Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How long after I order before you ship it?"
A. If you place an order by 7pm (Eastern Time), generally it will be shipped that same day (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays). It is rare (but naturally does happen occasionally) that we are out of stock on any product listed on any of our over 2,900 paged catalog. Should we be out of stock on any item we will call you immediately, and we follow this up with an email.

Q. "How can I buy from you? Your shopping cart is different than others that I've used."
A. Yes, ours is different because we didn't purchase a shopping cart program like most of our competition. Our shopping cart is designed to allow you to order many items and in any quantity that you would like. We also have designed our site so that you can add a note to us while ordering. Click our page if you would like to read instructions on how to place an order.

Q. "Why should I buy from you, as there are so many mail-order Internet companies to choose from."
A. We are very experienced, provide fast, efficient service, and have been selling plumbing products on the Net since 1995. We show over 900 written customer testimonials from customers that wrote to thank us for our great customer service (we did not solicit or ask for their testimonials, after they wrote us we then asked them for permission to use their words and show their name/city/state). We are quite proud of our service level and hope that you also will give us a try. Our repeat customer rate is very high, and in 1998® was called "the model of the distribution industry" (as featured in The Supply House Times Magazine). We started on the net in 1995, we have a fantastic inventory, fast service, our prices are very low, we're very honest and reputable, we're easy to deal with, and over 99% of our customers are happy with us. We are (we believe) the fastest growing Internet mail-order plumbing supplier in the world and have shipped to some of the most famous companies in the U.S.

We sell top-quality plumbing parts and products. We have a very knowledgeable and caring staff. We believe that this is the way many people in America will be doing much of their shopping in the future, and we are one of the original Internet plumbing supplier pioneers. We were here yesterday, are here today and we will be here tomorrow for you.

Consider another exciting "new" industry at the beginning of last century. Automobile manufacturing was a VERY exciting business to get into. Between 1900 and 1908 there were 485 car manufacturers. Most thought that they would make money; but most didn't. By 1908 only half survived, and it went down from there. We believe that only the "best" Internet mail-order plumbing suppliers will last, and we believe we are the best by far. We implemented our dream in 1995 (one of the first in our business), we have the best staff, great experience, we are honest, we have great financial backing and we have a great inventory as well as excellent pricing. Long after many other Internet suppliers are gone ... we will still be here. Deal with the best now and in the future.

Q. "I don't have a credit card, can I still make a purchase from you?"
A. Yes, no problem. We also take PayPal. For more information please read our how to order page.

Q. "I make purchases with you every month. Why don't you keep my personal information on record, so I don't have to re-enter it each time I place an order with you?"
A. We take extreme measures to make sure your credit card number and other personal information is secure. Therefore, once we've completed your order, all personal information is removed from our web servers. This way, in the event our information system is hacked, none of our customers will have to worry about their personal information getting into the wrong hands. Nobody is immune to hackers; financial institutions, software companies (including Microsoft), the Pentagon and many other organizations have been hacked into. In order to provide the absolute highest level of security, we choose not to keep your personal information online. We understand this may be an inconvenience to some, but peace-of-mind, knowing your personal information is safe is absolutely critical. We believe it's worth the trade-off.

Q. "What are your shipping charges/rates? How much do you charge for shipping?"
A. Our basic shipping charges, which can be viewed on our page, are based off of the cost (subtotal) of your order (not the weights or where you are located, etc). We charge a flat rate based on the products subtotal. We have more shipping FAQ's on our shipping FAQ's page, and believe that all questions in regards to shipping are answered on that page. If you need more information on 2nd day or Postal shipments, we offer a more comprehensive explanation on those pages.

Q. "Why don't you post your phone number?"
A. For our best service, we ask that you use our simple contact form with your questions; due to the possibility of mis-understanding or mis-communication over the phone, an email enables us to research and provide the most complete and accurate information available. We do provide a toll free contact number once an order is placed with us, but for non-order related communication, we prefer to use email.

Q. "Are you people reputable?"
A. We are part of The PlumbingSupply Group, LLC. We have been in the business since 1995 as the Internet mail-order plumbing supplier. We believe we do the largest volume of business of any Internet-only plumbing supplier. We have seen many other suppliers "come and go" during the time that we have been in business on the Net. We aren't a "fly by night" type of operation! Our founder started distributing plumbing products in 1977, and when he set up our company it was done "right." We are proud of our Dun and Bradstreet credit rating and we will be here should you wish to buy plumbing products or need us in the future.

