Many other e-tailers might go "belly-up"

"The big won't beat the small - the fast will beat the slow" - John Chambers

- Since 1995 (that's 3 years before Google started) we have continuously been known as the most popular Internet plumbing supplier -

Over the course of 2014 and 2015, several popular stores filed for bankruptcy with the expectation that they will eventually go out of business, including SkyMall mail-order retailer, dELiA*s, Deb Shops, and Wet Seal.

We see the World Wide Web's (www) growth as similar to that of the old Wild Wild West. When the Internet Wild Wild West first began, it was exciting and new. In many ways it still is, but many things have changed (mostly improvements in our view).

Many companies have already closed their doors, much of it due to lack of funds and unbelievable competition. Internet suppliers have so much competition and this competition is growing with leaps and bounds. We like to say: "They come and they go, and we're still here."

Consider another exciting "new" industry at the beginning of the last century. Automobile manufacturing was a very exciting business to get into. Between 1900 and 1908 there were 485 car manufacturers. Imagine buying a car from one of the many car manufacturers that quickly folded after 1900. Most automobile manufacturers thought that they would make money; but most didn't. By 1908, just eight years later, only about half of these companies had survived. It went down from there, and as you know, today there are basically three American car manufacturers.

We believe that only the "best" Internet mail-order plumbing suppliers will last. We also believe we are the best by far. We were one of the first in our business, implementing our dreams in 1995. We have a great experienced staff, we practice "divine discontent" and believe in the principle of Kaizen (which means to constantly improve). We are honest, have great financial backing, and are privately owned. We also have a great inventory as well as excellent pricing.

We will be here long after many other competing Internet plumbing suppliers are gone. We hope that you will try us once, and we believe you will then agree that we are the best.

We will be here long after many competitors are gone.

"The dot-com death toll more than doubled this year, with at least 537 Internet companies either going out of business or seeking refuge in bankruptcy court...."
- Associated Press article, Dec. 28, 2001

"Oh the pain. About 500 Web companies closed in 2001..."
- BusinessWeek Magazine, Dec. 17, 2001

"...140 dot-coms went to Internet heaven in the past year......more than 31,000 dot-coms jobs were lost last year...."
- Business 2.0 Magazine, Feb. 6, 2001

Seems like Google has been here "forever?" On Sep. 7, 1998 famous Google became incorporated. That was about three years after we at famous® had been an Internet plumbing supplier! Google is awesome and we believe will mostly be here to stay. We were popular on the Net in 1995, and (just like Google) we are constantly improving and we'll be here long after many other Internet mail-order plumbing suppliers are gone!

You've seen it in the news many times! Many companies have filed bankruptcy and gone out of business:

  • Burger Chef
  • Compaq
  • C. Wonder
  • Deb Shops
  • dELiA*s
  • DeLorean Motor Co.
  • Hollywood Video
  • Montgomery Ward
  • SkyMall
  • Steve and Barry's

"There's no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting." - David Letterman

"Good will is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy." - Marshall Field

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." - William Feather

A Little® History...

We want you to know that you will be taken care of when you shop with us. We are a large, very stable, reputable company that was here yesterday and we will be here tomorrow. We are often copied, but we don't believe that any one can match our service and certainly our base of satisfied customers is larger than any Internet plumbing supplier since 1995. Although we sell 1000's of plumbing products, we are dedicated to selling only the very best quality products - products we believe in and would use ourselves - so you can rest assured that we know our stuff.


30th anniversary celebration candles This is our 30th anniversary since we opened our digital gates and started offering high quality plumbing products. We will not dissapoint with our big plans for the future. Our highly sought after selection of plumbing products continues to astonish our shoppers. Our customer service, fulfillment, web development, IT and management teams are all hard at work doing their best to ensure that stays on the cutting edge of consumer satisfaction.

This is our 30th year in operation.


We were headed into the new year with a strong outlook, and we were continuing to find opportunities to grow, whether that be expanding our customer service team, adding to our website daily, or publishing technical plumbing related articles for our dedicated customers and new users.

This was our 29th year in operation.


During this year, we added several new team members to help with operations as we scaled our business operations upwards and continued to sell quality plumbing products to our many daily visitors.

This was our 28th year in operation.


This year, we surpassed millions of sales and we never failed to offer quality plumbing products. Our customer service professionals continued to provide top notch service to every customer they spoke with.

This was our 27th year in operation.


In this year, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the global economy and caused many businesses to shutter their doors and never return. At, we persevered through the pandemic and continued to offer quality plumbing products for affordable prices.

This was our 26th year in operation.


During this year, our committment to quality customer service never failed to make our customer's happy.

This was our 25th year in operation.


This year we renewed our focus on customer service and efficiency, including making many improvements to our processes to help us get your orders out with more accuracy and speed. We welcomed some fresh new faces, and worked to enhance and expand our extensive product offerings.

This was our 24th year in operation.


Over the course of this year, we welcomed some new team members and worked hard to maintain our focus on providing exceptional customer service and an excellent website with an extensive variety of the top-quality plumbing products our customers have come to expect from us.

