Backwater Valves

Backwater valve diagram

Help to protect yourself and your family from contaminated sewer water backing-up into your home with these easy-to-install, economical backwater valves. These valves are used in drainage pipes where reversal of flow causes the valve to close and cut off the flow. It is also known as a Back Flow Valve, and is often used to prevent sewage from flowing back into the house.

ABS & PVC Backwater Valves

ABS Valves

Backwater Valve

Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" ABS $41.25
2" ABS $47.22
3" ABS $45.74
4" ABS $52.63
6" ABS $283.63

PVC Valves

Backwater valve top and bottom perspective

Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" PVC $43.85
2" PVC $19.98
3" PVC $45.87
4" PVC $48.98
6" PVC $268.94

Replacement Flapper With Gasket
Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" & 2" $2.25
3" $5.17
4" $6.20

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The above backwater valves are indispensable if you are on a multi-user sewer system, whether public or private. Especially if you are the lowest home on the line, you could have everyone's sewage above you on that line flow into your home, if there were to be a stoppage in the mainline after your connection. A backwater valve can help by stopping the inflow of raw sewage. Your drains will stop draining indicating a possible mainline clog, allowing you to contact a plumber to diagnose and fix the problem. Be sure to let the plumber know that you have a backwater valve, so that they can avoid damaging it with their drain snake.

Backwater Valves - Dimensions

back water valve dimensions

Fitting Size A Length B Length
1-1/2" 4.25" 3.63"
2" 5.03" 3.53"
3" 7.56" 6.10"
4" 11.18" 7.18"

Due to variations in vendors, dimensions may vary slightly

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