AquaPure® 3M Water Filters

Aqua-Pure 3M (formerly Cuno brand) offers a fantastic selection of water filtration products, ideal for filtering the water in your home. Choose from systems for small households, through heavy-duty high-flow systems and reduce all those components of water that make it taste and feel bad on your skin - from dirt and rust, to odor and chlorine, these systems have what it takes to make your water better for your family. Looking for more water filtration products? Click onto our page.

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Most Popular Aqua-Pure 3M Replacement Water Filter Cartridge
View our page for a complete list of replacement Aqua-Pure 3M filter cartridges

Filter # Micron Rating Flow Rate Reduces (Application) Price & Quantity
Price & Quantity
AP124 cartridge
50 8 gpm Dirt & Rust $7.99
Super Sale!
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Accessories & Common Parts For Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Part # Description Price & Quantity
aqua pure filter wrench for AP11T and AP101T housings Sump wrench for AP11T & AP101T series housings $4.99 Enter a quantity and
American Plumber cartridge couplers Cartridge adapter - connects (2) 9.75" cartridges to fit 20" length housings - for use with 3M, Aqua Pure, Cuno and American Plumber
Note: not for use with 3M/Aqua Pure AP117 cartridges
$3.53 Enter a quantity and

Most Common High Flow Whole House Replacement Filter Cartridges
View our page for a complete list of replacement Aqua-Pure filter cartridges

Filter # Material Fits Housing
Reduces (Application) Price & Quantity
AP817-2 filter cartridge
carbon AP802
(20" Length)
25 20 gpm Dirt, Rust, Taste & Odor Discontinued
Use filter WRC25HD20
as an alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a micron rating?"
A. The average size of the openings between pieces of the filter media are represented in microns. For example, a 40-micron filter has larger openings than a 5-micron filter. Consequently, the 40-micron filter element will let larger particles pass through the filter than the 5-micron element.

As a general rule, the smaller micron rating for a filter is better, but as with most everything, there is a trade-off. Flow capability usually drops off as the micron rating gets smaller. To overcome this, low micron-rating filters must have larger elements to keep from sacrificing precious flow.

Q. "I just installed a new filter cartridge and/or system and my water is cloudy/white. Why?"
A. After you install a new filter (this is the case with any/all brands of filter cartridges) you should run it for a few minutes. Generally cloudy or white water indicates air in the line and this is natural and normal with the replacement of a cartridge. Air will enter in the housing, lines and cartridge. Just run the water for a few (up to 5) minutes and the cloudy conditions will go away (unless you have VERY cold water in which case it is the oxygen in the water that could be making the water look cloudy). It is always a good idea to run the water free flowing for a few minutes after installing any brand or type of new filter cartridge. Also, when you're using drinking-water filter cartridges that contain carbon, it is recommended that you run the faucet tap for at least 20 seconds prior to each use to flush very fine black carbon powder that may be present.

Q. "Why do some of the filter cartridges have lower flow rates than others?"
A. This is because the AP817 is a carbon media filter cartridge not only designed to reduce dirt and rust, but chlorine and odor from water, vs. the AP810 which is designed to reduce only dirt and rust. The lower flow rate is necessary for the water to have a long enough contact time with the carbon to allow it to do the job.

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