Q. "Do you have a catalog?"
A. Yes, our website is our catalog. Please feel free to print out any page you like. One of the reasons for our low prices is that we save money by not having a printed catalog. Our catalog on the net is not three months old and doesn't cost us $8 (or more) per catalog to print out over 2,900 individual pages (it would take over 10,000 actual printed paper pages because many pages are much longer than 11" long). We also don't mail out catalogs, which costs a great deal of money. Our catalog is always current, with current prices. Imagine the overhead of printing over 2,900 named pages!

Q. "I tried to view your site (or e-mail you) and I couldn't just now. What's wrong? Are you gone for good?"
A. We're here today and we will be here tomorrow. It is possible that the Internet was slow, or your connection was down/slow, or any one of a multitude of Internet (aka "WWW - Wild Wild West") problems occurred just at that moment. Sometimes (very rarely) our site may actually be "down." However, please be aware that as much as we wish it didn't happen, downtime does happen on ALL sites on the Internet from time to time. For instance, in August 2013 the mega-giant Internet site Google was down for a time, and Amazon experienced downtime and was unreachable just a few days later. EBay has been down for 11 hours at a stretch before, and in January 2001 Microsoft's sites were down for several days! Thankfully, since we launched in 1995, we have experienced only three major (defined by us as no more than 2 days in a row) "down" times.

We do all that WE can to prevent downtime, but it is important to understand the Internet is comprised of chains and when one link of that chain is broken, the entire chain can have a problem. Generally a quality, experienced, server and site combination like ours will only be down for a few minutes/hours maximum. We're proud to say our site is "up" over 99.7% of the time - and rest assured that even if we're "down" for a few minutes, in reality we're still here for you. We are the best Internet mail-order plumbing supplier with the most Internet sales experience. Having been on the Internet since 1995, we fully realize that the Internet (similar to most of life) simply is not "perfect," but we also understand it can be frustrating when Internet sites are unreachable, even if it's only for a few minutes. If our site or e-mail is down and you need to communicate with us and can't wait, please e-mail our management.

Q. "What is your policy on privacy? Will you sell my e-mail address?"
A. We honor your privacy and would never sell or give your e-mail address to anyone. Just click here to read more about our privacy guarantee.

Q. "Do you offer price quotes for products not currently listed on your site?"
A. We no longer offer price quotes for products not currently listed on our website. We currently offer tens of thousands of products and our time can be better utilized by focusing on cultivating our extensive inventory and providing our customers the industry leading support that they have come to expect.

Q. "What countries do you ship to?"
A. We ship everywhere that does not require customs and that means we only ship to the United States and its territories.

Q. "How long will it be until I receive my order?"
A. We normally ship by standard carriers such as Federal Express or UPS. West of the Mississippi generally takes 1-5 working days and east of the Mississippi can take 4-8 working days. If you need to receive your order sooner, then select 2nd Day Shipping in step 2 of the checkout process. To see our 2nd Day Shipping rates, Click here.

Q. "Is your company environmentally sensitive?"
A. We are proud of our recycling programs. About 50% of our waste products are recycled. In addition, to save natural resources (and overhead as well), about 35% of the products that we ship come to you in recycled boxes. We have tested and found that shipping in new boxes compared to recycled (used) boxes has had no impact on the amount of shipping damage. The only effect has been that some customers will contact us initially complaining that they received the wrong products. They might get a box that on the outside says "Gateway Computers," but on the inside, it contains the correct plumbing products. It is rare but it does happen that we get a complaint like that, but over 99% of the customers that we surveyed are happy that we recycle. They really don't care what the outside shipping box looks like. We have never had a complaint about recycled boxes once our customer knows that what is inside of the box is correct.

Q. "Why do you ask for a billing address for credit cards?"
A. Credit card processing banks charge us lower rates if we do all that we can to avoid fraud. When we enter your credit card info, we also enter part of your address to the bank. This keeps the chances of fraud down (and our credit card processing rates lowest). If someone has your numbers or your credit card, they probably still don't know your credit card billing address (according to a bank spokesperson). We agree and think it's a good idea.

Q. "Do you sell pipe?"
A. We do wish to be flexible and service oriented. Because of the high shipping cost, we don't sell any type of rigid (straight) pipe in lengths over 4'. We do sell flexible pipe. Also, due to shipping costs we do not ship very common piping as this can be purchased locally at a reduced cost. If you "insist" on us shipping straight pipe we will do so for lengths up to 4 feet long, but please do recognize that we will not have as low a price as you can get locally because of shipping costs.

