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and referenced to for many years
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If you were still wondering if PlumbingSupply.com® is a "fly-by-night" operation or "new" to the Internet, we think you'll see that we have been recognized by many throughout the years. During our years of selling plumbing products online, we've expanded the products we've offered while still keeping the commitment to stellar customer service that allows us to thrive, serve our customers, and keep getting fantastic reviews year after year.


2024 is the 30th anniversary since we opened our digital gates and started offering high quality plumbing products. We will not dissapoint with our big plans for the future. Our highly sought after selection of plumbing products continues to astonish our shoppers. Our customer service, fulfillment, web development, IT and management teams are all hard at work doing their best to ensure that Plumbingsupply.com stays on the cutting edge of consumer satisfaction.


2023 was our 29th year in business. We were headed into the new year with a strong outlook, and we were continuing to find opportunities to grow, whether that be expanding our customer service team, adding to our website daily, or publishing technical plumbing related articles for our dedicated customers and new users.


2022 was our 28th year of selling plumbing products online. We still continued to flourish and grow. We added several new team members in 2022 to help with operations as we scaled our business operations upwards and continued to sell quality plumbing products to our many daily visitors. In this year, we published our first android app on the Google Play Store!


2021 was our 27th year of selling plumbing products online. With millions of sales, we never failed to offer quality plumbing products. Our customer service professionals continued to provide top notch service to every customer they interacted with.


2020 was our 26th year of selling plumbing products online. We survived the Covid-19 pandemic and continued to offer quality plumbing products and impeccable customer service.


2019 was our 25th year of selling plumbing products online. Our focus on quality customer service never wavered.


2018 was our 24th year of selling plumbing products online. We renewed our focus on efficiency and customer service to ensure the best possible experience for you.


2017 was our 23rd year of selling plumbing products online. We embraced new staff members and continued to dedicate ourselves to great customer service!


September 2016

We were referenced by The Washington Post for our "especially clear step-by-step primer" on cleaning a sink trap.

March 2016

Because of our many years of continued sponsorship, we were named a Golden Poppy legacy sponsor for the annual Poppy Walk & 5K Run benefitting the Peg Taylor Center, a wonderful organization providing adult day care services to our local Chico community.

2016 was our 22nd year of selling plumbing products online.


April 2015 - We were given credit by GuelphMercury.com for republishing our super water saving tips on their news site.

2015 was our 21st year of selling plumbing products online. We were pleased to have another great year of offering the best customer service on the Net!


In the August 8, 2014 issue of the The New York Times, the writer in part noted that, "PlumbingSupply.com, based in Chico, Calif., is the largest supplier of new and old plumbing supplies in the country."

April 21, 2014

US News & World Report referred to the quality information we provide regarding backflow valves in an article titled "Strategies for Keeping Your Basement Flood-Free".

2014 was our 20th year in operation. We had an impressive amount of visitors (426,633 in one month!) this year. We were very proud of how far we've come and had yet another great year!


2013 was our 19th year of selling plumbing products online. We started our year off still offering thousands of plumbing products and had a great year!


December 2012

Quantcast.com stated that PlumbingSupply.com® had an impressive 258,618 people visit our website from Dec 1 - 31st, which put us in the top 6,000 visited websites in the U.S.!

2012 was our 18th year of operation. This year we expanded our exceptional team to keep providing you with the very best customer service on the web!


May 2011

Wikipedia cites PlumbingSupply.com® as a resource for how to identify plumbing fittings by explaining the terminology. An example of useful information can be seen on one of our many pages - explore now!.

April 2011

Wikipedia cites PlumbingSupply.com® as reference in a historical biography for George E. Waring, Jr. - he was a pioneer as a sanitary engineer.

2011 was our 17th year of online operation. During this year, we redesigned our front page as well as our logo. View what our logo used to look like. We also revamped our website, adding features that are more intuitive and user-friendly.


November 2010

My Better House mentions PlumbingSupply.com® as having a large warehouse and great sales in their article on planning for, buying and designing your next house.

August 2010

Chico News & Review mentions PlumbingSupply.com® for having supplied some of the necessary materials for a gray-water washing machine drainage system being used at Chico's GRUB Cooperative.

