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Quick Connect Hose Fittings

Save time and trouble by installing these quick-connect hose fittings. Make tightening and loosening hose connections a thing of the past;® offers a convenient way to change between nozzles, hoses, and sprayers, which can make your projects less of a chore.

Convenient Quick Connect Hose Fittings & More

The Quick Connect Hose System

Use this quick connect system to easily swap between multiple nozzles, hoses, & sprayers. Simply screw on the 3/4" female snap connector to your outside faucet, attach the 3/4" male snap to any variety of garden hoses, sprayers, misters (shown above) and attach another female fitting to the other end of the hose. Then order additional male adapters for each hose attachment, and connect the snap fittings together for a quick, easy, and secure connection.

Super Amazing Quick Connect Fittings
Brass Quick Connect Fitting
Description Price & Quantity
3/4" Quick Connect System - brass
Includes one 3/4" female snap connector,
one 3/4" male snap connector & rubber gasket
3/4" Quick Connect System - Chrome Plated
Includes one 3/4" chrome female snap connector,
one 3/4" chrome male snap connector & rubber gasket
3/4" Male snap connector $4.69
3/4" Female snap connector $9.84
Stepped hose washer for quick connect coupling $0.39
Order 10 or more stepped hose washers for additional savings

Order a 3/4" Male snap fitting for each of your hoses, nozzles, sprayers!!!

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Snap Couplings - Easily connect your hose to your kitchen faucet
Sample Aerator Description Price & Quantity
dual thread Lead Free Chrome dual thread snap adapter
15/16" Male by 55/64" female threads - non aerated
coupler 3/4" Male hose thread snap coupler - non plated $8.66

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Water Nozzles & Sprayers
water nozzle water nozzle water nozzle water nozzle
Description Price & Quantity
Pistol Grip Water Nozzle Sprayer - Zinc $6.49
Water Nozzle Sweeper - Brass $5.47
Adjustable Water Nozzle Sweeper - Brass $10.49
Heavy Duty Insulated Pistol Grip Water Nozzle $12.95
Brass Garden Hose Shutoff Valve
Best for use with brass water nozzle sweeper featured above

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3/4" Wye Hose fittings

Wye brass hose fitting

3/4" Wye Brass Hose fitting = $8.29
Has one 3/4" female hose connection & two 3/4" male hose connections

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Zinc wye shut off hose fitting

3/4" Zinc Dual shut-off hose fitting (siamese wye) = $5.79
Includes one 3/4" female hose connection &
two 3/4" male hose connections + dual shut offs

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45 degree angle hose adapter
click here
45° Angled hose adapter = $5.99

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for self coiling garden hoses

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