48-1/4"H x 23-5/8"W x 4"D 2,120 $1,352.49 $1,514.72
Valves & Sleeves
Description Chrome Satin Nickel White
1/2" Standard Valves with white plastic handles for COS Hydronic Towel Warmers - for supply pipes out the wall - Sold per PAIR Discontinued Not Available Not Available
1/2" Modern Angled Valves & Sleeves with finish match handles for COS Hydronic Towel Warmers - for supply pipes out the wall - Sold per PAIR $285.14 Discontinued $259.95
1/2" Modern Straight Valves & Sleeves for COS Hydronic Towel Warmers
- for supply pipes out through the floor - Sold per PAIR
$285.15 $309.92 $129.98
Sleeve Kit for 1/2" COS Hydronic Towel Warmer Valves - Sold per Pair $99.22 $129.75 $47.71
1/2" Manual Angle Valve with Locked White Cap - Wheelhead - Sold per Each $68.79 Not Available Not Available
1/2" Preset Manual Angle Valve with Locked White Cap - Lockshield - Sold per Each $65.59 Not Available Not Available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What's the difference between electric and hydronic towel warmers?"
A. Both electric and hydronic towel warmers are designed for in-home use. Electric towel warmers typically have very low energy consumption rates - many consume the same power as a standard light bulb (60 Watts). These models contain one of two types of low wattage elements: some use a dry element, while others use an element to heat mineral oil within the unit. Electric towel warmers are available as either hardwired or plug-in. Hardwired units will need to be integrated into the building's electrical system, while plug-in models simply plug in like any other appliance. Both types of electric towel warmers may be operated with an on/off switch or with a timer. Some of the larger electric units can provide enough heat to warm a room, though electric units are typically used in conjunction with another heat source to heat a room. Hydronic towel warmers simply utilize your hot water plumbing to produce heat by running the hot water through the towel warmer. This can be done one of two ways; by connecting to your home's hot water heater (open system), or to a specific hydronic heating system (closed system). In most cases the hydronic towel warmer is going to be the most efficient method (energy savings-wise) but can also be the most difficult for installation unless the installation is part of a complete remodel or new construction. For more information about towel warmers, please see our towel warmer information page.

Q. "Are there additional uses for a towel warmer?"
A. There are many uses for a towel warmer. They can be used to dry laundered delicates and bathing suits, as well as wet boots and shoes. They can also double as a radiator or space heater, keeping bathrooms and mudrooms warm, dry, and mold, mildew and humidity free.

Q. "What is the manufacturers warranty for these towel warmers?"
A. The Myson name is synonymous with quality, and they have given these items great warranties to back up their quality. The Pearl units come with a 2 year warranty. The Diamond units come with a 3 year warranty. All other units are covered by a 5 year warranty. Please note that all warranties are handled directly with the manufacturer.

Q. "What does it mean when you say 'heat output of up to 2000 Btu/hr?"
A. When we show the heat output of the unit, this is based off the temperature of the hot water flowing through the unit used to heat up the tubes of the towel warmer. The unit is recommended to run at a maximum 2000 Btu/hr from the hot water flowing through it. The hotter the water used to heat the tubes of the warmer, the warmer the temperature and higher Btu/hr you will receive from the unit.

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