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Water Conditioning Products

We no longer offer magnetic water conditioners or lime fighters

We simply cannot "endorse" any brand of magnetic water "conditioners" or "lime fighters." We personally have not seen "proof" (that is acceptable to us) that any brand works. Please read our FAQ's below to read more on our opinion of "magnetic treatment."

If you would like to actually soften your water and remove scale and hardness, we suggest that you look at the quality water softener systems shown below.

Water Softeners

For the identical units, we have the lowest price! Don't be afraid because of our low price. These are efficient, high capacity units. We have heard of softener companies charging as much as two to four times as much for the exact same units. Our prices are so low on these that we will not try to "sell" you on these softeners. We want you to shop around and compare.

Fabulous Soft-Economizer Water Softener
Soft-Economizers with Commander metering system
Both models include:
  • 2 tank system; one brine tank and one mineral tank! (2 tanks are much better than 1 tank)
  • Fully automatic 5 cycle system -- Measures your water and determines when your unit needs to regenerate itself
  • Large full-flow 1" inlet, outlet, and by-pass with 18gpm peak flow rate
  • 25-95psi recommended working pressure
  • 18 1/2" diameter x 39" tall, 400lb capacity, high-density polyethylene brine tank
  • Includes 18" x 5" brine grid (a definite "must" in our opinion)
  • Connection fittings are available in 1" copper, 3/4" copper, or 1" PVC stub-outs
  • Electronic Head is made by Autotrol with a 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • At the factory setting (optimum) it will remove 2,850 grains of hardness per pound of salt
  • Ideal solution for efficient softener regeneration
  • Free 5 year technical support
  • Relatively easy to install if you are handy! (see our installation instructions)
  • The water softener, etc. will be shipped to you via a common Ground shipping carrier (FedEx/UPS/etc.)
  • Conveniently view or print the service manual for these water softeners

Model Connection Price & Quantity
Model #88 - also includes these features:
35,000 - grain capacity efficiently! (maximum=40k, with 1 1/4 cubic feet mineral volume)
10" diameter x 44" tall, wound fiberglass/polyethylene mineral tank; overall height of 52"
3/4" Sweat $799.44
1" $799.81
1" PVC $799.49 Enter a quantity and
Model #89 also includes these features:
48,000 - grain capacity efficiently! (maximum=64k, with 2 cubic feet mineral volume)
12" diameter x 48" tall, wound fiberglass/polyethylene mineral tank; overall height of 56"
3/4" Sweat $869.00
1" $869.86
1" PVC $869.68 Enter a quantity and
NOTE: 3/4" sweat means 7/8" outside diameter, copper pipe - 1" sweat means 1 1/8" outside diameter, copper pipe.

- OR - View Cart

We always recommend a water filter be installed in front of all brands of water softeners. Why? Others might say their softener doesn't need a filter in front of it. Ours doesn't either! No matter what brand of softener that you buy, a 30-micron or smaller sediment filter in front of any brand softener will definitely extend the life of that unit. For the brand that we sell we recommend the W10-PR body (1") with the W30PEHD cartridge (30 micron). For prices on sediment filters, click here. If you choose to purchase a water filter you may also need to purchase fittings (copper or pvc) to connect the water filter to your piping.

There are so many different softeners and so many different choices, Why do we offer these components in our Soft-Economizer? Our Founder has been in the plumbing business for a long time and has been selling quality water softeners for over 25 years. Through that long experience he knows which parts are reliable. Our water softener expert Mike P. has over 25 years experience with water softeners and the specifications for the Soft-Economizer are actually based on Mike's many years of experience (with Vic's blessing). We can sell any brand and any components and we have chosen to sell what we consider to be one of the finest softeners made.

We have been selling Soft-Economizer softeners (in 2001 we updated the microprocessor control head) since our beginning on the Internet in 1995, and we are confident you will be another happy customer

For more information about these great water softeners, please see our main water soften page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Is there a beneficial effect of magnetic water conditioning treatment?"
A. Perhaps, but we are (still) skeptical.

Q. "Is there sufficient evidence of beneficial effects of magnetic water treatment to warrant spending hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on a magnetic treatment unit?"
A. We have done significant research on this controversial subject, and we believe it is unlikely that if you invest hundreds of dollars for a water conditioner that you would recoup your investment; as we have yet to see sufficient evidence that magnets, for residential use, really do much in most situations. It is certainly not worth spending many hundreds of dollars (in our opinion).

Q. "Does magnetic water treatment perform as well as ion-exchange treatment?"
A. Definitely not. At present it is our opinion (after reading hundreds of magnetic reports and claims), that the conventional water softening technologies are much more reliable and also more effective.

Q. "What do you base all of your negative feelings on regarding 'magnetic conditioners'?"
A. Our opinion is based on non biased independent tests and studies by many people. One example is: The Consumer Reports a number of years ago in 1996 tested an over $500 magnet water treatment device. Two water heaters, over a two-year period, had over 10,000 gallons heated. One was "treated" with the magnetic treatment and one was not. The water heaters were cut open, and the tanks were found to contain the same quantity and texture of scale. There was no difference according to Consumers Reports.

That Consumer reports article saw no evidence that magnetic water conditioners work. Now many years later the latest "ours is different and better" magnetic conditioners are still not accepted as a good alternative to actual water softening.

We hope most of you will recognize to be VERY skeptical when some claim that THEIR water "conditioner" is "different" or "improved."

Buyer beware!

Please Note: Those who claim any product will solve all water problems used to be called a "snake oil salesman." You, the consumer, must do your homework ... and please: "buyer beware." We repeat ... we have NOT actually seen physical evidence, "proof," that any brand (no matter how expensive) of magnetic water "conditioner" actually works.

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