Remote Submersible Pump Switch

Little Giant RS-5LL Remote Switch (Replacement)

Converts manual pumps (up to 1/3 hp) to automatic operation

Little Giant RS 511 remote float switch
RS-5LL install
This remote switch can be used as an alarm when used as an on/off switch for a 120 volt alarm system such as a horn or light. This system comes with a 25 ft. cord, and can convert manual pumps (10 max. run amps) to automatic operation. However, please see the related FAQ below. Installation Instructions for the RS-5LL:
  1. Attach the RS-5LL to a pipe with the cable ties provided.
  2. Slots are also provided at the upper collar of the switch housing to enable you to secure the switch to piping.
  3. The other cable tie should be used to secure the power cord to the piping approximately 3" above the switch collar as shown in image to the left.
  4. Plug in the system as shown and you're ready to go.

Description Price & Quantity
#RS-5LL Remote liquid level switch with 25ft cord (115 Volt)
- Replacement switch for the 5-APCP pool cover pump

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Can I cut off the plug from the end of the Little Giant RS-5LL remote switch so that I can hardwire it into my system?"
A. In a word, no. Not only would that void the manufacturer's warranty, removal of the plug will not allow the RS-5LL switch to function properly (if at all). Pressure from rising water pushes against a diaphragm inside the RS-5LL switch, which is how the pump switches off. For the diaphragm to move, the air above the membrane must be expelled; to allow this air to escape, a small vent tube runs from the top of the switch and along the cord, exiting at the plug. If the plug is removed and the switch is hardwired, the air tube would essentially be "plugged off"; the air from the area above the diaphragm membrane could not vent, which means water pressure would be unable to move the membrane to close the switch.

Q. "My pump won't come on at all or not until the water level is higher than normal, what should I do?"
A. If not working at all, follow all of the steps below. If not working until the water level is higher than normal, follow steps 2 through 4.

1. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord, separate them and plug the pump cord directly into the outlet. If the pump now works, continue to steps 2 through 4. If not, please contact us.

2. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord, inspect the switch cord for severe kinking and any other damage. If undamaged go to step 3, if damaged you will need to get a new switch with cord.

3. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord. Check the switch diaphragm breather tube (located in the plug.) If clogged clean and plug both plugs back in. If pump still will not operate go to step 4.

4. Unplug the pump cord and the switch cord. Remove the pump and check the diaphragm inlet hole for clogging, it is located on the bottom side of the switch . If clogged, clean, then replace the pump and plug both plugs back in. If pump still will not operate, you may have a bad switch; please contact us.

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