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In 2011, we celebrated Mike's anniversary of working with us since we started. It was really tough, but we were actually able to pull off a surprise party for him. He is truly a great asset to our company and we wouldn't be the same without him. Mike has literally worked in every department we have, so he can really help out where ever it is needed.

When Mike first started, he had a very basic knowledge of plumbing, but with his natural knack for figuring things out, he has learned a lot over the years. He would often stay here, long after his shift ended, just to listen to the plumbing advice Vic would provide our customers so that he could further his knowledge of the industry. He also attended some of the classes that Vic taught while he was a Plumbing Instructor at Butte College, our local community college. Much of his product knowledge came from working directly with the products we sell. If a customer had a question he couldn't answer right off the bat, he would research it until he found the answer.

Mike is our resident Water Quality Expert. So, when a customer, or even a fellow employee, has an installation or other question about their Soft-Economizer water softener, acid neutralizer or a question about water filtration, Mike will have the answer.

Mike has recently taken on the task of writing several of our "How-to/Do it yourself" articles to help our customers figure out some easy fixes to common plumbing problems. He also helps in our Customer Service Department by answering phone calls and assisting customers with product questions.

Mike is a great example of what consistency, reliability and loyalty are all about. We are very proud to have Mike on our team and we recognize the outstanding job that Mike has done. He is just one of the great employees that helps to make the customer service at PlumbingSupply.com® the best on the Internet!

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Here are some nice comments that our customers made about Mike:

"Mike was able to answer all my questions and knew what I was looking for. He did not ask to speak to my plumber when he knew he was talking to a female. He was able to help me construct the right fitting and knew a lot about old claw bathtub construction. I can not thank him enough."
- Theresa Roberts, Chicago, Illinois 60644

"I don't order much but when I need outstanding plumbing support and product I order from PlumbingSupply.com®! There are a few as good as Mike Palmer but none better. Mike assisted me through the maze in my mind of not knowing what I really wanted, but in the end, the result was perfect. Please keep up the outstanding customer support."
- Earl Proetzel, Suffolk, Virginia 23435

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