Water Damage Prevention Products

Find many products to help prevent flooding

Water damage is one of the most common reasons why people make claims on their home insurance. These reasons vary from failed washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, and appliances developing a leak; to sump pump failure from heavy rains causing your basement to flood. Help protect your home and save the time and hassle of a flooded house, insurance agents, and limited coverage, or cancelled policies. View our battery back-up sump pumps, and our gray water laundry pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do I really need these flood prevention products?"
A.The majority of water damage in homes is due to the failure of everyday household appliances, bursting supply lines, backed-up drains, etc. Therefore, to help prevent costly water damage, we recommend these products to help minimize the risk of damage due to an appliance or pump failing. As added protection, it is always a good idea to regularly inspect and maintain your plumbing and home. And always follow the manufacturer's directions on these flood safety devices so that you are sure to get a long-life for your flood protecting devices. There is no such thing as a man-made device that will last forever, so do be mindful.

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