February 2010

The Family Handyman magazine - On page 74 of their February issue, they mentioned marble-friendly putty and that "Ordinary plumber's putty contains oil that stains cultured marble, granite and other porous stone surfaces. Some plumbers ......" In that article PlumbingSupply.com® was listed as "the" place to purchase marble-friendly putty.

January 2010

Backyard Hockey - In an article on how to build a Homeboni, lists PlumbingSupply.com® as a source for parts to their backyard ice rink resurfacer.

We were pleased to note this year that we now had about 250,000 unique visitors per month (that's about 3 million different visitors per year), many of whom become our repeat customers. 2010 was our 16th year in operation and thanks to the sales of our toilet tank lids, we were able to send $20,000.00 to the Red Cross to help in Haiti!


October 2009

ASHI reporter toiletsASHI Reporter - In an article by Kenny Hart, www.PlumbingSupply.com was a photo contributor for his article on how to inspect toilets, where he noted that "older lids, especially ones for colored toilets, often have to be purchased through a specialty dealer, who collects and stores discarded toilets."

April 2009

Scary Terry's Halloween Ideas - In an article by "Scary" Terry, PlumbingSupply.com® was referred to as "fantastic" and a great source of parts for some of his unique Halloween ideas.

2009 was our 15th year in operation. This year we became a Limited Liability Company (LLC)! We are still offering the same great service and knowledge while now operating as The PlumbingSupply Group, LLC.


Sep/Oct 2008 issue

MV Magazine (Martha Vineyard) - In an article by Tom Dresser titled "Ask the Experts" he referred to PlumbingSupply.com® as the place to buy acid neutralizers.

June 21, 2008

The Arrow -In an article called "Shower in the Kitchen" PlumbingSupply.com® was used as the reference for the photos and product selections.

June 20, 2008

Daily Planet(Twin Cities) - In an article called "Long Arm of Urban Renewal Creates Another Parking Lot" when writing about 5,600 antique toilet tank lids, PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned as having bought all of those 5,600 porcelain toilet tank tops.

June 4, 2008

Green Eco Services - In an article regarding the "Top 13 Things to Consider When buying a Toilet" PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned as a resource for toilet salvage.

April 17, 2008

We were appointed by Anaheim Manufacturing to be their national factory parts dealer for: WasteKing, Bone Crusher, Whirlaway, and Sinkmaster garbage disposers.

March 19, 2008

Ozark Spaces(Springfield) - An article called "Installing Hand Shower: A Worthwhile Project" discussed online-only places to purchase hand showers, and mentioned PlumbingSupply.com® as a source.

March 16, 2008

Morning Call (mcall.com) - In an article regarding water "conditioners" (which is a radically different product than water "softeners") they mentioned us as being a dealer of water conditioning equipment that is actually honest (apparently a rare thing these days). "You can also find a great deal of information on the Web, but much of it is provided by manufacturers and dealers who might be considered biased in favor of the devices. At least one dealer is bluntly critical, however. "'Caution, we are very skeptical that these work,' says an information page on the devices."

February 20, 2008

Detroit News columnist Glenn Haege recommended PlumbingSupply.com® for the place to buy backup sump pumps on the Internet.

2008 was our 14th year in operation.


July 2007

supply house times logo
We were the only plumbing supplier specifically mentioned in an editorial by Jim Olsztynski in the prestigious Supply House Times magazine called: "The Plumbing E-tail Market" (page 164): "One of the earliest plumbing Internet e-tailers was www.PlumbingSupply.com, a Northern California wholesaler's offshoot. They've been at it since 1995 and their Website identifies a lengthy list of customers that have purchased from them. The roster reveals a wide variety of companies and institutions big and small. Prices drive some Internet sales but even more e-shoppers are attracted by selection, availability and convenience. Online shoppers generally don't care to spend time visiting showrooms or big box stores."

April 2007

Sunset Magazine - In an article about Easter egg nest building, PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned as the Internet place to purchase copper tubing for their project.

2007 was our 13th year in operation. During this year, we created several new logos to recognize many famous and influential people, as well as a few different seasonal logos. We also began to donate ALL of our profits of our sales of toilet tank lids to charities.