This was our 23rd year in operation.


In order to enhance our team's efficiency - and ultimately better serve our customers and maintain our wide inventory - we made many technical improvements to our operations, including updating our in-house technology and equipment to better communicate with shippers and manufacturers, speed up order processing, and help our team work even better together.

This was our 22nd year in operation.


As we continued to maintain our customer-focused service, in June of this year we updated and re-designed our website. Our site now features a new menu system and a mobile-friendly layout that will help make it easier to find what you're looking for, whether you're sitting at your desk or on-the-go with a busy plumbing project. We also streamlined our shopping cart to help get you quickly on your way - with the same rock-solid security you've come to rely upon when you shop with us.

This was our 21st year in operation.


This was our 20th year in operation! We started offering plumbing products 3 years before Google was created. We will continue to offer the largest selection of plumbing products online along with our top notch customer service for many years to come.


Over the course of 2013, we expanded our team significantly to better provide you with the absolute best customer service and a satisfying website experience.

This was our 19th year in operation.


We started our year off with 2,901 pages of plumbing products.

This was our 18th year in operation.


In August 2011, we redesigned our front page as well as our logo. This is what our logo used to look like. We also revamped our website, adding features that are more intuitive and user-friendly.

Also in 2011, we celebrated Mike's anniversary of working with us since we started. He is truly a great asset to our company and we wouldn't be the same with out him. Mike is highly experienced in every department we have, and is always willing to help out where ever it is needed. He is also our resident Water Quality Expert and Safety Manager.

This was our 17th year in operation.


We started this year with 2,605 pages of plumbing products. When we started in 1995 we had less than 10% of this number of pages.

We started 2010 off by having about 250,000 unique visitors per month, that's about 3 million different visitors per year, many of whom become our repeat customers.

Thanks to the sales of our toilet tank lids, we were able to send $20,000.00 to the Red Cross to help in Haiti.

This was our 16th year in operation.


Ashi logo 2009

In October's issue of the American Society of Home Inspectors, we are mentioned in the feature article for "How a Plumber Inspects Plumbing: Toilets".

This year we became a Limited Liability Company (LLC)! We are still offering the same great service and knowledge while now operating as The PlumbingSupply Group, LLC.

This was our 15th year in operation.


Anaheim manufacturing logo

We were appointed by Anaheim Manufacturing to be their national factory parts dealer for: WasteKing, Bone Crusher, Whirlaway, and Sinkmaster garbage disposers.

We are recognized by many as the resource for the plumbing industry.

This was our 14th year in operation.


Supplyhouse times

We were the only plumbing supplier specifically mentioned in an editorial by Jim Olsztynski.

We began to donate ALL of our profits of our sales of toilet tank lids to charities.

We created several new logos to recognize many famous and influential people, as well as a few different seasonal logos.

This was our 13th year in operation.


Charity ln4 prosthetic hands

In 2006 we donated enough to buy 100 LN-4 Prosthetic hands (

In an article called "Samurai Shopper; April Showers" The New York Times referred to® "with its far more affordable inventory."

New York Times logo

We updated our overall look and added several holiday logos!

This was our 12th year in operation.


Old house magazine may 5th

This Old House plumbing expert Richard Trethewey recommended® as one place to purchase plumbing products.

This was our 11th year in operation.


Habitat for humanity

We donated 120 sinks to Habitat for Humanity ( for our local Chico, California.

This was our last year open as a store front that was open to the public.

This was our 10th year in operation.


2004 Gold Web award

We were again reviewed by The International Association of Webmasters & Designers and received their 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.

Water for people

We gave 15 drinking fountains to the Arizona chapter of Water for People ( for a project in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

Here's our first Winter Holiday's logo

This was our 9th year in operation.


WCCO Radio logo

We were contacted by WCCO Radio and Mike, a valued member of our team, was asked to be interviewed by talk show host Al Malmberg on WCCO Radio (Minneapolis) which was heard across some 35 states.

This was our 8th year in operation.


2002 Golden Web award

We were reviewed by The International Association of Webmasters & Designers and we received their 2001-2002 Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

This was our 7th year in operation.


7 Wonder award

Penn Cen - We received their "Information and Education Award" of the day.

This was our 6th year in operation.


Award 4 anything

The editors of chose our site as one of the best within our category.

We really began expanding our website and went from around 400 pages to over 600.

This was our 5th year in operation.


Supply House times logo

The Supply House Times magazine referred to us as "Truly a next-generation pioneer" in regards to our online ordering process.

In our 4th year, Google had just now began its company!

This was our 4th year in operation.


Reeves Journal logo

The plumbing trade's ever popular Reeves Journal had good things to say about us in 1997.

This was our 3rd year in operation.


Magellan award logo

We received top rating from Magellan!

We are mentioned in several publications, articles, and on the Web.

This was our 2nd year in operation.


Here's what our original logo looked like.

This was our 1st year offering plumbing products online.

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