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Flexible Schedule 40 PVC Pipe / Spa Hose

Made in USAMade in the U.S.A.Made in USA

This top quality flexible PVC pipe has multiple uses; Spas, pools, ponds and sprinklers - it costs a little more than rigid PVC piping, but it can simplify your installs saving you time.

Flexible Schedule 40 PVC Pipe - Spa Hose

Flexible PVC pipe
  • Simplifies plumbing layouts and installations
  • Easily gets into hard-to-get-at spots
  • Replaces rigid pipe for plumbing pool, spa or hot tub installations
  • Same outside diameter as schedule 40 PVC rigid pipe and fits all schedule 40 fittings
  • Sun, ozone, & mildew resistant - Note: we do not recommend placing flexible PVC pipe in continuous sunlight
  • Coils easily for storage
  • Conforms to many contours
  • Less heat loss compared to copper and steel piping
  • Note: Sizes are standard IPS size - prices are per foot or per roll - you do not need to buy a full roll
  • Temperature: -10°F TO +125°F
  • Note: Simply enter the amount of feet you would like in the price & quantity box
  • Note: Spa Hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects, including termites
  • Made in the USA!

IPS Size
Price & Quantity
Per Foot
Price & Quantity
Per 50 Foot Roll
1/2" $2.67 $64.81
3/4" $3.21 $72.37
1" $3.27 $84.63
1-1/4" $3.94 $123.69
1-1/2" $3.99 $129.94
2" $5.31 $174.79

Price is per foot up to 50' max (our rolls are 50'),
so you will need a coupling to make lengths longer than 50 feet. (see section below)

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Additional Information:
  • This product is custom cut for your order and may not be returned.
  • Pipe will never be less than the length you order, but it may be fraction of an inch or more over your order length.
    • For example - If you order 10 feet of pipe, you may receive 10 feet 2 inches.
  • If over 50 feet is needed, please note that you will need to use a PVC coupling directly below for every 50 feet.
  • This wonderful flexible schedule 40 PVC is cut to order, however we only offer one cut piece per size per order.
  • Please visit our FAQ's for more information.
  • We recommend a quality purple primer/cleaner and a thick PVC solvent (such as Christy's Red Hot) to join this pipe to regular PVC fittings.
  • Caution: PVC pipe is designed for the transmittal of liquids, and could be dangerous when used for transmitting compressed air or gas (especially above ground)

Couplings - S x S - #429
schedule 40
Needed if you desire over 50' of pipe


Fitting Size Price & Quantity
1/2" $0.21
3/4" $0.25
1" $0.47
1-1/4" $0.72
1-1/2" $0.82
2" $1.10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What type of glue do I need for flexible PVC? Is it the same glue as used with regular PVC?"
A. Yes, you can use the same PVC glue on this flexible PVC.

Q. "Do you offer PVC primer?"
A. We have not found a brand of primer that we are confident will not leak in transit. It is highly flammable and in our opinion, too dangerous to ship. However, we do recommend using a quality purple primer/cleaner in addition to glue/cement when joining PVC.

Q. "Is the outside of this flexible PVC pipe as smooth as straight PVC pipe?"
A. This is flexible, schedule 40 PVC pipe but the outside isn't quite as smooth as straight PVC.

Q. "I need 15ea. 2' lengths of 1/2" spa flex, but when I try to enter 2' more than once, the amount in the shopping cart increases/adds up (ie 2' then 4' then 6' etc)...How can I order 15ea. 2' lengths of spa flex?"
A. Because we don't guarantee an exact length of spa flex, we will send you 30' and let you cut the spa flex to the lengths you desire. We only offer one cut piece per size per order.

Q. "This seems like such a great product! Can I use it for more than just spas, pools and ponds?"
A. Absolutely. We highly recommend this flexible pipe for sprinkler lines that see abuse. Heads that are attached with rigid pipe can easily break when pushed or stood on. Using this flexible schedule 40 PVC pipe will greatly reduce the chance of damage. This pipe is expensive (compared to standard rigid PVC pipe) for long runs but when you consider labor savings it isn't that high a price. Using flexible PVC pipe for the last foot of a sprinkler line is a great idea. If time and damage prevention is worth anything to you, this pipe is a bargain! Our Founder has a lot of grass and uses this pipe for all of his connectors to his sprinklers. It has resulted in no more broken sprinkler risers. For pond, spa and pool lines this is also a pipe that can't be beat. But do note that the maximum pressure rating at 70 F degrees is 60 psi and this flexible PVC pipe should not be used in "closed-end", continual maximum 60 psi applications. Note that no brand of PVC piping should be used for hot water under high pressure. You should not use it for hot water even if you might only have short burst periods of hot water under high pressure. This flexible PVC pipe has the same outside and inside diameter as standard hard (straight) schedule 40 PVC pipe that you are used to seeing in most plumbing stores, hardware stores and home centers.

Q. "How flexible is this pipe?"
A. 2" pipe has a bend radius of about 4 feet and 1/2" pipe has a bend radius of about 2 1/2 feet. You can bend the pipe itself in a much tighter radius but it is not recommended to do so near a fitting/joint. You'll be able to greatly reduce the number of fittings used for most applications. Once you have used this flexible pipe, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't use this product. Another thing we'd like to mention is that 2" pipe can be coiled up in less than a 3' diameter (1 1/2' radius) but if one bends it that much near a fitting that fitting will probably not be as strong. If you are going to have any pressure on the pipe then it is best to have nearly straight pipe close to the fitting.

Q. "How many feet in a full roll?"
A. Fifty feet, but you do not need to buy a full roll. We will sell you any length you like (in full foot increments please). We believe that if you only need 7 feet we would rather sell you 7 feet than for you to use rigid pipe. Note that cut lengths may not be returned.

Q. "What is the working temperature of this PVC pipe?"
A. Just like regular white PVC schedule 40 rigid pipe that you see everywhere, flexible PVC pipe is not designed for high temperatures. At 70 F degrees the working pressure of this flexible PVC pipe ("hose") is a maximum of 60 psi. Please do not confuse this with regular, straight PVC schedule 40 pipe. This flexible PVC pipe is rated at a maximum of 60 psi at 70 degrees while the hard, straight, rigid PVC schedule 40 pipe (that is sold in most home centers and plumbing stores) is rated at higher pressures.

Q. "Are the sizes of this miracle pipe the same as 'standard' PVC hard pipe?"
A. Yes, this pipe has the same sizing as 'standard' (most common) schedule 40 PVC pipe and will fit all PVC schedule 40 fittings. Flexible Schedule 40 Pipe/Spa Flex can be inserted into one side of a coupling, 90° elbow, or other schedule 40 fitting and rigid Schedule 40 pipe can be inserted into the other side of the fitting.

Q. "Are there any limitations to this wonderful pipe?"
A. Being a "soft" flexible material, spa flex can be easily damaged if you're not careful. So watch out where you're digging! Another limitation is that rodents or insects (including termites) can sense the water flowing in the pipe, and they will "chew" up the pipe in order to get to the moisture inside. It's also not recommended to bury this pipe, especially in areas infested by termites. Damages from pests (including termites), accidents, and acts of nature, void any warranties, so do take precaution.

Q. "Does this pipe have a product warning?"
A. Yes, this is the what manufacturer writes: "Like other materials, Spa Hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects, including termites. Our warranty does not cover damages caused by them. Spa Hose should not be used underground in areas infested by termites. This product warning shall be given to every purchaser of Spa Hose. (Rev 7/98)"

Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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