December 2006

In this issue of Old House Journal Magazine, we were featured on page 47: "Like the fenders on a classic car, the mouldings, color, size, and shape of toilet tank lids are distinctive to each manufacturer and era, such as the rare kidney-shaped lid for a Case toilet, circa 1925. In addition to the Case lid, PlumbingSupply.com® (www.PlumbingSupply.com) has a large selection of salvaged toilet tank lids from 80 manufacturers, dating from the 1920's to the present. The company says it only sells lids in good condition with any flaws limited to slight scratches or chipping visible only in back."

October 15, 2006

Boston Globe(Boston, MA) - In an article titled "ABC's of Buying and Installing a Toilet" and written by Eileen McCluskey, she specifically mentioned "virtual store" PlumbingSupply.com® as making it easy to browse and search for specialty plumbing parts such as soft close seats and bidets.

June 10, 2006

Herald-Standard(Uniontown, PA) - In an article written by Josh Krysak (about copper pipe) referred to PlumbingSupply.com® as "...the largest Internet supplier of plumbing materials..."

July 2006

Sunset Magazine - In an article called "Outdoor showers: Six Irresistible Designs As Varied As The West Itself" by Daniel Gregory and Peter O. Whiteley about outdoor showers PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned as a place to purchase kits for stainless steel outdoor beach and pool showers.

May, 2006

On page 156 of Domino Magazine (DominoMag.com), landscape designer Carmen Bush listed PlumbingSupply.com® where one can purchase one of "10 things that make me happy."

April 2, 2006

New York Times - In an article called "Samurai Shopper; April Showers" written by S.S. Fair, PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned: "At www.PlumbingSupply.com, you'll be treated to quotes from Montaigne and the Moody Blues along with its far more affordable inventory."

April 1, 2006

Popular Multi Channel Merchant - In an article written by Mark Del Franco called "Simplifying S&H" referred to us: "Some marketers have clearly spelled out exactly what the shipping and handling charges entail. Attorney George Isaacson cites Website Famous Plumbing Supply as an example of how to explain not only the what but also the why of how the marketer arrived at the charges. It may seem impersonal to some, but its explanation leaves little room for interpretation."

We feel honored that highly regarded Attorney George Isaacson, a tax council to the Direct Marketing Association as well as an instructor at Bowdoin College (Maine), used us as an example of a company that explains its policies clearly.

March 7, 2006

Slate.com - In an article by Nick Schulz regarding the auto-flushing toilet our web page PlumbingSupply.com®/autoflushvalves.html was used/linked to explain what an example of an auto-flushing toilet is. We believe PlumbingSupply.com® was used because we are well respected and seen as a leader in the Internet plumbing supply business.

January 29, 2006

Yahoo, under their Plumbing Supplies, Distributors, rated PlumbingSupply.com® the number one most popular site.

2006 was our 12th year in operation as an online plumbing supplier. During this year, we updated our overall look and added several holiday logos! We were also pleased to donate enough to buy 100 of LN-4 Prosthetic hands (www.ln-4.org).


May, 2005

We feel quite honored that in an article in This Old House, called: "Installing a Toilet," by Scott Gibson, the very popular "This Old House" plumbing expert Richard Trethewey recommended PlumbingSupply.com® as one place to purchase plumbing products.

May, 2005

An Internet Communications course taught at Michigan State University has references to our founder's internet article "How Big Will it Get?" as published by the Supply House Times.

2005 was our 11th year in operation and still going strong!


2004 was our last year open as a brick-and-mortar storefront, but we kept our huge Chico warehouse and still shipped most items the same day they were ordered. During our 10th year as an online plumbing suppy store we happily donated 120 sinks to Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org) for local Chico, California.

May 27, 2004

the golden web awards 2004 award photoWe were again reviewed by The International Association of Webmasters & Designers and we received their 2003-2004 Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.


April 23, 2003

We were positively reviewed by The International Association of Webmasters & Designers.

March 8, 2003

Washington Post - In an article called "Preventing Problems in the Laundry Room," PlumbingSupply.com® was mentioned as a place to purchase products online to prevent problems in the laundry room.

2003 was our 9th year in operation online, during which created our first Winter Holiday's logo.


July 2002

Jim Salmon, who has a radio show about construction and home inspection services, on radio station WHAM (1180 AM Albion, New York), wrote this about us: "Has one of the largest selections of plumbing parts and supplies you are going to find, on or off the web. They have been online since 1995 and offer quality and a high level of customer support."

