Water Alarm Systems

Save yourself money and the hassles of repairing and replacing water damaged property with one of our many water alarms, offered to you by PlumbingSupply.com ®! We offer an excellent selection of water detection devices - from value-priced low-voltage alarms to duplex systems. Take a look at our selection and you'll see that we have something for nearly every water detection situation.

Great selection of Water Alarms

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Low Voltage Alarms

Low Voltage Water Detector Alarm

Sonin #800 low voltage water alarm
This low-voltage water alarm features:
  • Warns of leaks and overflows in bath, kitchen, laundry, attic, basement, or anywhere there is a potential for leaks to occur
  • An ideal backup system for sump and bilge pumps in residential, commercial and marine applications
  • Remote sensor detects water and sounds alarm
  • Sensor and alarm connected by 6' of wire
  • Sensor has both suction cup and adhesive to secure in place
  • Adaptable with standard speaker wire (not included) for locating up to 50' apart
  • Solid state electronics powered by 9-volt battery (not included)
  • 85-decibel alarm sounds for up to 3 days
  • Low battery warning
  • Test bar for system check
  • Includes wall mounting hardware
  • #802 includes 2 sensors that can be placed up to 12 ft. apart to expand your coverage area to detect the presence of water

Description Price & Quantity
Sonin #800 - Low Voltage Single Sensor Water Alarm - (Replaces Little Giant #513350) $16.82
Sonin #802 - Low Voltage Dual Sensor Water Alarm $21.54

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High OR Low Water Alarm - 9 volt AC/DC

high or low water alarm
This high or low water alarm features:
  • User safe 9-volt AC power, 9-volt DC battery backup
  • 6 foot AC cable, 10 foot float cable
  • Factory set for "high water alarm" but easily converted to "low water alarm" by switching a wire inside the control panel
  • 85 - 90 Decibel sound alarm
  • Reliable non-mercury float switch
  • Easy installation
  • Attachment tether strap included
  • Corrosion resistant ABS float
  • UL listed and CSA approved 9-volt transformer and float system
  • 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Float requires 60 degrees travel space - needs to be free and clear to move approximately 5" in an arc
  • This alarm is NOT NSF 61 Compliant
  • New quality 9 volt battery (not included) will sound alarm for approximately 36 hours
  • View a typical installation diagram
  • View step by step installation instructions

High or Low Water Alarm = $56.23
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Indoor/Outdoor Alarms for Sewage Ejector Systems

HWAB Indoor High Water Alarm

Little Giant indoor high water alarm
  • Warns of high water levels in sewage and water removal systems
  • NEMA 1 thermoplastic wall mounted enclosure housing
  • External terminal block for easy float connection
  • Includes plastic float with 15 ft. water resistant cord
  • LED red warning light
  • Horn: 87 decibels at 10 feet, with silence switch
  • Automatic alarm reset when high water condition cleared
  • Low battery chirp
  • 120 volt AC, 2.4 watts
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • Battery backup: 9 volt DC (battery not included)
  • UL, CSA listed

The HWAB mounts indoors and will sound the built-in alarm horn (87 decibels at 10') and illuminate an LED red warning light when a high water level is detected in the basin. When the high water condition is cleared, the alarm will automatically reset. The HWAB includes a NEMA 1 thermoplastic enclosure designed for easy installation and a non-corrosive plastic float switch for use in liquids up to 140° F. To reduce the possibility of shock, the mechanical float switch operates on low voltage, isolated from the 120 volt AC power feed. The battery backup feature ensures the alarm system will work should the primary power fail and is powered by a 9 volt DC battery, not included. Be sure and follow all of the manufacturer's directions and instructions and performing the proper maintenance and inspections required to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding. Especially important with man-made safety devices as they will eventually fail.

HWAB Indoor High Water Alarm = $131.78
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Indoor/Outdoor High water Alarm

indoor/outdoor highwater alarm
  • Warns of high water levels in sewage and water removal systems
  • NEMA type 3R watertight thermoplastic enclosure helps provide protection from falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow
  • Enclosure includes pre-mounted terminal block so it can also be used as a junction box
  • Includes plastic mechanical float with 15 ft. water resistant cord
  • Emits red warning light and horn
  • Horn has silence switch and test button
  • UL, CSA listed

#303HWXT High Water Alarm = $251.63
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Indoor/Outdoor Duplex Controller and Alarm

This easy-to-install NEMA 4X waterproof fiberglass enclosure includes: duplex pump control and alarm device, pump alternator, visual and audible alarm and light system with silence switch, three floats, one each for high water, pump on and pump off. Floats have 20' (6m) power cords. HOA switch offers either hand-off or automatic operations.

Model # Phase Amps Volts Price & Quantity
#1221W120H6A17A 1 0-20 120/208/230 $1,385.18

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Controls - Simplex systems

Single Phase

single phase control
Indoor/outdoor simplex alarm system and pump control. NEMA 4X waterproof fiberglass enclosure. Includes control panel with audible alarm, silence switch and red flashing lights; a pump float and an alarm float. Floats have 20' power cords. HOA switch offers either hand, off or automatic operations.

#1151W200H17A Control includes 2 floats - pump on/off and alarm

Model# Phase Amps Volts Floats Price & Quantity
#1151W200H17A 1 0-15 115/230 2 $845.40
#1121W120H17A 1 15-20 120/208/230 3 $981.93

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Power Outage Alarms

Failed Circuit Alarm

Failed circuit alarm: signals an alarm when an important circuit has failed. It's designed for use on freezers, hot tubs, heat lamps for animals, pumps, etc. It can be used with any 110v/120v appliance when it's imperative for you to know if there is a power outage or if the breaker or fuse has blown.

failed circuit alarm
This failed circuit alarm features:
  • Alerts you when a circuit has tripped (failed)
  • 85 to 90 decibel buzzer (9 volt DC)
  • Outlet saving 15 amp with "piggyback" plug
  • 110/120 volt, toggle on/off switch
  • Test button
  • Mounts up to 6 feet from outlet
  • Easy installation and a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Fits standard 110V outlet.
  • Unit has an outlet saving "piggyback" style plug.
  • Requires 9 volt battery (not included)
  • This alarm is NOT NSF 61 Compliant

Failed Circuit Alarm = $52.53
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