Q. "I need a part and I'm not sure which one that I need. You show two different ones. I'd like to buy both and return the one that I won't need. What is your return policy?"
A. Our return policy is spelled out very clearly on our return policy page. Just click our page and it will take you there. Basically (to make it short) we wish to offer the lowest prices. We also wish to stay in business. Returns cost us time and money and in some situations we have seen customers order over and over and continually returning products. Ultimately that would cause a company to go broke. Therefore, we have a return policy that we see as a "happy medium" and fair to both our customers and us. That also means that our return policy isn't the most generous policy on the Internet. Simply Click here and you can read all of the specific details of our return policy.

Q. "I noticed that I was charged sales tax on my shipping charges. Is this correct?"
A. We are required to collect sales tax on shipping charges UNLESS you are charged actual shipping costs. If the shipping charges are anything other than FedEx/UPS/Postal/etc. actual charges, then sales tax MUST be charged on shipping. Our shipping charges are based on the cost of your products, not the actual cost of shipping. We charge shipping based on the products subtotal. Overall, it costs us more, but this allows you to figure out your true cost before you place your order.

Q. "I'm an investor and just experienced your great service, as well as I can see how successful a company that you are. Whom do I talk to about buying your company or some stock?"
A. Sorry, but we are a privately owned company and do not offer stock, and we are not for sale.

Q. "I'm a Contractor (store/architect/designer, etc) and wondered if you offer 'better' (lower) prices than those listed to customers in the trade (reseller, etc)?"
A. As you can tell, our prices are low; and we simply cannot give lower prices. It was a business decision that we made when we started in 1995. We base our prices on the product and our cost (not what trade our customer is in) and everyone pays the same amount.

Q. "I wish to purchase 1,000 of the same item, do you offer better prices?"
A. We sometimes offer a better discount for volume (those volume discounts are always indicated on the page of the products)

Q. "I noticed you have a price listed of $2.95 when everyone else is selling that product for over $40. Is your price correct?"
A. We go to great lengths to have a very low error rate, but we are human and do make mistakes. If everyone has a price of over $40, our price is probably less than $37.95 but it probably isn't $2.95. We are not responsible for typographical errors, and our prices listed are subject to change. If we notice a pricing error, we will not change it on your order without telling you first (and asking for your permission). If we notice that you/we show a price that is higher than it should be, we will change that price to the lower price without contacting you first. If we accidentally show an error in our pricing and it is within 10-15%, we probably won't tell you that we made a mistake. We will "live with" selling it at the lower price. You will find that we aren't perfect, but we are totally honest. We would never attempt to cheat you or raise a price without getting your permission first.

Q. "I order the same thing again and again. It would be nice to be able to log in under my name and be able to bring up my previous order list or have my 'customer favorites list'. Something on that order. Why don't you offer that?"
A. We are overly "paranoid" and very security minded. We do not wish to store "cookies" permanently on your computer. Yes, this may be a slight inconvenience, but we think that in the long run most customers will appreciate our taking extra security measures. We believe that all websites can be broken into. We've seen it with some of the most secure web sites by the biggest companies. We don't want to take ANY security chances, so when you visit our website please recognize that our web servers are not connected to our local servers that hold personal information about previous orders. You can rest assured that no one can "hack" into our web servers and grab many years worth of personal information because of the way we have designed our systems. That personal information isn't there for anyone to take.

Q. "I need to have the same exact size for my manufacturing process. Can you get me the same exact part with the same exact specs?"
A. While we do offer some manufacturer's specific parts, we also offer "will-fit" and other general products that may not be brand name specific. With these parts and fittings, there may be small variances in size and length. They will work for the application that they are being offered as. However, if you need a specific size, brand name, or have other specifics, please do let us know at the time you place your order. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, and will contact you immediately if we are unable to do so.

Q. "What is your company's actual name?"
A. PlumbingSupply Group, LLC is our company name, and® is the name of our most popular website. It's not IBM or Xerox, but®. It is the easiest name to remember. You won't forget our name, and you'll love our prices and inventory.

Q. "Why do you charge my credit card even if it takes a week to ship?"
A. We do hold your funds on special orders and back orders as a deposit on the goods until the product ships. If some situation comes up that results in us not being able to proceed with your order we will issue the proper credit back to you using the same method that you originally paid us with.

Q. "When I submit credit card information, what security measures do you take in order to keep my information safe?"
A. We take security very seriously.® complies with the strongest identity authentication standard available today by utilizing an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. A unique and highly visible green address bar will display in the latest high-security browsers in the secure portion of our shopping cart (where you input your personal information). This bar immediately helps assure you that® is an authenticated web site. Additionally, a green security bar highlights our name and also includes a notation next to the address bar that our organization is certified by Comodo. The green address bar and security bar helps you know that® is a legitimate Web site and that your transaction will be secure.

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