May 2002 issue

National This Old House magazine (Kitchen & Bath Issue) writer Scott Gibson wrote an article called Installing a Toilet (starts on page 81). On page 152 he list us as one of four recommended suppliers (he actually mentions us twice).

February 18, 2002

830 WCCO Radio Logo We were contacted by WCCO Radio and Mike, a valued member of our team, was asked to be interviewed on the radio by talk show host Al Malmberg on WCCO Radio (Minneapolis) which is heard across some 35 states. The interview lasted one hour.

2002 was our 8th year in operation.


May 4, 2001

golden web awards 2002 award photo We were reviewed by The International Association of Webmasters & Designers and we received their 2001-2002 Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

2001 was our 7th year online selling plumbing supplies.


December, 2000

Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine In an article called "A New Dictionary For The Time" by Marci McCarthy wrote "....PlumbingSupply.com® offers a catalog specifically for the plumbing industry."

November 6-10, 2000

Nationally recognized USA Today - Week in review - In their Tech Digest section: They made us their Pothole of the Week site.

July 25, 2000

seven wonders award photo Penn Cen - We received their "Information and Education Award" of the day.

April 2000

Water Conditioning & Purification Magazinerated us a Website of the Month. Senior Editor Steven Delgado wrote an article (pg 86 & 88) entitled "A Virtual Plumbers Jubilee". Here's what he had to say: "...The designers of this page must know that plumbers and plumbing suppliers don't have time to revel in imagery of their trade; they need parts and they need them now. The no-nonsense homepage features a combination of proprietary products and components plus a variety of water systems manufactured by outside companies.... -a refreshing find on the Internet indeed."

February 2000

Contractor Magazine featured an article on E-commerce web sites. "Ready or 'Net" by Rob Heselbarth. They commented that we are a "... site devoted to providing contractors with access to a huge amount of plumbing supplies... carries unusual products such as PVC side-outlet 90's and random copper fittings..."

2000 was our 6th year as an online plumbing supply destination.


October 12, 1999

4anything editor's choice photo The editors of 4anything.com chose our site as one of the best within our category.

October 1999

MSN Microsoft, in their "search home" section, rated us as one of the top 5 sites with plumbing products.

July 27, 1999

Sidewalk Cincinnati (MSN - Microsoft), in their Buyers guide, reviewed 14 sites. Included in the 14 "Sales & Bargains" shopping were Disney.com, JC Penney, Pier 1, Circuit City, and our site. They mentioned our plumbing supply overstock (sale) page as a place for bargains: "... Prices are well below retail value."

May 1999

TheInteriorDesigner.com rated our site as one of only 6 sites in their fixtures & plumbing, kitchen and stated: "From Grohe, Hansgrohe, KWC, and other brands... plumbing advice, faq's and links... and lots of other fun."

1999 was our 5th year in operation online.


December 1998

Blink Magazine added our company to their favorite Internet shopping sites (along with Pier 1 Imports, Books.com and JC Penney).

1999 was our 5th year in operation and we really expanded our website - jumping from 400 to over 600 individually named web pages!

December 2, 1998

site du jour festive logo
Site du Jour of the Day noted: "... it's nice to see a site that has everything including the history of the kitchen sink."

October 15, 1998

MS-NBC News "Shopper Lady" reviewed 6 sink and faucet sites and put us on top. "... Their prices are very competitive... and their product line is deep and on display in a no-frills design. If you know exactly what you want and have your heart set on making an online transaction, this is the place to go... with lots of helpful hints in the form of FAQs."

September 24, 1998

The well read Houston Chronicle reviewed our site: "Yes, you can buy everything and the kitchen sink at this site. It's got everything from simple clamps to water heaters to something called a 'Doo-doo Doodler."

July 1998

The Renovator Magazine reviewed 10 sites. Their comments about ours were: "This site is a 295-page online catalog of products you may not be able to find at your local hardware store. They feature 'Low prices and top quality plumbing products'..."
Note: we now have MANY more pages in our catalog.

May 1998

supply house times logoSupply House Times, the Prestige Magazine of Plumbing, Industrial PVF and HVACR Distribution, in an article (pg 57-58) titled "Leveraging The Web", the author Joe Dysart wrote: "ONLINE ORDERING: Anyone serious about doing retail business on the Web should either have an online ordering system or be planning one.... An interesting model for the distribution industry.... Truly a next-generation pioneer ... does not accept telephone orders - it only works with customers willing to communicate via e-mail. And those willing to meet those terms, the benefits can be substantial. Offering cut-rate deals... features thousands of products and an extremely detailed interactive catalog."

