Sewage Ejector Pumps & Packages

Sewage ejection systems are the answer to installing a complete bathroom or laundry room or maybe just a shower in your basement, cellar or anywhere the drain will be located below your main sewer or septic lines. The systems featured below are very efficient and trouble-free.® is your source for everything plumbing-related.

Sewage Ejector Basin Packages

These pre-assembled sewage basin packages are completely ASSEMBLED and ready for installation. Each sewage basin package includes: One 24" x 30" polyethylene basin with 4" external inlet hub. One 4/10 or one 1/2 HP UL/CSA listed automatic sewage pump. One schedule 80 PVC discharge pipe with a structural foam cosmetic cover, as well as separate pump and switch access covers. Sewage basin packages do not include a check valve or ball/check valve and must be ordered separately. Some select basin packages include alarms. Alarms can be purchased separately for those packages not showing an alarm is included.

sewage basin
  • Completely assembled, ready to be installed
  • 4/10 HP pump - 100 gpm @ 5' head - view 4/10 HP pump curve chart
  • 1/2 HP pump - 120 gpm @ 5' head - view 1/2 HP pump curve chart
  • Pumps out liquids and solid waste materials up to 2" diameter
  • 24" x 30", 44 gallon molded polyethylene basin
  • Structural foam corrosion resistant aesthetically molded top cover
  • Independent pump access cover
  • Seperated recessed switch module
  • Molded-in recessed discharge and vent ports
  • Discharge and vent location recessed separate from pump access cover
  • Innovative design allows easy access to the pump or switch independently without disrupting the plumbing connections
  • Dependable remote tethered float switch for automatic operation
  • 4" external inlet hub for flexible coupling connection
    (flexible coupling not included in package)
  • Molded-in anti-torque stops in bottom of basin secure pump in place
  • Anti-flotation collar integrated into basin exterior
  • 4/10 HP 9SC series pumps have maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 20'
  • 1/2 HP 10SC series pumps have maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 25'

PitPlus Packages

HP Vent Size Discharge Size High Water Alarm Price & Quantity
4/10 2" 2" -- $720.85
4/10 2" 2" HWAB (Indoor) $859.75
1/2 2" 2" -- $774.64
1/2 2" 2" HWAB (Indoor) $875.32
Size Optional Acessories Price & Quantity
4" Flexible Coupling - Cast Iron/Plastic x Cast Iron/Plastic $9.62
4" x 3" Flexible Coupling - Cast Iron/Plastic x Cast Iron/Plastic $9.87

Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
Some Sewage Basin Packages have a two-week lead-time to ship from the manufacturer.
Due to the size and/or weight, these basin units do not qualify for 2nd day shipping.

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Replacement Pumps for Sewage Ejector Packages

Little Giant Replacement Pump

image of the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF

Replacement for SE-LGSMPK and SE-LGSMPK

This Little Giant 9SN Series Sewage Pump has a permanent split capacitor motor and uses less electricity than standard motors. A lower electrical current draw means the motor will run cooler. For added protection the motor housing is filled with a dielectric oil to quickly dissipate any heat and at the same time provides lifetime lubrication to the bearings.

Although these pumps use less electricity than others, it pushes wastewater and solid waste material up to 2" diameter up through the volute and out the 2" discharge at a tremendous rate of 110 gpm at 5' of head pressure. A cast iron external housing with a protective epoxy coating and stainless steel screws, bolts, handle and seal assembly assist in providing excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

View the performance curve chart for the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF

  • Cord Length: 20 feet
  • HorsePower: 4/10
  • Amps: 9
  • Wattage: 920
  • Voltage: 115
  • Flow Rate: 6600gph@5' / 4680gph@10'
  • Shut-Off: 20'

Little Giant Replacement Sewage Ejector Pump w/2" Discharge = $479.57

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does shut off at 20' mean?"
A. It means that the pump cannot pump higher (measured vertically) than 19' 11" (with no friction loss taken into account). If you install a pipe 19 feet 11 inches high straight up from the pump, water would still trickle over and out of the pipe. If you install a pipe with a height of 20' straight up from the pump, while the pump continues to operate, water will just stay at that height in the pipe.

Q. "Can I mount the check valve horizontally?"
A. It is recommended the check valve (or check/ball valve combination) be mounted vertically, however each can be mounted horizontally. The installation for each unit is similar; the check valve hinge must be at the top.

Q. "Can I safely use an air admittance valve (or "auto vent") on any of the above systems?"
A. Although some people have installed an air admittance valve on the above systems, we will never suggest or recommend that you do so. We always recommend installing a vent all the way through the roof (and as per your local codes). We have had people write us stating that when they installed an air admittance valve the flapper in the valve can chatter and create vibration. The right way to go is to install a non-mechanical vent, all the way to the roof, and as per your local codes.

Q. "What does the automatic reset thermal overload protection do?"
A. If the pump gets too hot the thermal overload protection will turn it off until the pump cools down (to prevent damage to the motor). The pump turns back on after it has cooled down enough. This backup protection feature is useful if some debris causes the pump to overheat.

Q. "Do I need to install a vent pipe to the tank?"
A. It really depends on how you plumb the piping to the tank and each situation is different. In many cases with any brand of sealed tank the simple answer is yes as you need air to displace the volume of discharge. An AAV may be used in many areas of the country but local codes always prevail and so best to check with your local code authorities before purchasing the enclosed tank system/s such as these shown on this page.

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