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When you need a pump for your water feature, pond, aquarium, or submersible application, PlumbingSupply.com ® has the best selection of sump, fountain and pond pumps on the Internet. From the smallest to some of the largest, Little Giant manufactures a pump for every need. Quality, durability and value in one great line of pumps - if you need it, we've got it!

Small Submersible Oil-Filled Pump

These small submersible pumps are used in commercial, industrial and home applications including: statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners, machine tool coolants, and many other applications where liquid must be transferred or recirculated.

Little Giant pump #2E-N
Pump Features:
  • 300 GPH @ 1 ft. head
  • Epoxy-coated aluminum housing for added protection
  • 1/4" MNPT outlet accepts 1/2" I.D. tubing
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Hooded inlet is ideal for statuary applications
  • Snap-off screen for easy cleaning
  • Oil-filled motor
  • For submersible use only
  • 6 ft. cord length
  • View 2E-N pump dimensions

Model # Volts HP Watts Amps Flow Rate Shut-off Price & Quantity
2E-N 115 1/40 100 1.7 300gph @ 1' 11.8' $131.78
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Small Submersible Pond Pump

Direct drive, continuous operation, for use in filtration, waterfalls and streams.
Model # Cord HP Watts Amps Flow Rate Shut-off Price & Quantity
PE-2.5F-PW 15' 1/28 80 0.8 440gph@3' 13' $93.80
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Submersible Sump/Utility Pump - 5 Series Water Wizard

Pump Features:
  • Epoxy coated (for extra protection) die-cast aluminum housing
  • Oil-filled motor for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation
  • 1/6 HP shaded pole motor with overload protection
  • Pumps down to 1/8"
  • 26.3' maximum head (the highest it will pump)
  • 380 watts
  • 1" FNPT discharge width garden hose adapter
  • Thermal overload protection
  • For submersible use only
  • Multiple switch options for automatic operation
  • View Dimensions

Model # Volts Hz HP Cord GPH @1' Price & Quantity
5-MSP 115 60 1/6 10' 1200 $152.83
5-MSP 115 60 1/6 25' 1200 $161.55
5-MSPR 115 60 1/6 10' 1200 $152.83
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Little Giant Water Wizard® Utility Pump

  • Epoxy coated (for extra protection) die cast-aluminum housing
  • Oil-filled motor for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation
  • 1/6 HP shaded pole motor with thermal overload protection
  • Designed for continuous duty at 75°F.
  • Pumps down to 1/8"
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Removable inlet screen for easy cleaning
  • Maximum Flow Rate - 1200 GPH @ 1', 4542 LPH
  • Maximum head (the highest it will pump) - 26.3'
  • Intermittent pump use with liquid temperatures up to - 120°F....49°C.
  • Discharge - 1"FNPT (25.4 mm)
  • Operation - Manual or Automatic
  • Activator - RS-5 Piggyback diaphragm switch
  • Switch on - 6" - 9"; 15cm - 23cm ( approximate)
  • Switch off - 1" - 4"; 2.5cm - 10cm ( approximate)
  • Electrical - 115V, 60Hz, 5 amps, 10' (3m) power cord

Model # Volts Hz HP Cord GPH @1' Price & Quantity
5-ASP 115 60 1/6 10' 1200 $205.57
5-5ASP-LL 115 60 1/6 18' 1200 $236.62

The 5-ASP uses a diaphragm pressure switch.
The "switch on/off" specifications are approximates and will vary +/- 1 or more inches depending on your location.

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Small Submersible Oil-Filled Pump

For commercial, industrial, and home use worldwide where liquid must be transferred or recirculated. Applications include aquariums, swimming pools, water displays, ice makers, air conditioners, boat bailing, fuel oil transfer, circulating water for welding and pipe threading machines, pumping mild chemicals such as soap solutions, acids, planting solutions and fertilizers.

Permenently lubricated Little Giant pump

Model # HP Volts Hertz Amps Watts GPH @ 1' Head Cord Price & Quantity
NK-1 1/150 115 60 1.1 70 210 6' $114.30
NK-2 1/40 115 60 1.7 100 325 6' $138.92
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Submersible Pumps with Automatic Float Switch Control

Model # Cord HP Watts Amps Flow Rate Shut-off Price & Quantity
5.5-ASP 25' 1/4 660 8.5 2100gph@5' 25' $172.64
6-CIA 8' 1/3 720 9 2700gph@5' 18' $235.79
6-CIA-ML 8' 1/3 720 9 2700gph@5' 18'

Temporarily Unavailable

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Small Dual-Purpose Epoxy Encapsulated Pump

  • Dual purpose pump that may be used totally submersed or in-line meaning it can be fed with a pipe or hose
  • For commercial, industrial, or home applications where liquid must be transferred or recirculated
  • Corrosion-resistant glass-filled polyester housing
  • 10ft power cord
  • 7ft shut-off head capability
  • Epoxy coated cast aluminum cover
  • Thermal overload protection
  • View Dimensions

Model # Cord HP Watts Amps Flow Rate Shut-off Price & Quantity
1-EA-42 10' 1/125 36 0.6 140gph@3' 7' $100.81
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does shut off at 10' mean?"
A. It means that the pump cannot pump higher (measured vertically) than 10' (with no friction loss taken into account). If you need to pump higher than that, we would recommend that you purchase a bigger pump.

Q. "I need to replace a Little Giant Water Wizard submersible utility pump model #5-MSP. Is your 5-MSPRWG the same; if not do you have a suitable replacement?"
A. The 5-MSPRWG that we offer is considered a "water garden pump." It comes with a 25 foot cord. It should be a suitable replacement.

Q. "Which pump do I need?"
A. Before you can pick the best pump for your pond, you need to determine what Flow Rate and total dynamic head (TDH) you want. Since the Flow Rate is affected by the head it is working against, you must know both parameters to properly select a pump.

  • Flow - The exact Flow Rate you will need depends on many factors including the size of your pond and waterfall as well as the amount of fish, plants and sunlight. In general, most ponds will operate nicely if you turn the water over approximately once an hour. This means if you have a 4000-gallon pond, you want about 4000 gallons per hour or 67 gallons per minute.
  • Head - Head is a measure of resistance to flow. If a pump has a maximum output of 20 head feet, it means it can pump water 20' straight up in the air. If a pump is rated at 50 gallons per minute at 10 feet it means it can overcome 10 feet of head (TDH) and still deliver 50 GPM. As you increase the head, you decrease the Flow Rate. To maximize your flow, you must minimize your head. For pond applications the 3 main sources of head are:
    • Static Head - This is the vertical distance you raise the water. To determine your static head, measure from the surface of the pond (vertically), to the highest point in the discharge line where the water is discharged to the atmosphere. This is usually the top of your biological filter, or waterfall.
    • Friction Head - As water flows through pipe and fittings there is resistance. The higher the flow and/or the smaller the pipe, the higher the resistance. Determine your overall pipe length and consult a friction loss table to determine how much head this will add. Use large enough pipe to minimize your friction loss. It is usually best to keep your friction loss to under 6 feet.
    • Pressure Head - Any additional pressure required by sand filters, spray nozzles, etc. must be calculated. The conversion is 1 PSI = 2.31 head feet.

To determine your total dynamic head (TDH), add your static head, friction head and pressure head. Now that you know your flow and head, you can select a pump that provides this performance, and does so efficiently.

Continue reading for other questions.

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