1998 was our 4th year in operation online. Google filed for incorporation this year too!


October 12, 1997

The very popular San Jose Mercury News, in an extensive Internet mail-order article by David Wilson in the Business Section pgs 1E & 6E mentioned PlumbingSupply.com® as the Internet plumbing supplier: "... Going electronic enables businesses to reach out to new customers. Some may not have matched the company's typical customer profile, or they may have been too far away to contact... runs a Web site... that's open to anybody... the Web opened a consumer market..."

September 1997

KitchenWeb.com said we were: "America's choice plumbing supplier..."

August 1997

North Texas Water Garden Society said that we are the place "... for the serious Do-It-Yourselfer..."

July 1997

reeves journal logo The plumbing trade's ever-popular Reeves Journal in their "Plumbing The Web" on page 36 under "Top Plumbing Websites" in their July 1997 issue, had this to say about us: "This site may be worth a peek by a pro. Lots of information, and the entire on-line catalog can be downloaded to your computer." On page 40 of the same issue, an article titled "Tapping Into The Electronic Pipeline" by Leland Edward Stone mentioned: "In fact, ... is promoting itself solely as an Internet plumbing supplier. A complete catalog and technical assistance are offered on-line. There are no telephone sales reps. Only fax orders and e-mail are accepted."

June 1997

Slithers wrote: "... Parts, Parts, and more Parts". We do carry a great variety of repair parts and we appreciate the notice!

May 1997

Scott Kaczorowski's fantastic online instructions on construction of a 3-tier beer brewing system says about us "... and is great resource for parts."

April, May, June 1997

supply house times logo Supply House Times magazine, a well-known trade magazine (for plumbing distributors) asked our founder to write about the Internet and the plumbing distribution business on the Internet. Vic accepted and wrote three articles, all of which were published by the Supply House Times. His first article appeared in their April 1997 issue (pg 71) and was titled "Internet Marketing: Is It Worth The Effort?" His second appeared in the May 1997 issue (pg 89): "Internet Marketing, How Big Will It Get." (this article has since been referenced by a college-level marketing class). The June 1997 issue featured his third column (pg 83) titled "Should I Or Shouldn't I?"

April 1997

Alberta Canada Agricultural Information Lists our drip page under their 'Irrigation Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers'.

March 1997

TodaysHomeowner.com called us "... famous Internet plumbing supplier."

February 1997

Luckman award Luckman noted: "Of the more than 150,000 Web sites that we've checked out, our editors believe that your site should be publicly recognized as a Luckman Four-Star winner."

February 1997

ASA News logoThe Associate Editor of ASA News, Pamela Hsuan, said that we had a "Super Webpage!". ASA News was the voice of the American Suppliers Association - the plumbing wholesaler distribution group.

January 1997

We received the Humorous "Worst of The Web"award. We were much talked about and reviewed in those earlier Internet days as we were the leaders in plumbing product sales on the net. We were visited and given awards by many other unusual sites such as the "Worst of the Web."

January 1997

Renovations Online site of the month awardRenovations - We received their "Site of the Month" award.

1997 was our 3rd year in operation as an online plumbing supply store.


December 1996

Plastic Pipe Connections, on their Information for the Plastic Pipe Industry had this to say about us: "Over 100 pages of plumbing products, FAQ's, advice, and fun stuff."

November 1996

Supply House Times logo Supply House Times, the Prestige Magazine of Plumbing, Industrial PVF and HVACR Distribution, in their November 1996 editorial (on pg 74), Heather McCune wrote: "... 'Selling plumbing products on the Internet? No one will do that,' many laughed. Wanna bet? Take a look at some of the more established sites." and she mentioned us as THAT (established) site.

November 1996

Courtney's Web Pick awardWe were nominated as Courtney's "Web Pick"

October 1996

Magellan 3-star site award We received their highest award of FOUR STARS from Magellan search engine. They reviewed us (again) and this time in their "Featured Reviews" for Construction: "Review: 'Great holiday gift ideas!' may look good in front of Nordstrom but it seems a trifle over-enthusiastic as a banner at the Chico, California, plumbing supply company's Web site... it does have an amazing inventory and it ships just about anywhere. So maybe your beloved will go crazy for that up-flush toilet after all."

