Automatic Flush Valves from Hydrotek

Hydrotek's standard features are often "options" on other manufacturer's auto-flush valves. If you want one of the best, Hydrotek is an excellent choice. One of the best advantages of the Hydotek Automatic Flush System is its flexibility; the flush volume for these valves is adjustable by changing the dip switch settings. Using the table and instructions provided, you can change the volume from 0.5 to 5.0 gallons per flush in increments of 0.5 gallons, limiting the number of valves needed for maintenance to have on hand. The retro-fit kits can also be used to convert existing Delany, Sloan and Zurn manual flush valves to hands free flush valves.
hydrotek automatic flush valves
  • Manual mechanical override button standard for all models
  • All metal construction - brass/chrome plated
  • ACCU-SENSE adjustable sensor eyes - for distance adjustment
  • DC powered - Uses 4 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Preset adjustable flow rate - adjusts 0.5 gallons per flush up to 5.0 gallons per flush
  • Self-diagnostic electronics
  • Standard vandal resistant stop valve
  • Superior piston flushing mechanism
  • Field adjustable left or right rough-in
  • Battery replacement without water shut-off
  • Operating pressures: 10-125psi
  • Self-cleaning filtering system
  • Switchable urinal to closet & closet to urinal
  • 24 hour Sentinel flush - If not used for 24 hours, flushes to prevent trap dry-out
  • VSI silicon elastomer seals - unaffected by chlorine, chloramines and ammonia
  • Battery service life: 400,000 on/off cycles
  • Low battery indicator light
Model Description Price & Quantity
HB-8000C-A Flush valve - 1.6 GPF Closet, 1" angle stop and 1-1/2" top spud $409.96
HB-8000C-B1 Flush valve - 1.0 GPF Urinal, 3/4" angle stop and 3/4" top spud $409.96
HB-8000C-B2 Flush valve - 1.0 GPF Urinal, 1" angle stop and 1-1/4" top spud $409.96
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Automatic Flush Valve - Retro-Fit Kits

These retro-fit kits make quick work out of changing manual flush valves to hands free automatic flush valves. Whether you have a Delany, Sloan or Zurn flush valve; closet or urinal; or a different volume per flush fixture, Hydrotek has the solution for you.

Hydrotek autoflush valves - retro-fit
Model Description Price & Quantity
HB8RFKC-C 1.6 GPF Closet, bolts to Sloan or Zurn stop valve and flush tube $331.09
HB8RFKC-U 1.0 GPF Urinal, bolts to Sloan or Zurn stop valve and flush tube $331.09
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