DuraMAC Sewage Pumps

Submersible pumps are typically used in situations where drainage by gravity is not possible, and DuraMAC Submersible Sewage Pumps handle this with ease. Perfect for residential or light commercial applications, this 1/2 HP workhorse can discharge up to 80 gallons per minute with it's dependable split capacitor motor and non-clogging Vortex impeller. Impressive power in a compact footprint makes this pump an excellent choice for your sewage removal needs.

Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pumps - Series 5050

Whether residential or commercial, the DuraMAC 5050 cast iron series of sewage pumps from A.Y. McDonald can handle your pumping needs with ease. The energy efficient 1/2 horsepower split capacitor motor works beautifully in conjunction with the cast aluminum Vortex impeller pumping up to 80 gallons per minute, including handling up to 2" of solid waste. Offering you the choice of a vertical float switch for narrow basins, a tethered float switch for larger pumping basins, or no switch, you can choose the style that best fits your sewage pumping needs without sacrificing the quality or performance you've come to rely upon with all PlumbingSupply.com® products.

Cast Iron Duramac Pump
Model CVSJ
  • Rugged cast iron construction
  • Split Capacitor Motor -
    1/2 HP continuous duty, thermal protected
  • Cast aluminum, non-clogging Vortex impeller
  • Pumps up to 80 gallons per minute
  • Lifts water up to 25' of vertical height
  • Solids handling up to 2"
  • Comes with 10' power cord
    - (25' power cord available - on Model CTSJ only)
  • Large 2" discharge for high capacity pumping
  • Available with vertical or tethered float switch
  • Also available without switch
  • HP: 1/2, Volts: 120, Hz: 60, Amps: 7.6
  • Model CVSJ dimensions
  • Model CTSJ dimensions
  • View pump performance curve

DuraMAC Series 5050 Cast Iron Sewage Pump Specifications

Model # Discharge
RPM Phase
(manual, no switch)
2" 2" 10' 3450 1
5050CVSJ 2" 2" 10' 3450 1
5050CTSJ 2" 2" 10' 3450 1

Model Description Price & Quantity
5050CUSJ Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump with NO Float Switch $467.42
5050CVSJ Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump with Vertical Float Switch $555.95
5050CTSJ Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Pump with Tethered Float Switch & 10' Cord $498.02

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does 'solid waste' mean in reference to sewage pumps?"
A. Sewage pumps are designed specifically to handle waste that gets flushed down the toilet. When we say "solid waste" we're referring to anything that could easily be broken up by hand - NOT things like rocks, toys, or feminine products. The DuraMAC sewage pumps featured on this page can handle solid wastes up to 2", using the impeller to help break this waste up into smaller pieces so they will pass more easily through the piping and out to the discharge area.

Q. "What is a vortex impeller and what does it do?"
A. A vortex impeller handles debris better than other impellers, therefore, helps to prevent the pump from clogging. View an example of a vortex impeller.

Q. "My pump needs to be located 12 feet below the discharge area - what do I do?"
A.The sewage pumps featured on this page can pump up to 44 gallons per minute to a height of 15 feet, or up to 13 gallons per minute to a height of 20 feet.

Q."Help! I don't know what kind of pump I need?"
A. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and we are always happy to discuss your plumbing needs with you and answer any and all questions our customers may have. Every customer's needs are different, so while we cannot choose the pump for you, we will do our best to help you determine the best product for your situation and provide you with assistance throughout the ordering process. Having been selling plumbing products on the Net since 1995, we sell only top-quality plumbing parts and products - and are happy to resolve any issues you may have with a pump you purchase from us.

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