September 1996

We were shown in 'Who's Cool in America!'

September 1996

Majon's Web Select Seal of Excellence award We received their Seal of Excellence.

September 1996

We received their Gold Star Award.

August 1996

Toiletology.com, on their parts page, noted that "... For OEM and difficult to find replacement parts (toilet tank lids, seats, flappers, etc.)...", we were their number one site to check out for toilet parts.

July 1996

Reeves Journal logo For plumbing professionals - popular Reeves Journal, in their July 1996 issue, published an article on page 30 titled "Welcome to the Internet" by Will Hershfeld: "All Hooked Up, Now Where to Go?"
"There are a variety of Web sites that are 'musts' for your first tour of the World Wide Web."
He mentioned us first as the place to check out and also about us: "... site demonstrates the commercial opportunities and service capabilities available via the Web... enables users to price and order from an exhaustingly comprehensive list of product categories, all of which can be accessed with a simple point and click of your mouse. The site also offers a FAQ section with answers to various plumbing related questions such as scald safety, softeners, water quality, etc."

July 1996

According to Quiet Revolution, we were rated as "a 5-Star Award Winner!"

June 19, 1996

Homebrew Digest - Says David Bradley: "There is a great resource on the WWW for plumbing supplies. I'm not affiliated with the company; I just see lots of parts of interest to home brewers. They offer most every type of fitting in brass/copper, and after Emailing the proprietor (Vic) with a request for some SS fittings, they have some of those listed too. Prices look reasonable, especially to those who don't already have a convenient local source for such plumbing needs. They do business solely over the WWW, taking orders via Email and fax."

April 1996

An internet moment site logo We were reviewed on various public radio stations on Wednesday, April 3rd, 1996, by Jim Spaeth on his show "An Internet Moment with Jim Spaeth" and had this to say: "The owner of this outfit gives you advice on some things beyond plumbing, like getting along in life. 'Speak softly, but wear a loud shirt.' is just one of his favorite quotes."
Jim also noted: "If you've been living in the suburbs for several years, you're probably noticing the toll that hard water is taking on your faucets and shower heads. Perhaps it's time to browse the plumbing supply site on the World Wide Web. Vic, the proprietor, provides a catalog of parts that he carries covering items from complete faucet assemblies to flare fittings and angle stops (whatever those are). You can place your order on his built-in form and indicate whether you want second-day delivery. Vic also makes personal recommendations on numerous plumbing products. If you have problems with hard water, I suggest you check out his remarks about the deluxe solid-brass Sloan shower head. It's hospital and jail grade, virtually indestructible and self cleaning. It's also vandal resistant in case you have rowdy guests. There's also a down link to some of Vic's famous quotes. My favorite is the one that says: 'He who dies with the most toys, still dies.'" and wrapped it up nicely by saying, "It's neat to see someone mix personality and humor with something as routine as plumbing supplies."

April 1996

Magellan 3-star site logo Top rating from Magellan and a great review: "Up-flush toilets? Elbow joints? Banging pipes? Plumb this site for products to satisfy all your home plumbing needs. Of course, you'll have to know what you need for the job, as the site is topically organized by part and company. Both online ordering and fax orders are accepted, but not phone orders -- if you place your order before noon (Pacific Standard Time), the order will be shipped the same day. A FAQ answers common questions about a not-so-common site. Buy a T-shirt with the company's logo, as well as other merchandise."

March 1996

www.doityourself.com said about us: "This appears to be the most comprehensive plumbing site we've seen on the web, and we told them that! They have it!"
Note: Over 3 years later (Oct. '99), they wrote: "This appears to be the most comprehensive plumbing parts site on the web."

1996 was our 2nd year in operation as an online plumbing supplies e-tailer.


1995 was our 1st year offering plumbing products online. Here's what our original logo looked like.

As you can see, we aren't a "fly-by-night" company. We are proud of who we are and take pride in our work. We have shipped to many thousands of locations; our customer satisfaction rate is second to none. We were here many years ago and we will be here for many years to come.

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."
- Douglas Adams

PlumbingSupply.com® - the most popular and largest Internet plumbing supplier since 1995

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