Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Help prevent your pool cover from drowning in water!

This pump is a real work horse! Not just for pool covers; it can remove standing water in almost any area where it can fit upright. You won't find a more reliable, durable, economical pump anywhere on the Internet!

Little Giant pool cover pump #5-APCP

The BEST SELLING automatic Pool Cover Pump on the market!

This pool cover pump is absolutely a "must have" if you own a pool cover. This amazing pump can help prevent water from gathering on top of your pool cover, and keep the weight of the accumulated water from damaging the cover.

The included 10 5/8" x 9 1/2" stabilizing plate helps keep the pump from tipping over while in use allowing the float switch to operate correctly. The pump will automatically turn on when the water level switch is activated by pressure against an internal diaphragm. Please read the related FAQ below for more information about this pump's RS-5LL remote switch.
The liquid level switch relies upon air flow through a breather tube in the power cord and activate the pump to turn on when the water level is approximately 2 to 3 inches deep. The pump will turn off when the water level is lowered to approximately 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches above the stabilizing plate. At 1 foot of height from the pump outlet to the discharge outlet* the 1/6 HP pump will pump water at the rate of 1200 GPH. It uses only 380 watts powered by a 5 amp motor when connected to a 115 volt electrical outlet. The maximum vertical lift (shut-off) is 26.3 feet.

This pump can also be operated manually by plugging the power cord directly into an electrical outlet. If the pump needs to be used for something other than pool cover water removal, the base plate can be easily removed, but should not be used on a pool cover without it. A hose adapter is conveniently included to convert the 1" FNPT discharge outlet to a male garden hose thread outlet. It also comes with a removeable, cleanable inlet screen and is equipped with an extra long 25 ft. grounded 3-prong power cord.

Switch ON level: 2" to 3"    Switch OFF level: 1/2" to 1-3/4"

Model # HP Volts Hertz Amps Watts GPH @ 1' Head Price & Quantity
5-APCP 1/6 115 60 5 380 1200 $209.52

Pump Flow Rate Per Hour At Given Head Heights:

Height (feet) 1' 3' 4' 10' 15' 20' 22'
Gallons per hour (GPH) 1200 1170 1100 1000 840 520 350

*Output will be reduced somewhat when using a garden hose.
Click here for troubleshooting hints for this great pump.

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Terms Explained:
GPH - gallons per hour
FNPT - female national pipe thread
MNPT - Male National Pipe Thread

Little Giant RS-5LL Remote Switch (Replacement)

This switch is included w/ the pool cover pump #5-APCP shown above.

Converts manual pumps (up to 1/3 hp) to automatic operation

Little Giant RS 511 remote float switch
RS-5LL install
This remote switch can be used as an alarm when used as an on/off switch for a 120 volt alarm system such as a horn or light. This system comes with a 25 ft. cord, and can convert manual pumps (10 max. run amps) to automatic operation. However, please see the related FAQ below. Installation Instructions for the RS-5LL:
  1. Attach the RS-5LL to a pipe with the cable ties provided.
  2. Slots are also provided at the upper collar of the switch housing to enable you to secure the switch to piping.
  3. The other cable tie should be used to secure the power cord to the piping approximately 3" above the switch collar as shown in image to the left.
  4. Plug in the system as shown and you're ready to go.

Description Price & Quantity
#RS-5LL Remote liquid level switch with 25ft cord (115 Volt)
- Replacement switch for the 5-APCP pool cover pump

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I don't have a pool cover but would like a pump like the 5-APCP that I can just put into my pool and drain it? Will this pump work?"
A. This wonderful pump can empty your pool entirely. The beauty with this pump setup is that it comes with the special stabilizing plate and automatic switch. It will allow the pump to sit on the bottom of your pool without a chance of it falling over easily. Also no need for you to keep checking back every hour to see how far it has pumped your pool water down as this pump will automatically shut off once it has pumped your pool water down to approximately 1 1/4" from the bottom of your pool (or pool cover).

Note: If you are using this pump to empty out your pool and your pool has 7500 gallons of water, and is 4 feet deep, then the 5-APCP pump will pump 1100 gallons of water per hour (18.333 gallons per minute) and will take approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes to empty. If you needed to remove the water more quickly then you could use a larger pump. If you were to use a 1/3 HP sump pump with a flow rate of 2760 gph (46 gallons per minute) @ 5' head then it will take approx. 2 hours and 43 minutes to empty.

Q. "Will the 5-APCP pump work without the stabilizing plate and automatic switch?"
A. If you have a need to use this pump for another situation and need to take off the switch and/or the stabilizing plate you can use the pump without either (or both) of these features/attachments.

Q. "I have a lot of leaves and junk and I'm concerned about being able to clean the pump? How easy it that?"
A. The special stabilizing plate and automatic switch on the 5-APCP pump can all be taken off of the pump fairly easily and once that is done the pump can be cleaned around its bottom intake very easily.

Q. "My model 5-APCP pump comes on and only hums, what should I do?"
A. Disconnect the power supply, (removing both plugs), then remove the pump. Remove the stabilizer plate and the debris screen from the pump. Check the impeller for any obstructions, (small pebbles, plant buds or even leaf stems that will wrap around the shaft of the impeller). Clear the impeller of all obstructions and replace the debris screen. Now separate the pump cord from the switch cord and briefly plug the pump power cord in to check if the impeller spins. If the pump still hums and the impeller does not spin, please contact our customer service team and they will gladly help resolve any issues you are having.

Q. "Can I cut off the plug from the end of the Little Giant RS-5LL remote switch so that I can hardwire it into my system?"
A. In a word, no. Not only would that void the manufacturer's warranty, removal of the plug will not allow the RS-5LL switch to function properly (if at all). Pressure from rising water pushes against a diaphragm inside the RS-5LL switch, which is how the pump switches off. For the diaphragm to move, the air above the membrane must be expelled; to allow this air to escape, a small vent tube runs from the top of the switch and along the cord, exiting at the plug. If the plug is removed and the switch is hardwired, the air tube would essentially be "plugged off"; the air from the area above the diaphragm membrane could not vent, which means water pressure would be unable to move the membrane to close the switch.

Q. "My pump won't come on at all or not until the water level is higher than normal, what should I do?"
A. If not working at all, follow all of the steps below. If not working until the water level is higher than normal, follow steps 2 through 4.

1. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord, separate them and plug the pump cord directly into the outlet. If the pump now works, continue to steps 2 through 4. If not, please contact us.

2. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord, inspect the switch cord for severe kinking and any other damage. If undamaged go to step 3, if damaged you will need to get a new switch with cord.

3. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord. Check the switch diaphragm breather tube (located in the plug.) If clogged clean and plug both plugs back in. If pump still will not operate go to step 4.

4. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord. Remove the pump and check the diaphragm inlet hole for clogging, it is located on the bottom side of the switch . If clogged, clean, then replace the pump and plug both plugs back in. If pump still will not operate, you may have a bad switch; please contact us.

Customer Testimonials

"Imagine my delight to find my new Little Giant pool cover pump delivered to me in 1 day from your company!!! It works great and I am happy to have a working pump....(later)....I am really enjoying my Little Giant pool pump!!....Thanks for the prompt service"
- Marty Potkin, Aptos, California 95003-95995

"When I had a swimming pool (as of Sep. 2003, I no longer have a swimming pool), I happily used the same automatic Little Giant pool cover pump on my own pool for at least twelve seasons! I highly recommend this very reliable pool cover pump to everyone."
- Vic, our founder

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us so we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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