Aeration Fountain Pumps
by Zoeller Pump Company

Turn your plain old pond into a spectacular water feature with an aeration fountain pump from ®! Your pond water will stay cleaner longer as it is kept from becoming stagnant, or a mosquito breeding site and you'll enjoy the eye-catching displays from one of the interchangeable water patterns.

Deluxe Fountain Pump

Deluxe aeration fountain pump
Features & Benefits:
  • Adds unique focal point and value to your home and property
  • Helps eliminate stagnant water
  • Reduces mosquitoes and algae build up
  • Water-cooled motor eliminates pollution risk and pond contamination
  • Aerates up to 4,900 gallons of water per hour
  • Operates in 5 feet deep water or more
  • Produces water fountains up to 15ft in height
  • Great for waterscapes, pond aeration, & golf courses
  • Includes 3 easily interchangeable water patterns
  • Includes eye bolts for anchoring
  • Floatation system with UV resistant, polyethylene float
  • 100ft. electrical cable with GFCI plug; conveniently connects directly to 120V outlet!
  • 1/2HP, 115V, 10.5Amp motor with circulator screen to draw water from below the surface for improved aeration and extended motor life
  • 32" x 14.5"

This great fountain pump includes 3 interchangeable / distinct sprays

water lily patternEye catching Water Lily
water trumpet patternSymmetrical Water Trumpet
sky cannon patternDramatic Sky Cannon

Spray Pattern Description Spray Height Spray Diameter GPH
Water Lily A pleasant eye catching combination spray 15ft 30ft 4,900gph
Water Trumpet A graceful symmetrical inverted bell shape 15ft 15ft 2,700gph
Sky Cannon A dramatic single plume of water 15ft 2-3ft 3,300gph

Description Price & Quantity
Deluxe Fountain Pump prepackaged with filter screen and 3 spray patterns $2,570.30 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "If I have a pond that's 4 feet deep, can I use this pump?"
A. Because this pump is 32 inches tall, it needs at least 5 feet of water to operate because otherwise it can get clogged by the debris on the bottom of the pond.

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